Message from the publisher:

A Day In The Herald Office...
 By Rich Carmicheal

    Today, like most days in the Herald office, has been very special. Although the day has not been without its share of challenges, there have been many signs of the Lordís goodness and blessing.

    For example, during the morning devotional time, the staff was encouraged by several verses about faith from the Book of Matthew including the Lordís wonderful promise, "If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer" (21:22). How good it is that our Lord is faithful to work through the faith and prayers of His people! Following the devotional time, we were blessed to spend time in prayer for the brothers and sisters associated with the Herald International editions in Asia, and then to pray for readers who have recently sent prayer requests to us. What a blessing it is to pray for you, and to be reminded in your letters that many of you are praying for the Herald staff and ministry.

    After the prayer time, I had the opportunity to answer a number of emails, including a request from a seminary desiring to include Herald messages as part of their online education program for pastors, Christian workers and missionaries. We were, of course, delighted to grant such permission, and we hope that a good number of Christian leaders will benefit from this! We were also blessed to receive an email from Brother Sanu, the Herald representative in Nigeria and editor of the Yoruba edition, informing us that he is currently in the United States. We are very eager to visit with him, and I wrote back to see how we might be able to arrange a visit to the Herald office. We praise the Lord for Brother Sanu, and the other godly men and women God has raised up to serve as Herald representatives and editors in various places!

    One of the phone calls today was from a brother who works with a prison ministry in New Mexico. He called to ask if we could possibly send larger quantities of English and Spanish Heralds, including back issues, as more and more prisoners are requesting Herald materials. We praise the Lord for His blessing on this prison ministry, and we are glad to increase the amount of English and Spanish Heralds we send to them.

    Just before noon, a husband and wife who volunteer for the Herald, came by the office to drop off some of the work they had done. At the same time, another volunteer stopped by to see how this monthís mailing is going and to see what help is yet needed. We praise the Lord for these three friends and the forty or so other volunteers who gladly serve here because of their love for the Lord and their eagerness to bless readers such as you.

    At noon the staff gathered again to pray especially for the countries of Iraq, Israel and the United States. We pray that the Lord will move upon Iraq and Israel to hold back evildoers and to bring peace to these nations, especially peace with God through Jesus Christ! Our prayers for our own country are prayers for our leaders, for protection, for forgiveness of our nationís sins, and for revival to sweep through our land. We praise the Lord that He is merciful, powerful and able to transform nations!

    The mail today included a couple of pleasant surprises including a nice financial gift from the Herald office in Germany to help with Herald International work. We also received a very encouraging financial report from the dear sister in Canada who oversees correspondence and gifts from Herald friends in Canada. We praise the Lord for the generosity of friends in Canada, Europe and in many other places whose gifts are so important to the Heraldís outreach.

    Of course we also thank the Lord for the many U.S. friends who provide support for the Herald ministry. For example, on my desk now are two receipts, one ready for a brother in the U.S. who sent a nice gift to help reduce the mortgage on the Herald office building, and the other ready for a congregation that has just added the Herald ministry to the list of missions they regularly support. We praise the Lord for such gifts, as well as for every other gift, large or small, that this ministry receives.

    This afternoon I made my daily trip to the Post Office to deliver some of our outgoing mail. Two of the boxes that I delivered are on their way to a prayer conference and are filled with copies of several Herald issues, a number of "Classic Books" on prayer, and copies of a Herald newsletter on revival. Another box is filled with copies of Hear, O Israel, a salvation herald that will be used to reach out to unsaved Jews. The rest of the mail included various salvation and revival materials requested by readers. We praise the Lord for the opportunity to send forth this Gospel literature! And, in addition to this, there are about thirty bags in the mailroom filled with thousands of Heralds ready to be picked up by DHL Worldwide Express for distribution to readers around the world. Praise the Lord!

    Something else that we did today, and we do each day during our prayer times, is to ask the Lord for His blessing, guidance, protection, anointing and provision for the Herald ministry. We realize that "Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain" (Psalm 127:1). We also realize that the Lordís special help is needed because donations have been very lean, and without His intervention it may soon be necessary to reduce printings and mailings.

    Brother W. C. Moore, whom the Lord used to begin the ministry of Herald of His Coming, often quoted from Romans 15:30 in his correspondence with Herald friends: "Now I beseech you, brethren, for the Lord Jesus Christís sake, and for the love of the Spirit, that ye strive together with me in your prayers to God for me." Brother Moore knew how important the partnership and the prayers of Godís people were to the outreach of the Herald ministry. The present staff recognizes this as well, and we appreciate all of you who are striving together with us and this ministry in your prayers.

    Today I read a letter from a brother in Cameroon informing us that he and others with him "pray in Jesusí Name to God Almighty for an expansion of the work of the Herald, that God would pour more convicting, anointing power on the messagesÖ." O how we would love to see the ministry not only be able to maintain present mailings, but also to expand so that more readers can be encouraged, challenged and stirred by the messages the Lord enables Herald of His Coming to print! And how we would love to see more powerful anointing upon these messages to accomplish the Lordís purposes! To this end, will you join your faith with our faith? As the Herald staff was reminded this morning, "If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer" (Matt. 21:22).