HERALD INTERNATIONAL (Printing In Over Twenty Languages)

"Blessed Be Egypt My People..."

     October 4, 2001

    "Greetings in the name which is above every other name, the Name of Jesus!
    "Thank you so much for the Heralds and the books. By the way, we have the book ‘How to Study the Bible’ in Arabic, and I am using it in teaching in our Bible School!
    "We are praying that God may send a revival in every part of the world, especially where the devil dwells!...Last week we had a conference in Port Said, which reminded me of starting the ‘Voice in the Wilderness’ in 1961! We got the license on the 24th October 1961. We were three evangelical pastors. There were two American Missionaries (Peniel Mission), Miss Spurlin and Miss Young who encouraged us. We had a hard time in the beginning, but God of the impossible helped us. I was the youngest of the three at that time, but they insisted to have my name on the ‘Voice’. Then we moved to Cairo because of the war.
    "I do some translation, but have others to help. We have young men who take the ‘Voice’ to different churches and places. One of them is a taxi driver, who travels, and takes hundreds of them to different towns.
    "God was good to us...
    "Our hearts are with you all in America and God bless America!

    "Yours in Him,
     Ayad Shenouda"

    In the above, old correspondence we find a precious memory of new beginnings being shared by the editor of the Arabic Herald in Egypt. And now forty-four years later, by the grace of God, the Arabic Herald still helps to enlighten Egyptian readers to His truth. Much of the responsibility is carried by Brother Shenouda along with his dear friend and co-worker for twenty years, Samir Abaskhiroune, who helps in translating articles for "Voice in the Wilderness."

    The following information regarding the Arabic Herald has been compiled from written communication with Brother Shenouda and a personal interview with Brother Samir on August 4, 2005 while he was visiting relatives in the States.

    Herald of His Coming: Please tell us about the circulation and the audience of the Arabic Herald.

    Arabic Herald: As you know we started the Arabic Herald a long time ago. We used to distribute the copies to churches all over Egypt by mail or taxi drivers, etc. Currently 2,000 copies are printed quarterly in Classical Arabic. We would like to increase the mailing list and print monthly, but we would need more personnel to do that.

    HOHC: From the response of readers, what do you see the Lord doing through these Arabic Heralds?

    AH: People need the paper. The Herald is a good call for revival, repentance and holiness. People in the churches like the magazine – plus it’s free. We always receive letters from different towns and denominations expressing their joy and blessing when they read the articles and tell us of what God has done in blessing them as expressed in the following translated testimonies:

    "Somebody gave me a copy of the Christian magazine ‘Voice in the Wilderness.’ I was happy to read every word in it. It gave comfort to my heart and I was greatly blessed. I hope you send me more of it. What a change it made in my life." – From a man in Cairo

    "What a great joy came to my heart, when I read the articles in the ‘Voice in the Wilderness.’ I was greatly blessed. Others were also blessed by reading it. Please send me more. We would like to distribute it to the ready people who need salvation and who would like to grow in grace. May God richly reward you." – From a young lady in Upper Egypt

    HOHC: Please give us a brief overview of conditions in Egypt that affect life and ministry there.

    AH: Conditions in Egypt are all right. We had many presidential decrees for many of our churches and sometimes we face difficulties, but the Lord is still on the throne! He is a miracle working God!

    HOHC: Are you encountering any special problems or challenges in the ministry?

    AH: No problems because the "Voice in the Wilderness" is registered officially with the government. But sometimes the printers want more money or take a longer time to print.

    HOHC: To help us in praying for the work in Egypt, please give us some specific prayer needs.

    AH: We need your prayers (a) that God may help us to win souls (b) that the Arabic Herald will be more effective (c) that revival will come. I, Brother Shenouda, need your prayers for my wife who is sick. She is in England after staying in Egypt for thirty-seven years. All my children are well – Praise God! I was called to serve God in the year 1940. I still pastor a church and do other services for God’s work. He is a faithful and a great God!

    HOHC: Is there anything special you would like to say to those who offer prayer support and/or financial support for this ministry?

    AH: Yes, I say, thank you so much for all your prayers and support. We appreciate your interest in this part of the world. We believe God will bless Egypt as He promised, "Blessed be Egypt my people" (Isaiah 19:25). May the Dear Lord richly bless and reward you.

    HOHC: What are your hopes for the future of the Herald work?

    AH: Egypt is changing. Many are shaking of their faith and turning to Christianity. More hearts of Egyptians need to be opened. We hope as we continue printing the Herald that many sinners will come to Jesus. We hope many believers will grow in faith and grace, and we desire to continue serving our Lord until He comes.

    Update from HOHC: The Lord seems to be opening another door for His work through an Arabic website. Work is now in progress to format such a site. It has been hard to deal with the Arabic alphabet letters. Currently a hand written translation of the Arabic Herald is taken to the print shop to be entered into a computer for printing. Please pray that the print shop will cooperatively be able to send that file for use on the website. Upon completion this Herald website will be a great asset to the ministry of Arabic speaking people around the world.

    According to The World Fact book, over 77,500,000 people live in Egypt. Ninety-four percent of the people are Muslim (mostly Sunni) while the remaining six percent are from Coptic Christian and other religions. Of that six percent many are nominal Christians relying more on works than faith for their salvation.

    Through Christ, God has provided eternal salvation for these precious souls. The Arabic Herald is one channel He is using to make known to them His blessed provision. We can be workers together with Him by standing with Brother Shenouda and Brother Abaskhiroune in their vision to increase the mailing list and to print monthly. Our prayers and our gifts designated for the Arabic Herald will help bring this to reality. Please write us today with your response if God puts it on your heart to reach out through the Arabic Herald.