Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Gracious greetings from deeply troubled Haiti. This unstable country is in the throes of severe unrest once more. How each one needs the grace of our dear Jesus.

    I am a seventy-year-old missionary here in Haiti. I found myself once more weeping and praying through the deep, heart-searching articles in Herald of His Coming. I look for it with anticipation and devour its messages hungrily. In this country of darkness and voodoo (demon worship) it ministers so deeply to my heart. How I need and yearn for a deep moving of God in my heart and in the lives of the Haitians here; but back in the States the need is just as intense. It seems that we do not really believe the words of our dear Jesus.

    Pray for me. "Even so, come, Lord Jesus." Just a servant.


    The main goal of this letter is to send my heartfelt appreciation and thankfulness for the Herald of His Coming paper you have been sending me about four years now. Besides what I have benefited from its abundant teaching and admonishing for the righteous living one has to keep in the Lord, Herald newspaper has helped me to acquire further knowledge and understanding in the Word of God. Herald has a very significant impact on my righteous living to the Lord and my desire for His Word. So I urge you to keep on sending Herald, which I am so eager to read. I pray for Herald ministry that God may abundantly bless….


    Thanks for making Herald of His Coming available for us here in The Gambia and for others all over the world. I am a living testimony to the good work Herald of His Coming is doing. It is indeed a source of inspiration, insight and spiritual awakening. The Gambia being a Muslim country, it has been sometimes difficult to live, but the Herald keeps us going.


    We appreciate Herald of His Coming and want to ask you to continue to send it. We value your generosity and your contributions to our ministry as missionaries in Japan….


    Thank you for keeping on sending me the Herald papers. They have been my spiritual manual from time to time, the times of distress and the times of joy. These papers are doing a good job in our spiritual lives. As a pastor I am making most of my sermons from the Herald papers. They are helping many Christians in their spiritual lives. Many are thrilled from those messages.


    I thank you with all my heart for the Herald papers you are sending to me. I cannot tell you in full how these papers are helping me. It draws my heart to God. Herald of His Coming is helping poor people. It has the heart of Jesus. God bless His work.


    Any time I read the Herald of His Coming magazine, I become refreshed in the spirit. Truly it keeps me in preparation for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ….The magazine as I feel always carries a great amount of anointing. It is my prayer that the Lord Himself will keep you strong with His right hand so that you can continue to prepare souls for eternity….


    I am a Filipino domestic helper working here in Hong Kong. I was so blessed and grateful to Herald of His Coming because as a cell group leader and head of cluster intercessors of my church, Herald of His Coming helps me a lot to strengthen my faith and to know more about God. So please continue to send me a monthly copy of Herald of His Coming….


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming. It is a great blessing to me and the church here. We are very few in number and the spiritual state of the village is very hard, but we plough on….


    I am a pastor and a regular receiver of Herald of His Coming magazine. I’ve been receiving the Herald of His Coming mails for over fifteen years. I’ve grown spiritually through this material and I’ve known prayer. Whenever I go planting churches in rural part of Zambia, as a young pastor I am with the Herald of His Coming magazine. I do use this material even in my sermons and teachings. They are very edifying materials. Over fifteen years as I receive the materials, I’ve seen the hand of the Lord upon this material and upon myself and for this reason I don’t want to stop receiving this material. God richly bless you as you continue teaching the truth through printed papers.


    No words on earth can express sincere gratitude to the staff of Herald of His Coming and to the Lord Jesus Christ who inspired this holy magazine. We are thankful to God for sending these messages to us so far away in Africa….We have a little group of people here who are praying on Saturday night from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. and we have a prayer chain of every hour of the day and night. When I read this paragraph on page 4, October 2004 Herald of His Coming, before this little group – "The Glory of God in a Nation" – it says in Romania for years they prayed for the glory of God. They prayed for over twenty years, consistently, for the glory of God in Romania, and the longer they prayed, the darker it became, and the more difficult it became. Instead of getting easier it got worse. When I read this message, it broke our hearts and we were encouraged to pray and continue to pray for revival as never before….I want to encourage you for sending us this Herald. Your work is not in vain in the Lord….We say thousands thanks….


    I came to know Herald of His Coming when I was on my journey from Eldoret to Nakuru (Kenya). It really teaches me a lot. Please would you mind to send me a copy? I will appreciate it. I’m a student of high school and need God in my life. God helped me in many difficulties I underwent in country during war in my country Sudan. I left the dilemma in my country for Kenya as refugee, but God never leaves His people. I get somebody to pay my school fees in high school. I’m thankful to God for what He has done.


    I was introduced to Herald of His Coming through a friend who cares very much about revival. I, too, long for and pray for revival in my home province of Newfoundland. Herald of His Coming both inspires and encourages the true Church to seek God for holiness and revival and to prepare for the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Keep up the good work. It is having an effect on those who read the paper and others they in turn inspire.


    Many thanks for the regular monthly package of Herald sent to me. I can never grow weary reading and digesting the rich spiritual food contained in each issue. Moreover, the Lord has moved me to read over two older issues of Herald of His Coming – July 1987 and April 1988. I meditate upon the different articles and use them to prepare sermons. How the anointing of the Holy Spirit moves from Sunday to Sunday, mingling our prayers with tears!…


    Thank the staff of Herald of His Coming for sending me all the monthly papers which have built me spiritually and encouraged me to teach Sunday school, and also help me to build messages for witnessing. I have benefited a lot from Herald of His Coming. I preach to churches and also family, and I have preached a number of messages directly from the Herald. My personal life has also been affected greatly by the Herald….


    I am not good in writing, but I know that God is with me, and also I want to send my own donation soon. I need a prayer for me and my wife to give us more spirit to spread the news. You have helped us in this Guinea, West Africa. The Herald has helped me and my wife to preach the Word of God.


    What a blessing the Herald of His Coming has been to me! God used so many articles this month on prayer and intercession to convict me of the sin of prayerlessness and encourage me on to more intercession. I pray God’s blessing on this work. Thank you again for Herald of His Coming. May the fire of revival burn in our hearts!


    I appreciate Herald of His Coming. I read the articles and grow in the Lord. The prayer articles have been a great help to me to give me a larger focus of prayer. I must find a way to share the paper. I am a widow of 88 years with a limited income and can no longer attend church, so Herald of His Coming is an important part of my life.


    Thank you for the newspaper Herald of His Coming, and for caring about the men here. We have made the paper available to our inmates housed at this Correctional Institution. Many lives have been changed, and we are able to provide the Herald to help encourage the men to grow in their spiritual walk. Our inmates are thankful and sincerely interested in the newspaper….