Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I received and read Herald of His Coming titled "Revival Is Christ-Centered," from one brother. I have been very much blessed and I appreciate Herald of His Coming and thank God for the wisdom and knowledge granted for this publication. I have read on fasting and have seen the importance it has in prayer, helping me to grow strong in prayers. I belong to the youth group and counselor’s group in my church. I have shared portions of the Herald with my group and other brothers, which have encouraged and strengthened them to grow strong in prayer. I wish that you should send for me any copy of Herald of His Coming to enable the Christian growth in my group and my entire locality.…


    Herald of His Coming has been our source of encouragement in our spiritual voyage. Through this inspiring and Spirit-filled material we have taken a step further and formed a local men’s fellowship which is keenly centered on daily watch prayers for our nation’s spiritual and physical needs. We are also praying for others worldwide as requested by Herald of His Coming. May God bless you as you continue sending us the monthly copy to educate, encourage and give us a guideline in praying for the world….


    I have benefited a lot from Herald of His Coming. I preach to a group of about fifty people every week, and I have preached a number of messages directly from the paper. My personal life has also been affected greatly by the Herald, and I am so grateful to you for sending it every month. May God richly bless you….


    I was at a telephone counseling room and one of the volunteers brought in Herald of His Coming. It truly blessed me and I was on my knees before the Lord as prayer once again gripped my heart. It was the article on Christ Awakening and the Struggle of Prayer that moved my heart….


    We would like you to continue to send us the Herald of His Coming each month. We are blest by the reading of it. My wife and I were much blest and impressed by the Word of God in the June issue. We would appreciate it if you can send us six copies. We pray for the work of Herald of His Coming. May God bless the work of your hands. Yes, The Power of the Word of God! We are saved by the Word, as it says, "Receive with meekness the engrafted Word, which is able to save your souls" (Jas. 1:21). And we are kept by it. "Lord, Thy Word abideth and our footsteps guideth; who its truth believeth, light and joy receiveth." God bless you all!


    I am a pastor and one of the Herald’s prayer partners. My family and I always give thanks to the Lord Jesus for the worldwide Herald of His Coming ministry. For me, God uses the Herald to feed my church. I am so grateful that there are other Christian believers who pray for my beloved country….


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming….This paper is helping us a lot, even in the ministry and churches. I am making messages out of Herald of His Coming. It is helping many people in their spiritual lives. God is so good! We are thrilled! There is a revival among us because of the Herald messages. We are planning to reach twenty to thirty villages with the tent this year. I thank our Lord….


    I have been on the Herald of His Coming mailing list for many years. For some years now I had left the city where I got born again. I worked amongst a people group as missionary worker in the northern part of Nigeria. Any time I give out spiritual food, I always feel dry. But the Herald has been sustaining spiritual food and drink that has kept me for years. My desire is to see the work of God spreading rapidly. Don’t stop sending me the materials as I am always with you and will continue to pray for you….


    Herald of His Coming continues to stir me to prayer. Here is a little to help in this ministry. Let’s exhort one another to faithfulness till Jesus comes!


    From the time I started receiving the Herald it has been my indispensable diet, nourishing my spiritual life. I am an old convert and next from the Bible, it is the regular Herald of His Coming that gives me guidance and advice. It gives courage and meaning to my life. The articles have a way of stirring up a burning desire within me for more of God and more of His power within me. I am glad each time when I receive a fresh number of this newspaper. Each time it has something new, fresh and necessary. Therefore receiving Herald of His Coming I receive enthusiasm to work further for the glory of God….


    Thank the staff of Herald of His Coming for sending me all the monthly papers which has built me spiritually and encouraged me to start an assembly in remote rural area. Firstly I have been involved in youth ministry. Please still send me to the same address.


    Herald of His Coming is always such a blessing – refreshing us in that blessed hope. May God bless you!


    It is beyond my vocabulary, but I want to say a big thank you for sending the Herald of His Coming copies. They have uplifted me, encouraged me and inspired me. They are a very great help to us where spiritual nurturing is scarce. These articles have helped me to grow spiritually. Please do not drop me from the mailing list because I still desire the rich, nutritious, spiritual food that’s found in the articles….


    God must continuously add you more grace day after day to continue with the work He has entrusted to you, which has turned to initiate, revive, strengthen and empower the prayer life of many, and I inclusive. The continuous supply of the Herald has revived my prayer life, and once again I have joined back to the prayer team of my church after having undergone some domestic challenges. I want to request you to send for the team and other church members some copies of the Herald through the pastor, since he is the leader of the prayer group….


    I am one of the faithful readers of Herald of His Coming. Thank you for sending me a copy of these inspired messages. The articles are of great strength and encouragement to me. Though I couldn’t be able to send gifts, I would like you to please continue to keep me on the Herald mailing list. I pray for the ministry that God may use you as a channel for bringing God’s messages to many people. God bless you. Thank you.


    I want to appreciate you for the blessing which I receive from the Herald of His Coming. May God bless you abundantly in Christ Jesus. I am not a member of Herald of His Coming, but from now onward I want to be a member. If it is possible I need my own copy.


    The Herald of His Coming has made a tremendous impact in my Christian life. Beside the Bible the Herald is my other source for spiritual growth. I don’t know where I could have been without the ministry of the Herald of His Coming because of what God has done in my life through it. It is through reading the Herald that I developed the desire to be a prayer warrior and soul winner. I have also learnt much on prayer and evangelism. Therefore, please be encouraged to continue sending me copies of Herald of His Coming regularly.


    The Herald of His Coming has blessed and helped me to grow in my spiritual life. It has broadened my prayer life, especially by the world prayer lists. I started receiving the Herald as soon as the Pentecostal churches have been closed. So the Lord has been feeding me through the Herald. Praise the Lord! I have been praying for a revival for the last few years. Please pray for the re-opening of our churches….


    Thank you for sending me the Herald. It ministers to me in many ways. Its articles always provide inspiration, correction, instruction and encouragement. May the Lord continue to anoint all of you as you fulfill His blessed ministry….


    Please send ten copies of this current issue for me to give to others. My main contact with people is by letters, as I am 87 and have ailments. But I think God still has a use for me. The Herald has been with me many years and seems to get better all the time. So many people need to read it and their Bible every day. Thank you and God bless you.


    I enjoy Herald of His Coming so much. It is encouraging, convicting and puts me on my knees. Thank you for your faithfulness.


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming. It is such a blessing to all of us. We share it and use it in our Bible study time. People just love our study, thanks to the Herald….