June 2005 Issue
Power Through Strengthlessness
By Dennis Kinlaw
Intimacy In God’s House
By Dave Butts
“When Jesus Saw Their Faith”
By Rich Carmicheal
Attention: Herald Friends In The U.K.
Heavenly Fellowship All Our Days
By A. B. Simpson
Helps To A Closer Relationship With God
Seeing God – The Purpose Of Life
By Roy and Revel Hession
On Knowing The Lord
By T. Austin-Sparks
Out Of Weakness Made Strong
My God, How Wonderful Thou Art!
By F. W. Faber (1814-1863)
The Searching Solemnity
Of The Second Coming Of Christ
By V. Raymond Edman
Abide With Me
By H. F. Lyte, 1847
The Practice Of The Presence Of God
Quotes from Letters of Brother Lawrence (1605-1691)
Connecting Kids To Christ
By Kim Butts
The Privilege Of Abiding In Christ
By Lois J. Stucky
Herald International - Ministry To Suffering Sri Lanka
News and Prayer Briefs
Out of Mail Box 279