January 2005 Issue
Revival: Total Release To God
By Henry Blackaby
A Prayerful Response To Terrorism
By Dave Butts
We Thank The Lord For All Of You
By Rich Carmicheal
A Community At Prayer For Revival
Preceding The Isle Of Lewis Revival (1949-1952)
By Colin and Mary Peckham
Be On Guard!
By Dr. F. A. Tatford. From Prophetic Witness.
Revival Overcoming The Drift Away From God
By Arnold L. Cook
The Best Meal You Will Ever Eat
  (The Blessed Family Part Four)
By Kim Butts
As We Start A New Year...
By Lois J. Stucky
Seek God For The City 2005
Africa Invites The World To Unite In A Global Day Of Prayer
News and Prayer Briefs
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