Attention: Herald Friends In The U.K.

    Thank you once again to all of you friends in the U.K. who offer financial support for Herald of His Coming. Your gifts are a vital part of the outreach of this ministry! Please note again that any cheques you may send to the U.K. office in support of this ministry MUST be made payable to "Herald International". Because of banking regulations, the World Outreach office will not be able to accept any cheques made payable in any other variation of the Herald name. The new Herald address in the U.K. is:

Herald International
P.O. Box 7973
Reading, RG6 5WY, England

    The old Herald address in the U.K. is still valid and we plan to use up the supply of envelopes we have with this old address which is: c/o World Outreach, 62 Harcourt Drive, Reading, Berks, RG6 5TJ, England. Eventually we will provide envelopes with the new address, but in the meantime, please feel welcome to use either address.

    Again, please remember that any cheques sent to the U.K. office need to be made payable to "Herald International".