Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I am a pastor in Tanzania. The Herald magazine has become a channel of God’s blessing not only to me but also to the people I minister to. It has become a source for me to dig more in the Word of God. I have been translating into Kiswahili some of the articles for the sake of my people I minister to in small groups. We pray for you. I will plant a new church in our town. The Herald will help me in that work….


    I praise the name of God for what He is using the Herald of His Coming for in preparing Christians for Christ’s second coming. I am being blessed on daily basis through the Holy Spirit inspired messages. I have experienced a complete turn around in my quest to know more of the Lord. The Herald has changed my life for better. I shall ever be grateful….The Herald materials are an added source of spiritual help to me and the church, discipleship and prayer groups’ leaders I am leading. Thanks for your spiritual concern and assistance.


    May the Lord keep blessing Herald of His Coming! I have been using the Herald for the past three years to help me lead Bible studies and prayer meetings in our home town.


    Enclosed please find a cheque to go toward the cost of Herald of His Coming. We find these papers inspiring with "meatier" teaching. Our women’s group leader has used them many times to pass along something extra to the ladies in our Bible studies. Thank you for your faithfulness and labors of love.


    Thank you for your faithfulness in sending me regularly the precious Herald of His Coming magazine. Not only has this magazine blessed me but has tremendously lifted up spiritually so many in my missionary work here in the Republic of Togo. Please continue sending me Herald of His Coming, as I have been greatly blessed and strengthened by the articles….


    Thank you for the "Right Choice" papers (Salvation Heralds). I’ve just loaded up my shoulder bag with five sets all rubber stamped with our contact details and will take them and personally distribute them at the big capital market on Thursday. The papers will find themselves within days all over Guyana, including the deepest parts of the interior. Thank you again….


    Hello! I am a Filipino farmer working in the land of the Philippines. I was so blessed and grateful to Herald of His Coming because as a cell group leader and head of cluster of intercessors of my church, Herald of His Coming helps me a lot to strengthen my faith and to know more about God. So please continue to send me a monthly copy of Herald of His Coming….


    The Herald of His Coming has been a great inspiration to me and to my congregation that I lead. It has been nourishing us with spiritual food for some time now. I am thankful to you, for we are seeing tremendous growth both spiritually and numerically in our congregation. We are using some Herald of His Coming articles in our teaching. Please, I am appealing to you if you may start sending me at least two copies of the Herald of His Coming. I would very much appreciate this. The other copy will be in our church library….


    Herald of His Coming has been a blessing to me and my friends here in Ghana. We are a people whose hearts are burning for revival in our locality. We yearn for it so much and we bless God that Herald has been of tremendous help to us in this quest….


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming. It has taught me to know Jesus more clearly, to love Him more dearly and to follow Him more nearly. I feel very sorry that I’m not able to support for finances, but I pray that the good God may supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. It is my request to you that I may continue to receive the Herald of His Coming monthly. I treasure it more than my necessary food....


    My heart is full of praises to our Lord Jesus Christ for the work He is doing of spreading the Gospel of Salvation through the Herald ministry. Every article I read in the Herald of His Coming gives me a deeper understanding and appreciation of the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. I look forward to continue receiving this blessed paper and to sharing it with other members in my church….


    A grateful thanks to God and all of you for sending me the news of Herald of His Coming…The Herald of His Coming is very much useful and powerful. It is very helpful for me and my congregation to know about prayer and to trust God in difficult times. It gives us encouragement to pray for others who are in troubles. The congregation also likes Herald of His Coming, specially our youth. Some of them are growing higher and higher and gain deep understanding how to stand upon our Lord’s words and how to live the holy life. Please don’t rub my name off the list of those receiving the Herald….


    Thank you for faithfully sending me the spiritually uplifting Herald of His Coming monthly. The sermons and biblical messages in it are spiritually enriching. I have had uncountable victories over the wicked one through the highly valuable messages I always get from the paper. I want to continue receiving it. I have shared some of the messages with others in our regular church meetings….


    I express my sincere gratitude for being so longhearted in sending me Herald of His Coming. October 2004 article inspired me greatly. It searched my soul and spirit and revived me in an awesome way. The time when I received the article, I was in a spiritual turmoil, but thanks that the blessed messages I read renewed my strength and love for God. Keep on doing the good work and God will reward you….


    Many thanks for sending us the Herald of His Coming. It has helped me a lot. It has especially put me back on track. Thanks to all the loved ones who are responsible for being so thoughtful in having this blessed paper sent to our home….Please find our gift enclosed for the Lord’s work….


    Since I joined Herald of His Coming my life has experienced peace with the Lord, especially my life in the military here in Kenya. We have a ministry called MCFK which unites all Christian denominations in the military plus the families. The Herald has been a great success to me, which I share with friends.


    I have been receiving the Herald of His Coming for the last seven years. The messages, prayer titles and the letters are all inspiring. Whenever I read the Herald, I always get uplifted in spirit and enriched with the power to tell the Gospel as well as to live a holy life with our Lord Jesus Christ….


    My wife and I receive the Herald monthly and support the work as best we can. The Herald is very important to us in our Christian walk and prayer life. It teaches us new things virtually every issue. We are most appreciative to the Lord and to Herald of His Coming….


    Thank you for all the Herald of His Coming and magazine formats that you’ve sent me. When I was a baby Christian I read a lot of man’s modern teaching for awhile. But when I found a newsletter by Herald of His Coming, I threw out the others and only read what I receive from you, outside my Bible. My mother warned me about false prophets when I was a little girl. I don’t listen to just anyone who says, "Lord, Lord…" The Herald teaches things that I don’t hear taught in church. Praise God for the Spirit of Truth, who leads and guides us into all truth!


    I am so blessed by Herald of His Coming. They minister, they convict, and the Lord shows and speaks to me in areas in my life where I’m lacking, where I need growth. Thank you for speaking the truth….


    Thank you for the much needed and wanted ministry of the written messages in Herald of His Coming. I use many of them in my prayer class. They are so rich. The Herald ministry has helped to inspire me to be involved in intercessory prayer ministry, and also a tract and literature ministry in which we send materials overseas to needy pastors. Praise God!


Thank you for sending Herald of His Coming. I lay them on a counter near the front door of our church and they are gratefully read. I read them also. I also put a few on a table in our recreation room at this facility, and they disappear in no time. I’m spreading the Word where I can…