Small Bible Study Book Available

    The Herald ministry has a special opportunity to distribute a small Bible study book, THEREíS HOPE: Living By The Book, by Al Vander Griend designed for personal or small group study. We have been given about 3,000 copies of this 118-page, paperback book and we are glad for the possibility of distributing it to readers. The correspondence the Herald office receives reminds us of how needful some Herald readers are to find Bible study and discipleship materials. While this book is not an indepth study on any particular Bible Book or theme, it does cover many basics and will help lead students to prayerfully consider what the Lord is saying in various Bible passages. To give you an idea of the format of the book, we are including below the contents of one of the studies, "Enduring Hardship." The other 39 studies include such themes as salvation, forgiveness, victory, prayer, giving, knowing and enjoying God, the Spirit-filled life, the surrendered life, the money trap, purity, anger, worry, serving others, love, bearing fruit, the Church, and so forth.

    Though the Herald ministry is blessed to have obtained these copies free of charge, it will cost about $3 per book to mail them overseas and about $1.50 (even less per book in quantities) to mail them in the U.S. Some of you may want to write to the Herald office to request a copy for your personal study or a quantity for a small Bible study or discipleship group. And perhaps the Lord may lay it upon the hearts of others of you to send in gifts to help others receive this book. Because of the Heraldís financial situation, we will only be able to fill requests as gifts come in to help with the costs of mailing the books. If you are giving to this special project so that others may receive copies of this book, please mention that when you send your gift. Hopefully, the Herald office will receive an equal number of requests and funds so that all of these books can be put to use in the Lordís work! Since the book is intended for personal or small group study, we ask that you limit your request to a small number. Please mention the title of the book "Thereís Hope: Living By The Book" and the number of copies you would like when you write to:

Herald of His Coming
P.O. Box 279
Seelyville IN 47878