Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    It is so wonderful to receive such a blessed literature from overseas for a long time, although I am not able to support you by a financial gift. I am grateful that I can give out these Herald of His Coming papers to the English-speaking guests of my own church, and to another newly built and yet-small church of Africans, Indians and previous Muslims coming from different countries. It is so inspiring to continue giving out the Herald of His Coming when I see the way God is working among our foreigners who come from very far. First, it blessed me – and now so many other people who really need the power, joy and light of the Gospel. They are people who suffered so much in life until they came to Germany – with the hope in their heart to live a better life than in their home countries. Most of them do not yet have a Bible that helps growing in faith – but they have the Herald of His Coming – the reflection of the Bible. It is almost their only one spiritual food. To say "Thanks a lot" would never be enough…. But I know you are blessed as you bless others….


    I’m grateful for the work you are doing of sending Herald of His Coming to me. The articles are very helpful to me in all areas of my life. Each copy which comes builds me to be strong and to stand firm and courageous for the problem which I’m having.

    The February article has come to me at a right time – "The Battle Against Aids" – it’s what is happening to me. I have lost my father and two young sisters, and now my mother and my young brother are sick. They are HIV positive…The previous year I received a Herald article with the topic on desperate prayer. The article was taken by my classmate who went with it out of the province. Nevertheless I thank God that I was reminded of a desperate prayer and I had to pray a desperate prayer when my mother was in the hospital in the acute ward. I was at the bedside waiting for her last breath. I thank God He answered my desperate prayer as He did to the man of God who wrote the desperate prayer. We were two at the bedside. My grandmother was crying and nurses lost hope. When other people are hopeless, it’s when we have hope because of the spiritual food we feed on. So the battle is on. I’m praying for people who are infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. Please pray for me to stand on God’s side….


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming. It’s "meaty," which we like to read.

    We receive a package of ten and distribute them to people in our church. They look forward to each copy as well and really appreciate the more serious teaching. We praise the Lord for Herald of His Coming ministry and pray that the Lord will fill all needs and multiply the ministry.


    My heart has been transformed through Herald of His Coming. I am a pastor today because of the Herald’s contribution. Every time when I read this article it became easier to me to understand the Word of God and His purpose in my life. Therefore I am in real need of Herald of His Coming….


    Herald of His Coming has been a great support and help in my life and ministry. In the next month I will be moving to the north of Brazil….Please continue to send Herald of His Coming to me. I like to read in English some messages such as the Herald of His Coming publishes. I feel the Spirit of God fill my life with joy of the Word of God.


    Thank you for sending us Herald of His Coming. We are host and hostess of the missionary guesthouse in Ethiopia and after we have read Herald of His Coming, we put it in our library for the guests to read. We know that the Herald is a real blessing to our guests/missionaries, because here with us they find time to read and feed on good articles and so build themselves up in the faith….


    It is a long time since we have written you to acknowledge receipt of the great number of valuable Herald of His Coming papers you have been so kind and good to keep on sending to us despite the fact that we have not acknowledged receipt before now. The reason for this long delay to acknowledge receipt of the papers is due to the fact that we have had many difficulties in our country recently, and our church has been passing through many changes.…Although you have not heard from us recently, we take this opportunity to let you know that the Heralds have always been received and gladly appreciated by many of our workers, especially our Sunday school teachers and our preachers….


    We were speaking today about congregational outreach into our neighborhood community here, and the desire to pass out some literature. Our congregation has been putting out a newspaper, usually only in Russian, and there was an idea to distribute it also to unbelievers. It really isn’t suited for unbelievers, and then we remembered Hear, O Israel (Jewish Salvation herald), which I believe you also have in Russian. Could we please receive multiple copies of Hear, O Israel? God bless you as you proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God.


    I bless God for what He is using Herald of His Coming to do in my life. Way back in 1993 I used to see many past issues of Herald of His Coming in my brother’s room. He wasn’t reading them and neither was I – until I gave my heart to the Lord in 1995. Those issues were a great blessing to my life as I went through them one by one. God used them to give me a good foundation in my Christian life. I later relapsed in faith between 2000 and 2004. Through those dark years, I lost contact with the Herald. Last year God started to speak to my heart once more. It was gladness to my heart again when I came in contact with the paper on the internet, and I enlisted on the mailing list. God is reviving and blessing me tremendously through Herald of His Coming. At this time when revival messages and sound doctrine are not easily come by, it is a privilege to read Herald of His Coming regularly. I wish to continue receiving it….


    Thank you for sending me the Herald of His Coming every month. It’s now almost two years since I started to receive the Herald. The Herald has been a blessing both to my friends in Christ and mostly it has been my spiritual nourishment. My friend in Christ who I have been giving the Herald to is now ministering the Word in his church, using the Herald and the church is benefiting….Your labour is not in vain!


    I’m so very inspired to read the Herald of His Coming because it can help me to overcome many trials, hardships, disappointments. I thank God for everlasting love. Being a Filipina domestic helper here in Hong Kong, it takes a lot of adjustment to their high standard, but beyond all this challenge, I’m always testifying the love of God to me. I always read the Herald. I learn a lot, which can help me and strengthen my faith….


    I’m happy that I get Herald of His Coming every month. It is helping me to grow healthy spiritually. Also, it helps me to share the Word of God with my friends and my students. It has helped me, too, a great deal in performing prayers. It is true that I have not contributed anything for the ministry, but I do thank God that you are still going on sending me this magazine. May the Lord Jesus bless you richly so that the Word of God may reach every place in the world….


    My husband pastors a small church, and we are praying for a true revival, first in us and then in our community. Herald of His Coming copies were given to me when we visited a pastor and wife in Pennsylvania. I have been extremely blessed by them ever since. You send our church ten copies each month. I hurry to get my copy and then share points and portions with our Tuesday prayer meeting participants. Sometimes it is mailed to a woman in prison who murdered her husband, but has gloriously returned to Christ. It is a great joy to watch them disappear from our entry table each month. God is definitely doing something in us, and it is overflowing to the church congregation. I believe Herald of His Coming was given to me strategically "for such a time as this."….


    I request, please, to be added to Herald of His Coming regular mailing list. I’m unsure if you mail to prisoners. It’s unbelievable how Christian material here is in such short supply. And many of us can’t even receive a chaplain service. Thank you for Herald of His Coming.


    I have received the Herald of His Coming for a long time now, and I am never disappointed with its messages. The pages are anointed with the Spirit of the living God! To read the Herald is to get closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. My walk with Jesus would suffer if I am cut off from receiving the Herald. Please keep me on the list.