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Love In Any Language – En Español   

    "Porque tanto amó Dios al mundo, que dio a su Hijo unigénto, para que todo el que cree en él no se pierda, sino que tenga vida eterna" (Juan 3:16). What a beautiful message of love from the Spanish translation of John 3:16. Heraldo de Su Venida is humbled to herald God’s love to Spanish speaking people throughout the world. Currently 11,400 papers are being mailed to readers in 45 countries. Eighty-five percent of those papers are sent in packages to churches, prisons, and individuals for distribution.

    The Spanish paper has been a combined effort of love since its inception in 1973 by Carlton and Millie Hilker. What began in Texas as La Trompeta de Dios (The Trumpet of God) relocated to Kansas, where it was renamed Heraldo de Su Venida (Herald of His Coming), and it now finds its home in Indiana. Through all of the changes over the years, God has been so faithful. His love for the Spanish speaking people is very evident as He has provided workers to carry on the torch. Along with three HOHC staff members who devote part-time to the Heraldo, we are blessed to have volunteer translators from Montevideo, Uraguay and Indianapolis, Indiana.

    The Heraldo also praises God for a dear friend, who two years ago set up the Spanish website. During this past year www.heraldodesuvenida.com has been visited by people in over 35 countries. The website offers current and past issues of Heraldo de Su Venida as well as other services. This valuable tool has helped to expand the Heraldo ministry. Many have written to be added to the mailing list, yet there are vastly more to be reached.

    We praise the Lord for the way He uses the Heraldo as a source of spiritual nourishment and encouragement as read in the following translated testimonies from Spanish speaking readers:

    "...Heraldo de Su Venida certainly has been and continues to be a huge blessing in my life. It has helped me and many others to press in closer to God in prayer and to be revived and refreshed by His Mighty Presence. I have to tell you, dear ones, that a copy of the Heraldo found its way to my hands at a time that I was totally depressed and feeling spiritually dry and lifeless. But thanks be to God, the messages and testimonies from the Heraldo helped to breathe life into these dry bones and bring springs of living water to my parched soul. I pray for the Heraldo ministry daily." – from Costa Rica

    "The Heraldo is a tremendous asset to my life. The Lord always speaks to me through the contents of its pages. I am now a pastor and I use the Heraldo often in my sermon preparation. It is a super useful tool as I ready myself each week to share with my flock the Good News and the Bread of Life. We also use the messages in our prayer meetings and we are joining with you and the Church around the world in praying for revival..." – from Puerto Rico

    "I am so pleased to be able to receive the Heraldo de Su Venida. I find it of great spiritual help to me in whatever circumstance I may find myself. I believe that the Heraldo is truly anointed with the thoughts and the heart of God. My native land is Chile and I love getting the paper in Spanish. I speak English, but the powerful messages have more clout in my native tongue. The Heraldo calls me to prayer and helps me to mature spiritually..." – from England

    "All the articles in Spanish are good, solid, and scriptural...spiritual food for the readers. I am glad to read of the effects it has both in your country and abroad. The people who receive it here in Spanish are delighted to have it." – from Uraguay

    "There are many Spanish speaking people here who urgently need to know our Lord Jesus. Some have already come to Him and now desire to learn more about His ways and His direction for their lives as they seek to serve. I believe that the Heraldo de Su Venida provides good healthy material and soul food for every Christian. The emphasis of prayer and holy living is a daily encouragement and admonition for each believer. The desire of my heart is to be a missionary among the Spanish speaking populace and I plan to make much use of the Heraldo as I seek to reach and disciple." – from Germany

    "I have been receiving the Heraldo for eight years and I want you to know how profoundly useful and helpful it is to me and to my congregation. I use it in my sermon preparation and teaching. And we also use it for evangelization in homes, prisons, and hospitals. Thank you for being faithful." – from Mexico

    "I am exceedingly, abundantly happy to be receiving such a publication as Heraldo de Su Venida.. Not only is it precious to me, but it is also interesting and spiritually uplifting. The messages instruct and edify me. I use it in my prayer time along with my Bible. I also appreciate the news and prayer items from around the world. The local churches in Cuba are praying for revival in the Church everywhere, and the Heraldo helps to keep us informed. Please count on your Cuban brethren to watch and pray along with the Heraldo ministry!" – from Cuba

    As Spanish is one the most widely spoken languages in the world, the field is very large and we need your help. If you know of any Spanish speaking individuals, pastors or church congregations who would benefit from the Heraldo, please contact us with their name and address. We would like to send them a sample copy of the Heraldo de Su Venida.

    Won’t you consider joining this combined effort of love? There is a need for financial gifts to allow this bi-monthly publication to be sent free of charge. Whatever gift you are able to provide will be much appreciated. Please mark your gift for Heraldo de Su Venida and send it to:

Herald of His Coming
P.O. Box 279
Seelyville IN 47878

Please Pray –

    * For the Lord’s wisdom and leading when selecting Heraldo articles for print.

    * For the anointing of the Holy Spirit in all Spanish translation work.

    * For the expansion of the Heraldo mailing list and the use of the Heraldo website.

    * For funds to cover the reprinting of Spanish salvation literature.