April 2004 Issue
Revival Is A Turning Time
By Roger Ellsworth
Looking Forward To His Coming
By Dave Butts
Praying For Those In Sin
By Rich Carmicheal
Concerning Revival, What Does God Expect of Us,
  Before He Will Visit Us by His Spirit?
By Edgar H. Lewellen
The Shantung Revival
By Mary K. Crawford from the North China Mission
of the Southern Baptist Convention, Tsinan, China (1933)
Increase Your Longing And Hope
By Dale Schlafer
Unblameable In Holiness At The Coming of the Lord
By Jessie Penn-Lewis
Praying For Our Government
By Derek Prince
Pray, Christians, Pray!
By Matthew Skariah
God Give Us Grace To Pay The Price
By Hyman J. Appelman
Fasting Gives Additional Weight To Prayer
By Gordon Cove
America’s Annual National Day of Prayer
The Restoration of Family Worship (Part Two)
By Kim Butts
Called, Chosen, and Faithful
By Lois J. Stucky
Herald International – Focused Prayer for Herald International Workers
News and Prayer Briefs
Out of Mail Box 279