Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I wish to express my gratitude for the copies of the Herald of His Coming that we’ve been receiving from you. These have been of tremendous benefit to us. We live in an area where cults, syncretic teachings and a false kind of Christianity thrive. The Herald of His Coming provides such a rich resource that cannot be adequately provided from the pulpit. Besides, most of the pastors in our area have had little or no theological training at all. I share these copies with them and the demand is increasing so fast. It makes me happy to know that the Christians are receiving the right teachings. I have observed that inadequate training is the seedbed of the occult movement in our area. Please continue to help us and the Church of Jesus Christ at large. God bless you.


    It is a great privilege to receive Herald of His Coming every month. I can’t tell you how much I have been blessed, encouraged and stirred up by the messages every month. It is my prayer for you as I read for God to bless you and meet every need through Jesus Christ our Lord. I live where the Pentecostal churches are closed by the government and this literature means much to me. I have seen the hand of God in it. To God be the glory….


    I am not the same since I started receiving Herald of His Coming. I am growing strongly in the spirit because of the powerful messages of the Herald. They are like my good Lord Jesus, full of blessing. My churches are growing. We can’t thank you enough for all that you do. The articles are so anointed that churches are burning for Christ. I share what I receive to other churches in my province….


    Thank you for sending me twenty copies of Herald of His Coming that I share to our fasting and prayer cell. I learn how to pray more and look up the Scriptures that build me up at a time when I needed God more in my daily life. Also, in the entire church it led the pastors to share some topics of prayer for our nation. We appreciate the good articles on prayer, holiness and revival. They come in every copy. That has encouraged me and I will ever continue to need these copies, especially now that I have more friends and brothers who need these magazines, even some of the patients in our church’s hospital where I have a sister nurse. Thank you for all the materials you have so willingly supplied….


    My heart was hungry for the Lord. I am so thankful that in my spiritual hunger God led me to the Herald of His Coming. From the first day that I started receiving the blessed news, my life has never been the same. Every time I receive a new copy of the Herald, I study it prayerfully in my closet. Almost every time I find myself under heavy conviction so that I usually find myself praying with tears. Through the Herald God has strengthened my prayer life. I was drafted for military service five years ago. I got saved and Jesus rolled away the burden of sin off my life. In military it is not easy to be a believer. Many are the temptations and trials that I pass through…If it is possible I would appreciate if you could increase the number of Heralds sent to me to about five so that I will be able to share with my local church leaders. To God be the glory both now and forever. Amen.


    I continue to so appreciate the articles in Herald of His Coming. They inspire, convict and cause me to long and yearn for revival, first in my own heart and then in our churches here in Canada. Oh, that we would be cleansed and then empowered by the Spirit! What a difference and impact we’d have in this world! Oh, that we would live holy, obedient lives for the glory of God! I shall continue to pray to that end. Thanks for encouraging us to do likewise….


    I thank God immensely for the way you faithfully send me a copy of the Herald of His Coming each month. This paper continues to be a source of spiritual nourishment which I cherish so much. Although my circumstances do not allow me to financially contribute toward this ministry, you are in my prayers. As an adult Sunday school teacher in my church, I take a lot of inspiration from the Herald….


    Herald of His Coming is precious to me. I started receiving the Herald of His Coming almost 17 years ago when I was still at school, and now I am a father of three kids and a pastor in the Assemblies of God Church….The blessed Herald equipped me, nourished me, and encouraged me until now I am still under the inspiration of this paper. It is my prayer that God will help you to keep on printing it and provide the resources for its availability to all who will be helped by reading it. Here in Zimbabwe many people have come to know about Christ through this paper.


    I thank the Lord for giving you grace, wisdom and inspiration to serve Him through Herald of His Coming. We in Uganda are so blessed. Herald of His Coming is what has matured my spiritual life because I come from a family that is not saved and they most times refuse me to have fellowship, but with Herald I am now mature in the things of God. The messages are very timely. They normally reach me at the time I desperately need it. The people that I supply to are also very grateful. They say they don’t have the words that can best describe it. We say thanks very much, and may God richly reward you….


    I thank God for this precious messenger of Herald of His Coming. I enjoy reading it and feel that God speaks through it. I am anxious to receive it in future too….


    Between Saturday and Monday, I concluded my plans to leave the church where I am the Sunday school head and also the youth coordinator, to go to another state without notice to anybody. At least I can find a job to do there, because the situation here was becoming unbearable. I was in the church office to collect my personal materials when my pastor asked me to go for mails at the post. I returned with some packages. He opened it and behold, Herald of His Coming. He gave me to read (the July edition). I opened to page 2 – "When Following Christ Isn’t Easy" and "After You Have Suffered." I could not stop reading until the last page. You know what? I saw my past, present and future in the Word of God. The Herald is a blessed instrument in God’s hand, and He will continue to supply you with His choice of messages to share each month. Please, I will not want to miss the Herald any more….


    I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate to receive Herald of His Coming paper. All the messages are so helpful to me. I have been getting it now for years and I always pass it on to a friend. I am especially concerned to learn more on prayer, and to put it into practice in my daily life as a prayer warrior. I pray for the ministry of Herald every day and I pray God continues to use Herald for souls to be saved….


    Please remain my name in the mailing list of Herald of His Coming. I am very much willing to receive a copy. It broadens my spiritual knowledge and gives me encouragement when I am down spiritually. It is also a great help to me when I’m sharing the Word of God to others. Thank you….


    I want to continue receiving Herald of His Coming. It is not blessing me alone but my brothers as well as my Christian brothers in the Lord who come for them to read. Because of one of the copies we read on prayer, we have formed a prayer fellowship in our community where we meet on every Sunday evening between 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. to pray. So please don’t remove my name from the mailing list.


    It has been a blessing to receive Herald of His Coming and for it to inspire and encourage me and my friends in our times of need. God is using the Herald to warn us of the times we are living in – evil, end times. His Word will not return void. It will accomplish its purpose. Enclosed is a small gift….


    Although I was born and raised in a Christian family, it was after I became 16 that I began to seriously study the Bible and pray. Herald of His Coming has been both a blessing and a source of understanding to keep me on track. The messages have influenced my prayer life a lot positively. I’ve learned to share the burdens of others in prayer. I also want to ask you to pray for Ethiopia…Pray that God will work powerfully through the prayers and evangelical outreaches that are being done by different campus students, including ours, to reach the communities around them….


    Words cannot express the joy I receive from truth that is written in Herald of His Coming. The writings are truly inspired by the Holy Spirit and I know that all Scriptures come directly from His Holy Book – the Bible. I thank God for ministers of the Gospel who do not sugarcoat the Word of God but do worship Him in spirit and in truth.