Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page 


    Thank you for this most inspiring magazine, Herald of His Coming. It was a blessing from God for us here who hungered for spiritual upliftment, for we are in spiritual drought. We need refreshment. In short, we need revival! God knows all this, and amazingly used the Herald ministry as an answer for this urgent need. As of now we are starting to wake up and God moved mightily as we humbled ourselves before His throne of grace. We grow more spiritually as you continue sending us this anointed literature….


    After reading the article on the Shantung Revival in the Herald of April 2004, I was deeply moved by the narration of the revivals that took place. My spirit was stirred and I have been encouraged to press on in prayer for revival. I am part of the team praying for a worldwide revival, and I think a book like The Shantung Revival will be very helpful to give me a clear picture of what I may expect a revival to look like and the impact of a revival on a nation. Please continue sending me Herald of His Coming, as I have greatly been blessed and strengthened by the articles….


    Thank you for sending me the Herald of His Coming. This spiritual paper helps me so much. The situation here is very difficult to print books and many kinds of materials, so that I very much need to receive the Herald. Don’t drop me out of the mailing list. OK? Please also pray for me and my country.


    I praise God for the Herald of His Coming. Not only is it spiritual food to me but it’s such a great challenge to my personal life, my family, community and our church. It has wakened my spirit to my task. I’d love to receive more copies of Herald of His Coming and more materials that will help me in the work that the Lord has given me….


    Thank you for your faithfulness in sending me regularly two copies of Herald of His Coming. As a pastor serving the Lord in an area where Christian literature is very scarce, I can testify how useful is Herald of His Coming for my spiritual life. Reading of its articles always stirs me to seek God for revival in the local church I am pastoring and the entire Church in Senegal. Please keep on sending two copies….


    The Herald of His Coming journal that you send to me is very useful for our spiritual life. The Bible verses and articles in them stir our hearts and make us full of life. We pray for all working in the office and for Herald of His Coming….


    My prayer life cannot stand firmly on the solid rock without Herald of His Coming that makes it to be so. In fact, the turn around in my life and my family has received great help from the Herald. Tongue cannot express all, for the magazine of a truth has changed my life. My prayer life has received a great change, and ministry of the Word of the Lord. God has kindled His fire of revival in my life through the printed pages of the Word of the Lord.


    I am very much interested in the Christian informative magazine, Herald of His Coming. I have enjoyed reading a few of the issues that I occasionally receive. I have learned and am gaining a lot in my Christian life through the Herald…I’m a Protestant Christian and a Liberian refugee here….


    My warm thanks to you as you continue to send me the Herald of His Coming. I appreciate this paper for its Christ-centered character and its spirituality and I believe this to be one of the best….Please continue to send it to me. I am a Berean living in Thessaloniki for many years. God has given me the grace to serve His work as a pastor, and now as an evangelist….


    The copies of Herald of His Coming you send to me are of great importance to intercessors in our town. The messages have been educative to them and uplifting them spiritually so as to be faithful and able prayer warriors. I am now heading a ministry which is church based. I am fathering pastors for the ministry, which is spreading through our country Kenya. I would like you to add me copies because I will be distributing them to the pastors. May our good Lord continue supporting you so as to keep on being a great help to us….


    Thank you for your kindness to us for sending Herald of His Coming. It is a great blessing for us and more precious than gold. It helps us to minister to the people and becomes a very useful and powerful instrument for our ministries. Therefore, how can we miss it even a copy? Please do not remove our address….For many reasons we are unable to send even a single cent, but we always remember all of you in our prayer, that the Lord would grant you whatever you need. Please keep us in your prayer for building the Kingdom of God in our land….


    We thank you for placing us on the regular mailing list to receive a package of Herald of His Coming since February 2004. We have ten satellite churches to which we have been giving the publication, and the coordinator of the satellite churches informed us that they have found the articles from the Herald of His Coming of great help to the pastors. They requested that we continue to send the periodical regularly to them as and when we receive them….


    Before I started receiving Herald of His Coming in July this year, I had been reading Herald from others and have always been blessed, and I am now very blessed because I have my own copies. Herald has carried me from where I was into another level in the spirit realm. I now have a more wonderful heart for the things of God. I want to make this appeal for more Herald papers because I have more than 100 youths under my leadership and I also want them to discover what God has for them through the Herald….


    Herald of His Coming is very encouraging, especially for all of us in the remotest part of Africa, where there are no Christian radio stations or literature except Herald. One day I accompanied my pastor to preach at a church in a village, which is led by an elder. I was given the grace also to preach and I literally took a message from Herald, entitled "Asleep in the Land of Nod." I didn’t know anything about this elder, but the Lord spoke to him in this message and he wept the whole night. He had intended to leave the church due to frustrations, but after that he is still serving the Lord….The Lord is touching many lives – sinners, saints and servants of God through the Herald….


    I am a recipient of Herald of His Coming since in 1980’s and Herald has been of immense help to me spiritually. I started receiving Herald of His Coming even before I was ordained in the ministry. I take this opportunity to inform you that Herald has helped me a lot in the ministry. Most of the articles help us in our preaching ministry and have raised the spiritual aspects of members of my congregation. It is my prayer that the Almighty keeps on showering His blessings on Herald of His Coming for spreading the Word to multitudes of people. Your efforts will be rewarded by the Heavenly Father by transforming lives through the Herald.…


    How I do look forward to Herald of His Coming each month! It helps me to stay focused on the basic issues of our Christian life in Christ and both encourages and exposes areas that need to be changed in my life. It is the only paper that I feel comfortable sharing with all of my Christian friends, regardless of how we may differ on some points, because it presents the Truth using the pure Word of God to His people, which never changes over the years and applies to every situation and need in our lives. Thank the Lord for Herald of His Coming.


    Thanks for the Heralds that are always anointed and always timely. Our church is praying for a spiritual awakening. This country needs it more than ever. We are 86 and 85 years old and never saw so much evil everywhere. God have mercy on this nation! We believers need to be shaken out of our slumber and use our God-given power to defeat the enemy!


    Please continue to send me the Herald. I am sharing it with my son who is in Afghanistan with the Air Force. Thank you for your faithful service to our mighty God and Saviour Jesus Christ!


    Herald of His Coming is truly a blessing since I am unable to go to church. Praise God for the timely messages. They are so uplifting. I enjoy reading the testimonies, and when reading, I stop and pray for the need right then. I pray for you all regularly….