Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I express sincere gratitude to the staff of Herald of His Coming on behalf of my church, my family and all who benefit from Herald of His Coming through me. The impact that Herald has made on my ministry and those ministers to whom I distribute them cannot be overemphasized. Teaching the people, using Heralds of His Coming, and leading them to pray made the recent revival we organized a very powerful one. Believers were freely praying for the programme, and the unbelievers coming to Christ with deep sorrow for sins was commonplace. Space cannot permit me to write all; however, I believe strongly that we owe the Heralds a sincere thanks. May the merciful Lord, the God of peace, supply all your needs according to His riches in glory which is in Christ Jesus. God richly bless you. Amen!


    A grateful thanks to God and all of you for sending me the Herald of His Coming regularly since September 2002. It is very helpful for me. It challenges me into holiness and increased my knowledge to know more about the Word of God. I have found many important things in it. It has edified my spiritual life. It has enabled me to be rich in the Word of God. It encourages me to dispel weaknesses that would try and hinder my going forth.

    It is a miracle to us here in this poor country to receive Herald of His Coming. Since I have been receiving them I have a new vision that God can grow a church in this country. I read the Herald with other members of the church and the Muslim converts to Christ. The Herald has also made me to have the desire to be a prayer warrior and soul winner. So please don’t drop me out of the mailing list….


    Thank you for faithfully sending me the Herald of His Coming for many years. I never tire from reading the articles. They are timely and thought provoking. May’s edition of the Herald has touched my heart to be zealous for the Lord in wanting to see revival in the earth – to patiently waiting for God’s promise of the outpouring of His Holy Spirit in abundant blessing before the Day of the Lord comes. I pray for you all and the work based at Seelyville using the Prayer Force leaflet. I pray through the News and Prayer Briefs and the Praise and Prayer items. I make the time to pray for each Herald International edition as I am able. I feel the Lord is stirring me to make more time to pray – to drop a lot of the other things I am doing….This is sometimes very difficult to do when so many other things make demands on my time. Thank God for this day of opportunity! The Gospel of the Kingdom is being preached throughout the earth as never before. What a privilege it is to be living in these days!


    What a privilege for me to be a reader of Herald of His Coming! I am thankful to God and thank you for being so faithful in sending me Herald of His Coming. I share it with my prayer band and it helped me to prepare a sermon. God blessed our church with that message.


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming. Our church library has received regularly till now. We are very glad with it, and we are praying that the Lord will bless you.


    I submit my request for a personal copy of Herald of His Coming. I have been reading it at my pastor’s house and every time I read it I receive much spiritual encouragement. It increased my knowledge about repentance and because of it I have helped many to see the need for repentance. If I get a personal copy which I can read at my own timing, I am sure I will be deeply transformed and I will go far in the knowledge of God. It is my prayer that God continues to reveal His will to you as you continue working on and sending out this life message. God bless you all.


    Herald of His Coming has been a blessing for my life. My spiritual growth is increasing because of the Herald. It is touching and blessing my life. The articles have also been used by God to transform many lives, especially in the areas of prayer and revival. My prayer life is growing because of the Herald. Everything in Herald is always in agreement with the Word of God.

    Recently we have formed an intercessory group in my church. It has been so difficult to start this group. Thank God for our new pastor who supported the formation of this group, and he is also in this group. We give glory to God. May you send me more copies to share with my friends in this group, at least more than ten copies every month? Help us please. This is the time we need young men and women to stand for God!


    Thank you for the never-ending supply of the nourishing spiritual food through Herald of His Coming, which I’ve been receiving since year 2000. It is such blessed material, worthy of reading, that helps any individual in spiritual life in many ways and in different situations. Personally, I am so blest by Herald papers. It helps me understand more about the truths especially on revival, which is supposed to be started within ourselves and from the deepest part of our hearts. Our Children and Youth for God section taught me in many practical ways. Please do continue sending Herald papers to me because it is one of my tools in my spiritual walk with the Lord.


    Trust you are all well and keeping God’s Word going out. It reaches to so many who are looking to Herald of His Coming for strength and comfort and guidance in these times as the need is very great for sound words to build and maintain our spirits with truth, because many strange doctrines abound. We need wisdom, guidance by the pure Word to keep us stable and unmovable, always abounding in the Lord’s work and kept from fainting and faltering. Thanks for all the material received, and being widely used for blessing and profit for us as we continue here with Him…


    Thank you for your faithfulness in sending me the blessed Herald of His Coming. I was a Zimbabwean for nearly seventy years and started receiving the Herald about thirty-five years ago. It has remained the inspiring publication that dear Brother and Sister Moore started and trusted it to continue under the guidance of the precious Holy Spirit. God bless you all.


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming monthly. It has been a thing of great joy to me to be among the readers of Herald of His Coming. This paper has blessed my soul very much that I do not know how to explain the happiness of God in my life. It is great. Any time I pick up the paper I learn a new thing in the paper. My spiritual life is growing because the Herald serves as a window to the Kingdom of God. It links me with the Lord and gets me connected with my Jesus Christ, teaching me the way of life. The Herald is precious to me because it teaches the way a good Christian should live within and outside. Please continue to be sending me more copies. I share them with my brethren and three of them are very thirsty of it….


    Surely the Word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword for if I read the Herald, even of the past events which happened long ago, in my spirit it will not be past event or history but it will be the oil to nourish my soul. After reading of the Shantung revival I could assume as I am a part of this great refreshing in spirit. I long for these great events to happen again in our area during our time…. Please send me "The Shantung Revival" classic book #165. May the Lord increase the Herald’s boundaries and extend your borders and enlarge your territory as we eagerly look forward to His coming.


    I am glad to yet be receiving the Herald of His Coming each month. The messages are rich and keep me encouraged to continue seeking the Lord. I am again sharing with you. Keep sending the awakening literature throughout the world. My little I hope will be of some help….


    I want to tell you how much Herald of His Coming has blessed me. I have only been receiving it for three months and have been encouraged, exhorted, corrected and directed. I am sharing them and have spoken to many about the purity of it and the Spirit-directed articles. Thank you. May God richly bless you.


    You have no idea how much the Herald of His Coming encourages and strengthens me with every issue. The days indeed are evil and having such solid, rich and convicting articles to feed on has been very sustaining. May God bless beyond measure as the Herald continues to be His faithful witness in these last days….


    The Herald is very convicting. It challenges me to grow up in the Lord. Thank you for it. Maranatha!