Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I am a Herald of His Coming reader for many years. Without it I may not pass the darkest times of difficulties. I think that the work place is the main war field of Satan, as we spend most of the hours of the day working and being active with people. The devil throws his fiery darts and tries by any means to withstand us using people around us. Sometimes I become discouraged and my hopes fade away, but whenever I turn myself to the Word of God and my thoughts to God, I become again renewed and stirred to pray. Together with the Bible, the Herald papers have been my source of encouragements and strength to stand firm and resist the enemy through these times of difficulties. I thank God and you for sending me the Herald papers monthly. I need to read the anointed messages of Herald of His Coming every month and equip myself with the Word of God, so please do not drop my name from the mailing list.


    Thank you for sending me the Herald of His Coming for the past decades. I have been blessed and challenged to pray for revival in my country, which is plagued by ancestral worship, HIV/AIDS, demonic customs and religion. The Herald has been encouraging me to continually pray until revival comes. May I also urge the Christian community who receive this magazine to assist us in praying for revival in our country. Swaziland has many churches and many preachers, but the country remains still the same without real results. May I also urge you to continue sending me Herald of His Coming in 2005.


    It has been many years already since I have been reading the Herald of His Coming….The articles are Spirit inspired and have given me a new hunger for God and His Word. I’m working at World Vision Thailand office as a communications translator. I’ve joined a small prayer group in the office and we have committed ourselves to praying for many issues. The Herald articles on prayer and revival have helped me tremendously….


    I have read every copy of the Herald that you have sent me. They have encouraged me and I will ever continue to need these copies, especially now that I have more friends who need these magazines, even some of the patients in my hospital, as I am the hospital chaplain. They benefit a lot both spiritually and physically. This Herald is more special to both myself, family and friends, even my congregation. Since I started reading the Heralds my sermons are of interest to hearers and the community…. The articles are very inspiring and uplifting to my soul. I look forward every month to receiving it….


    Thank you for faithfully sending me the Herald of His Coming since June 2002. It is very helpful for me. It challenges me to holiness and increases my knowledge to know more about the Word of God. It is a miracle to me in this Muslim country to receive Herald of His Coming. Since I have been receiving them I have a new vision that God can grow a church in this country. The Herald has also made me to have the desire to be a soul winner and prayer warrior. So please continue to send me. Thank you….


    Thank you for yet another batch of "Right Choice" (Salvation) papers. I never get to carry a stock. They are my first choice for distribution at the markets of Georgetown. Many people remark that they are "interesting"….Thank you very much.


    Thank you for regularly sending the Herald of His Coming to me for almost two years. It has helped me so much with my spiritual growth. I always refer to the Herald articles in my Sunday school teaching and when I am asked to preach, being an elder in our church. The articles are spiritually inspiring and dynamic and I am so blessed whenever I read them and apply what they convey. Please continue to send me Herald of His Coming. It is precious to me….


    I’m a fellowship leader in my local church, and I have been receiving the Herald of His Coming mails for two years now. The Herald has proved to be my spiritual walking staff for those two years, and a means of spiritual inspiration in my service to others. The Gospel paper has improved my prayer methods, sermon preparations and it has been a resource also to those who read through my own copy. I have not been able to contribute financially in all that period, but I am always behind you in prayer….I humbly request you kindly to maintain my name in the mailing list. To remove my name will not only make me spiritually off balance but also the brethren and sisters who depend on my spiritual service….


    This is to express my happiness, gratitude and appreciation to you for sending me copies of Herald of His Coming. A friend of mine sometime ago gave me his copy of Herald of His Coming. Having read it I sent for my copy and started reading Herald of His Coming since then. I assure you that I have been strengthened spiritually, and also those with whom I share my copy. This paper has helped me as a pastor in my evangelistic missions and preaching of the Gospel of Christ….


    Thank you for the issue of Herald of His Coming which I received in the mail today. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I am paying attention to my prayer life after a real dry season when I was neglecting prayer for academic studies. The cover article really encouraged me as well as others which I haven’t finished reading fully. I am taking my time meditating and praying and reading the Bible as I go through the magazine….


    I enjoy reading Herald of His Coming and am blessed every time. How important it is to revive, refresh and eagerly get into His Word and spread the Good News. I started a Bible study group a year ago and they are all new in that, but they have a hunger and thirst for the true Word of God. I know that the Herald would help them, so if you could, please put them on the mailing list….I thank you. Keep up your mission. We need the truth not watered down where there is no taste left.


    Warm greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ. I apologize that it has been a long time since I have expressed my deep gratefulness for your regularly sending Herald of His Coming to me. I get so enriched spiritually by the Herald because of the rich text in it. So please keep my name in the Herald mailing list….


    I wish to continue receiving the monthly issue of the Herald of His Coming as it helps me considerably for my spiritual feeding and sermon preparation source. I’m in active service to the Lord in ministering to God’s people who are spiritually hungry and physically poor….


    Greetings in our wonderful Lord Jesus! I am a missionary over here in Romania and a blessed recipient for many years of Herald of His Coming. Each issue continues to challenge and richly nourish me spiritually. Thank you!…


    I am writing to thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming. We enjoy it very much and after reading it we pass the magazine to the library of the Bible Theological Institute in Sofia. I would like to continue to receive it, if possible….


    Greetings from Wales. I came to this country from St. Vincent in the West Indies forty years ago, having been a regular reader of the Herald before I came to this country and still am. Herald of His Coming has been a great inspiration throughout my young teens. I learned how to pray more and look up the Scriptures that built me up at a time when I needed God more in my daily life. I accepted the Lord as my Saviour at the age of 18 years old and I am still going on with Him. All I am asking is to keep my name on the mailing list as I look forward to continue receiving my monthly copy….


    I have had the privilege of growing through Herald of His Coming since the late 1990’s, when I was in my home very sick, recovering from a stroke. I deeply appreciate the ministry of Herald of His Coming. God has used the Herald in my life to overcome fears. Thank you. I enclose my gift. Please keep me on your mailing list.


    Thank you for sending us the Herald of His Coming and the ten copies of El Heraldo de Su Venida (Spanish Herald), that we distribute at our fasting and prayer services in Mexico. We appreciate the good articles on prayer, holiness and revival. We join you in prayer to that end.


    Thank you for all the materials you have so willingly supplied. They have been of such help in the prayer department. We have used the prayer helps in the Bible class and prayer time I lead at the Rescue Mission, so beneficial to God’s purpose and His glory. Our prayers go with you.