Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    On behalf of the church and my family, we say thank you for Herald of His Coming. We appreciate the work you are doing in making it possible for people like us all around the world to be fed spiritually….Since I have signed up to receive this package of ten Heralds for distribution within my community and church, it has been faithfully and prayerfully sent out to homes and individuals. One of our pastors has testified of how it has been helping him in studying the Word and even preparing sermons. Many of our youths are being helped in their everyday walk with the Lord as they read and learn more. The Women’s Intercessory Prayer Group has been blessed and challenged to keep reaching out to the lost, especially my mom who introduced me to the Herald years ago.

    Memories of my childhood days are still vivid in my mind. I remember going to prayer meetings with my mother, taking along my Bible and the Herald of His Coming. I was always fascinated with the stories from around the world, which encouraged me to pray for believers everywhere. Today the Herald still tremendously blesses me. I signed up for one of my friends from South Africa, who is also being blessed by the treasures found in the Herald….


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming. We are blessed in reading this good Gospel news. It is a great challenge and it gives us some good insight of what the Lord is doing….Thanks for sending these godly messages. It is a great help towards us in our growth in Jesus Christ….Many are getting blessed through them. There are lots of things that are touching our heart and mind. Thanks for your fellowship toward us. All you need is Jesus working for you….


    I am a church health worker, also involved in preaching the Word of God, Bible translation, praying for God’s work here and overseas, etc. A missionary friend who has now returned to the U.S. gave me copies of Herald of His Coming as he was leaving. I began reading the several copies he had given me and the many articles I read are powerful and they excite and help me grow stronger in my Christian faith. Through the Herald I begin to see now the Christian faith on a global view, which I did not see in the first sixteen years of my Christian life. It is also re-shaping me with my preaching. Could I be listed as one of the regular recipients of the Herald of His Coming?


    The Herald is a joy to me, and it’s helping me in every area of my life. As an evangelist, Bible class leader and a local preacher, I am using it to teach, evangelise and to preach, as well as help my family.


    I cannot express the blessings I am receiving in my life by reading Herald of His Coming. These God-sent messages have been ministering to my heart daily. I give thanks to God for the Herald ministry….I am grateful to be a partner in the Herald work. Each month I receive 25 copies and many readers have told me how blest they are. The main topics of prayer and revival are sinking deep down into my spirit. Right now I’m praying to God to enable me to start a prayer group in my home, because I am deeply challenged to get in action! May God continue to bless as you seek to challenge, encourage, build up the weak, offering aid spiritually and morally to God’s people. Enclosed a small gift….


    I thank God for Herald of His Coming ministry. Herald has opened my eyes to the Holy Ghost power and understanding through monthly Herald of His Coming. Please keep on sending the paper to me, for it is helping me to conduct church sermons very well and has helped me to live a God-fearing life. Herald is teaching, directing and encouraging in my day to day living as well as many people in my area and in my church who hear my teaching and preaching….


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming. As I’ve been reading the articles my heart gives a resounding "yes!" This is what we need to hear – get back to the basics of prayer and seeking God with all your heart. We’ve been grieved with the complacency of lukewarmness of the North American Church in general, and desire and pray that we’d wake up, see what God is doing, and join Him in His work! I’ve been inspired by the letters from overseas of how the Herald is helping them to grow in their walk with God. Oh, that more in Canada could hear and respond to this message!


    Thank God for the workers of Herald of His Coming. This paper has been a wonderful inspiration to my Christian life, and has also helped me to grow more and more in the things of God. Herald of His Coming has also helped my church friends whom I have shared these publication with, and we are experiencing some miraculous changes in our spiritual lives….


    Herald of His Coming continues to be the best source of encouragement and blessing other than my Bible itself over 44 years of being a Christian. I also share its message with others. I greatly appreciate its continual supply. Its value is far greater than rubies to me, a retired pastor.


    I found the copy of Herald at my friend’s and wrote a letter to the Herald to send me the copy. I have become Christian when I read the Herald of His Coming, and my family also depend on it and some are now Christian because of beautiful mercy of God. Even though nothing I can give you for the thing that the Herald has done to me and my family to become Christian, I’m praying for you to keep on. Don’t let Satan cast you down. The Herald did something that I can’t even forget in all my life. So please keep up sending me more copy as you can.


    We praise God for the work being done in the Herald. We have been receiving the Herald since late last year. It has been a source of inspiration on revivals, prayer, holy living, the place of the Word of God and Christian family life….The Herald has always challenged us to more praying. One is made to prepare himself, pray and labour for revival with faith and hope. Courage comes as one reads the articles on past moves of God. We live in an area dominated by Muslims. Some churches were burnt here by Islamic extremists, but this has not stopped the Church. We are very grateful for faithfully sending us seven copies of these articles….


    I am a high school student. My brother link me to the Herald. He was attending this paper since 1997. At that time I used to read the Herald. I cannot speak and write English perfectly but I understand. Now I’m seventeen years old and I want to know more about Jesus Christ and to grow spiritually. I think Herald of His Coming will help my spiritual life. So please send for me this blessed magazine. I will pray God to help this mission….


    I am so happy to receive Herald of His Coming every month. Each message from this paper has been a great blessing and refreshing to my spiritual life. Always I praise the Lord for this ministry God has given to you. In February I will go on furlough to Brasil. I would like you to send Herald of His Coming to me in Brasil. Thank you very much.


    I so appreciate Herald of His Coming ministry, that offers some solid spiritual food for Christians. I have been a reader of the Herald for 25 years and have always been blessed, challenged, and inspired. The fire of revival is kept alive in my heart through the Herald….


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming. The articles speak to me each month. They are like Jesus, full of grace and truth! May the Lord continue to provide you with support and encouragement, I pray….


    I enjoy reading Herald of His Coming. It is a great encouragement to me, and a great help to my spiritual journey in seeking to know Christ to the fullest….


    Greetings in the Name of Jesus, our Lord and soon coming King. Your faithfulness over the years has been such a blessing to me. The Herald of His Coming has been instrumental in my spiritual growth over the past thirty years. I continue to pray for the Herald work throughout the world.


    God bless the Herald! I read it from start to finish. I underline parts of it, then go over it again and use it for jail ministry. It is so informative and helps me to mature spiritually. It gives me food for thought. Donation included.


    It’s been several years that I have been receiving Herald of His Coming. I devour it each month and use it as part of my daily time with the Father. His Holy Spirit stirs deeply in my spirit when I read and pray over the challenging information and letters from various places in the world….My wife and I served overseas as missionaries, and now in the pastorate, are seeking with you to call God’s people to revival….