September 2004 Issue
The Missing Piece
By Jim Cymbala
The Life Of Prayer For The Life Of Service
By Dave Butts
Keeping Our Focus On Jesus
By Rich Carmicheal
Revival Is A Reconciling Time
By Roger Ellsworth
The Glorious Filling Of The Holy Spirit
By Andrew Murray
Broken, Melted, Filled Anew
By Eugene A. Emy
Prepare For Him
By Horatius Bonar
Godly Fathers – The Ultimate Strategy For Winning
  Families And The Nations To Christ
By Kim Butts
Fullness Of Redemption
By Lois J. Stucky
Herald International – The Herald’s International
  Ministry To Those In Prison
News and Prayer Briefs
Return To The Lord Your God, America!
By Intercessors for America
Out of Mail Box 279