Come, My Brethren, Let Us Unite Our Forces
 By Oswald J. Smith

    Sectarianism, the lack of Christian love, the worldliness these things are blasting the work of God on every side. Oh, that God would enable us to confess our sins of criticism and gossip; bitterness, hatred and backbiting; jealousy and spiritual pride, sectarian prejudice and aloofness in a word, confess our lack of Christian love, the greatest of all sins, and together unite in earnest, travailing prayer for a mighty, sweeping revival!

    It is to this I would call the people of God, for I am persuaded that the hour has struck. It is for this I would plead. Come, my brethren, come, let us unite our forces, our prayers, our aims, and no longer keep the Christless masses from the salvation that God longs to send, and the Church from the revival He waits to give!