Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I am a young Christian from the Republic of The Gambia and also a student of one of the tertiary institutions in the country. I have been reading Herald of His Coming and other literature you publish for some years now. They have impacted greatly on my life, enlightened my spirit’s sight, thirst and understanding and also awakened the desire for God in me. These materials have increased the love for evangelism in my life. The majority of my colleagues at school are non-Christian and have great hatred for the Christian faith, but we are able to live triumphantly in such environment without compromise and conflict through the fire and breath we receive from Herald publications. Meanwhile, I will like you to send me some copies of Right Choice (Salvation herald) and other literature to help me in my spiritual yearning and growth and outreach, as my heart bleeds for the souls of my colleagues and community members.…


    Big greetings in the Name of Jesus our Lord and our Savior. I have received the copies of Herald…. I got many life changing messages. Since the churches in our country are closed we use the Herald like preaching in the church. So please don’t stop sending the editions of Herald….


    I appreciate you all for sending me regular supplies of the inspiring Herald of His Coming. It has been of immense benefit both to my spiritual upliftment and that of my brethren in the Lord. We attend an evangelical church here and I thank God for giving us the link to get in contact with Herald. It has been a source of revival here in the church.

    I was filled with overflowing joy when I received a copy of the Herald in Spanish (Heraldo De Su Venida). I had to pass it around the Spanish converts. It was a great blessing. If you have some materials for evangelism in Spanish, please do send them. The focus of the ministry now is on reaching the unreached Espańoles….


    I have been sharing the Herald messages here at college with my fellow collegians. More than twenty fellows are eager to get their own copies each month. Due to this I beg you to send me twenty copies each month for my fellows…I thank the Almighty God for Herald of His Coming ministry. It’s doing a lot to save souls….


    We cannot express enough our gratitude to the Herald staff and all these contributors God has been using to bless mankind with such spiritual food through the Herald of His Coming. We have been nurtured by the Herald right from the cradle of our birth in Christ. We cannot describe the positive impact the articles from the Herald have made on our lives. When seed is nurtured well, it grows and bears fruits; and so we have planted a church in one of the remote and spiritually deprived areas of our nation. We owe this much to God and the Holy Spirit-inspired articles from the Herald. We need to continue receiving the Herald of His Coming to enable us to nurture the seeds we have produced to fruition. The articles in the Herald will be of a great help to us….


    Herald of His Coming has been a source of inspiration and a welcome to keep the standard and earnestly contend for our common faith. In the days of perverted and diluted teachings, the Herald of His Coming has continued to feed my soul with the Master’s uncompromising standard and words and teachings. May God continue to bless and increase the Herald ministry.


    We love Christ much more. We go out to everyone with exceeding joy day by day. Life is short. Suddenly our time is up and we disappear. I’m never afraid except to sin against the Lord. Much trouble, must get much more great courage. Thank you all. I am grateful to the writers. I call them the saints of the Lord. I love you all. Jesus be with you.


    Herald of His Coming keeps reviving me whenever I receive or I go through those I have. It seems to come at the time I am going through that particular situation. Oh, what an anointed paper it is! We are praying for revival in Lesotho. The Herald helps us very much. May God bless you for sending this kind of paper to us. It would be a big problem to my spiritual life if I am removed from the mailing list. We need revival! We need God!…


    Thanks for sending me the jewel paper Herald of His Coming. My friends and I enjoy reading these blessed messages and we can say that these words are inspiring especially in times like these. Keep up the good work. It is greatly needed.


    I thank the Herald of His Coming for sending me the copies every month. Indeed this has added much to my spiritual growth and has influenced a great change in my prayer life. I appreciate every copy you send me and would like to ask you to keep on sending them. They have caused a burning passion in my heart to pray for my nation, my continent and the world at large.


    I have been greatly blessed by Herald of His Coming. Every article is anointed. I need your prayer for the ministry that God has entrusted to me. Pray for me and my family that we shall be highly used of God. Pray for the church that I pastor because it is mostly of people who have been displaced by war in the north of our country and Southern Sudan, who are now settled in suburb of Kampala where the church is located. Most of my Christians receive the Herald and it is doing a great job in their lives….


    I am receiving Herald of His Coming every month, which is providing me a lot of spiritual knowledge. I have gained a lot after going through the various subjects on each topic. Please continue the same for my spiritual growth and the persons around me who also take benefit from the same.


    I praise the Lord for the copies of Herald of His Coming that I receive. Since I started receiving Herald of His Coming I am not the same, the church is not the same, my family is not the same. We have learnt great deep things and I am still learning. There is total balanced diet in the Herald. Please pray for our nation. In some parts the rain stopped and there is drought.


    I continue being established in the knowledge of God through His Word illuminated by the Herald magazine. And from me, the Word has rung out not only near but afar. I was employed recently in a tea leaves factory, and brethrens have been blessed by Herald papers. They have been badgering me to give a copy but the supply was insufficient. The leader of those brethren has delegated me to request you to send him twenty copies that he will be distributing to them. Keep his name in the mailing list. Herald will be helpful in maintaining their spiritual temperature in the face of occupational busyness that frequently prevents us from attending church service. If we are too busy that we cannot read the Word, attend church or pray, then it implies we are becoming busier than God wants us to be.…


    I thank God for your love to keep on sending me the Herald materials. I am growing strongly in the Spirit because of the message of Herald. I am able now even to preach to the people about the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please keep on sending the message to the people. There is life in the Herald of His Coming. It touches my heart every time when I read it. Sometimes tears of victory come out when I read the messages….


    My husband and I have become quite ill this past year. We’re unable to go to church very much, and it means the world to us to be able to pick up the Herald of His Coming and be totally fed spiritually. We can’t thank you enough for all that you do. May God continue to bless you richly. Know that the Herald is in our daily prayers.


    I pray for you all every day. I haven’t had any money to send. But I thank God He blessed me to have this gift to send you. On February 19, 2005 I was 87 years old. This is some of the money I got as a gift. I was so glad to get it so I could help the work of the Lord. You all keep praying for me as I pray for you.


    I’m an inmate in the Mississippi State Prison and we are not allowed to have money, but we are allowed to have stamps, so I must send you stamps to cover the cost of postage…I thank you all for the Herald of His Coming. It has truly been a blessing to me and to some of the other men here. It has helped us to grow and has brought us closer together as a part of God’s family. God bless you all….


    As a recipient of the Herald paper for many years, we are thankful for the work that you do. I know personally that the messages have stirred my heart, and helped me to draw closer to the Lord, and as an evangelist for 25 years, it has helped me to stir the hearts of others, too! Thank you! Please keep up the good work, and know that our prayers and support are behind you. "For yet a little while, and He that shall come will come, and will not tarry!" (Heb.10:37). Praise God!