Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I had been receiving the Herald of His Coming since 2002 until recently. Thank you. But with my recent paper was enclosed, "This will be your last copy unless we hear from you…" My situation is that I am living in a very remote area. I am traveling more than 115 km. to check my post office box. Sometimes I must travel away from my home and work place for about a month and during such a time I may miss some Heralds in their regular month. I have got most of my spiritual food from Herald of His Coming. In my family Bible discussion period Herald of His Coming is one of the best guide papers. In our congregation Herald of His Coming is the road to revival and evangelism. Thus, please do not remove my name and address from the mailing list up to the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ!


    I am a full-time minister and the editor of a journal published monthly in our church. I will be most grateful if you will continue to post to me the Herald. Here in Myanmar, only 6% of the population are Christians. What we read from the Herald encourages us Christians a lot. I am sorry I have nothing to offer as a gift except my earnest prayers that God will bless and meet the needs of the Herald and anoint all of you. Although I am a minister, my salary does not suffice even for our daily food. Please continue to send me this valuable Herald. You will never be neglected in my prayers.


    I am a Dutch pastor and a reader of Herald of His Coming. I thank you for sending me this magazine. The articles are an encouragement for me and a help for my sermons….


    Truly Herald of His Coming has been of great help to my spiritual life. Since the time that I’ve been receiving the papers I’ve seen a great change to my spiritual life. In this place whereas Christian literature is of great cost, the Herald is of great help to me. Through the Herald I’ve found victory even in difficult trials and temptations. I’ve learned how to live a holy life and whenever I may feel discouraged, I find the word of encouragement in the message given by the magazines.

    As I’m a Bible teacher, I’m using some of the messages in teaching to churches and schools, to conferences and to Bible study groups. I’m also giving the Heralds to the Christian teachers in the schools that I teach, and they have really liked them. Truly the Heralds are of great help to me and to the Christians of this area….


    I am a boy aged 17. I started receiving the Herald on the beginning of January 2004. The Herald is motivating me and raising my standards in knowing God. I thank you for sacrificing your finances by sending me the Herald. May God richly bless you for the sacrifice you are doing, and I shall try by all means to pray for the ministry….


    Thank you for your faithfulness in sending to me the Herald of His Coming papers. They have been an immense blessing to me and others of my congregation. They have helped me in my life and in my ministry. Their message, I must say, is full of life. They have molded my faith and challenged my walk with the Lord. They’ve taught me a lot about the Holy Spirit. I am a mother of four children. My husband is unsaved, but I know that one day the Lord will draw him. I am a Sunday school teacher, also a part of our worship team. I came from a family who were involved in witchcraft and occult. The devil is always coming back to let me know I am not healed from sickness and that I am not delivered from ancestral curses, but I thank God for the authority He has given me over all the power of the enemy! Please pray for me. Words can’t express how grateful I am for Herald of His Coming….


    I intend to go back to Liberia and I will send you my next address when I get there, because I left Liberia for couple of years and do not have any address at the moment. I must say thanks to you on behalf of all those who have been blessed by the copies of the Herald revival papers you’ve been sending me since December 2003. These papers have been the source of encouragement for many of my refugee brothers. I have always encouraged them to contact you directly and share their own experience with you. The Herald has been a spiritual blessing to many. I thank you and hope that God will continue to provide the cost….


    It is a great joy to receive the Herald of His Coming every month. The message it carries has strengthened my belief in the Gospel and in our Lord Jesus Christ. It has helped to remove many of my doubts. It is truly God speaking to me from His heavenly throne about the end times we are living in….


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming which I have been receiving all along. I have been blessed to the extent that I’m involved in mission works with a South African team of missionaries. This is in the remote parts of Western Province of Zambia, where many lost souls have received Christ and seven churches planted so far. I’m now able to preach the Word of God; the fear is gone….


    My congregation is growing because of the Herald of His Coming. Last Sunday I summarized and preached the message preached in the Herald by W. C. Moore on the topic, "Turn from Sin and Believe the Gospel," February 2005 issue. Many Christians and non-Christians believed and rededicated their lives to God Almighty! My fervent desire is for my name to be continued in the mailing list….


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming. I am an eager reader of this magazine and always look forward to getting the next copy. The articles are so encouraging and help me and my friends who I share Herald with to grow in the knowledge of God and His Word. I would be thankful if you continued sending me the Herald….


    I am very obliged to receive Herald of His Coming from you for a long time. This magazine really gives me great help and encouragement….


    Many thanks for the Herald of His Coming over the past year. They have been a blessing to us and our friends in Prison Fellowship Ministry N.Z. The meat of the Word that the Herald serves up has been so needed by both the ministers and the inmates of the prisons we serve. The life-changing effects will only be revealed as we enter into His glorious kingdom….


    Herald of His Coming is an interesting and comforting magazine. Thank you because it gives me joy and strength. I hesitate to write because I have no gift to contribute. I am a leper patient and my husband is already an invalid. We depend only on government ration. I wish you could kindly continue to send us a copy of Herald of His Coming….


    I came across the Herald of His Coming. It helps me and my family. Please, I will like you to put my name and address on the mail list. The messages are practical and inspiring. It touches my heart and makes me and my family a better person, more hungry for God….


    Herald of His Coming is such a blessing to our church members. We have made it a part of our mission outreach program. The Indian reservations that we minister to in Canada are begging for more copies of the Herald. We would like for you to send one bundle to each of these 13 reserves. We are sending you our contact people on each reserve who will in turn give out copies of the Herald to those who want it on each reserve…The Word of God is so rich and powerful in the Herald…We will be sending in an offering each month to help cover the expense of this endeavor. You are in our prayers and thank you for helping us to reach needy, hungry souls with the Word of God.


    I cannot express enough thanks to the Lord for Herald of His Coming. In the Bible study I lead we went over Charles Finney’s "Overcoming Bondage to Sin." God worked wondrous things in our lives through this article, as we all saw the error of our ways of "resolving" rather than trusting. There was much repentance and great joy as truth scored in our lives!


    Herald of His Coming is one publication I look forward to. It has articles that are very timely to speak truth and encourage me in the journey. It also testifies to me of the Spirit’s work globally in our times. He is at work to chasten and raise up mighty, victorious people to overcome for His Kingdom’s sake – people who are not taken down by our circumstances but through practice in faith, sit at the right hand of the Father…. Thank you for your faithfulness….