Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    My first encounter with Herald of His Coming was in the early 80’s when I was still at a Bible School. Despite a tide schedule of our study, I was always revived to read and return more to this revival paper because they were a source of my inspiration and encouragement. From that very moment to date, I could not stay long not waiting for more from your correspondences as these papers were another enrichment in my study about revival. Herald of His Coming has been part and parcel of my study of revival that has helped me to understand what the Bible means by revival because most of the Heralds deal more about revival. Praise the Lord for that. I have observed much on how carefully you address different subjects which are Word based – doctrinally sound and spiritually firing. Sometimes after reading one Herald of His Coming paper I feel revived and motivated and started to pray.

    In 1996 after much study of intercession, through Herald of His Coming, I started an intercession group of believers in the church that I am pastoring now. We started with five brethren, but today we are over hundred intercessors with vigor and zeal to pour our tears before the throne of God about our nation and the entire world. We teach the Word of God and on Tuesday the whole day we fast and pray until evening. That has let an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our meetings, healing and delivering from satanism, witchcraft and the occult of members of the community. This has led to church growth of our congregation….

    Herald of His Coming has been my close friend, guide and even companion in terms of edification, encouragement and comfort. Not only mine alone but also my wife has long been a friend to Herald of His Coming….


    Thanks for Herald of His Coming. It gives me joy and happiness while reading this spiritual food every month. May the good Lord continue to direct you and strengthen your faith in Christ Jesus. Herald of His Coming has impacted me with empowerment words. It brings me into a true realm of wealth, a realm of more wisdom, joy and favor, coupled with challenges. I am a young minister pastoring a three-year-old church of about forty members at the Muslim dominated region of Nigeria. There are newly introduced Islamic laws called Sharia law. Upon all this persecutions, harassment and trials, Herald has been my courage and source of strength to carry out my Gospel messages without fear or discouragement. Please keep on reviving me with Herald of His Coming. It is the material I cannot afford to miss.


    Thank you very much for sending me the Herald magazine. It has blessed and uplifted me. It has strengthened and sustained me in my early Christian life. As a local Faith Church pastor, and a primary school teacher, I’ve been using Herald paper for preparing my sermons and teaching my pupils in the school where I currently teach. I’ve been greatly blessed by the Herald. I would like to have my name remain in the mailing list....


    Praise the Lord, we just received the first batch of five copies in one envelope…These copies are being given to the Elders in the church. We are an underground church of more than a hundred believers. It is surprising how God has been so good to us. We have overcome many severe persecutions because of His grace and the prayers of many concerned brethren worldwide like you. Thank you for your continued prayers and great encouragement through the Herald copies being sent to us monthly. You are blessing so many of us here by the Herald copies you send. We continue to pray for all of you. Herald of His Coming ministries is one special prayer item whenever the church gathers every week during prayer meeting, aside from our individual prayers.

    Please pray for the authorities to officially grant what we have been praying for quite a long time now. These are 1) that the government will officially allow us to worship freely in our respective residences without fear of being imprisoned by the religious leaders; 2) that the government will allow us to bring our Bibles and other Christian literature with us whenever possible without fear of being inspected and caught by religious leaders; 3) that the government will provide us a place for the church buildings to be constructed; 4) that the government will officially allow us to invite evangelists, missionaries, pastors and teachers and other workers from outside this country without fear of being investigated, interrogated or imprisoned….


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming. You have for the past twelve years sent regular copies without fail. The articles of Herald of His Coming have challenged my Christian life and from an ordinary church member of my congregation, today I am a lay pastor in charge of an area chapel. The Herald and the booklets help me in preparing my sermons. God reward you abundantly. I give locally.


    Please continue sending me the Herald of His Coming. I’m an older senior. It has been a great blessing and strength to me and my family through the years. I continue to pray for the Herald ministry.


    It is with a full heart that I write to ask you to continue sending Herald of His Coming. I have sent a cheque to the local agent. It is sent out of a cheerful heart and with thanksgiving. The January issue has arrived this week. I am unable to get beyond the first article, for it is the rhema that my thirsty soul has awaited, and I am drinking deeply. Oh, it is indeed just manna! For some years I have been feasting upon Isaiah 61, and particularly that He may be glorified. With this issue of Herald of His Coming, the Spirit is enlightening that Word and bringing it into my understanding….Thank you so much for sending out Spirit and Truth: the riches of our glorious salvation, for the highest objective, that He may be glorified….


    Thank you for sending me copies of Herald of His Coming for almost two years of my stay in Cyprus from the Philippines. Because of so many different pressures I’ve experienced, these Heralds brought encouragement to me in my daily walk with the Lord. I enclose herewith a small gift and please continue sending me copies. Thank you and God bless you with the ministry of encouraging people like me.


    Thank you for your faithfulness in sending me regularly five copies of Herald since I requested for them. Herald of His Coming is rekindling my zeal for prayer towards revival in my country. When I read what is happening in certain countries according to the readers, it becomes a great challenge to me for my province and then all Senegal, that has a great need of God’s visitation. Thank you.


    I appreciate Herald of His Coming for how it has been blessing my life with Spirit-filled and life-transforming messages. Whenever I read the articles, I feel a fresh fire of zeal and commitment to follow the Master, to love Him and trust Him always. I pray God to continue anointing upon Herald ministry with staff members to greatly exalt Christ and prepare for His return.


    Thank you for doing our Lord’s work. Many issues of Herald of His Coming have blessed us at my home and church. The Lord used the Herald issues on prayer to start our men’s Saturday morning prayer meeting. Some of the most beautiful articles have been on prayer. They have given me a spiritual momentum to go to higher dimensions on prayer. Keep going for the Lord and His kingdom, and keep the Herald coming to me....


    I am one of the beneficiaries of Herald of His Coming. The Herald is the paper with a unique anointing. Each edition builds up my faith and gets me greatly encouraged.

    I am a pastor and have been on the mailing list since 1992. I now receive the Heralds in boxes. I distribute to church elders, deacons, pastors and members of different denominations. I am also reaching the unreached. This is a remote district. There are a number of churches here whose leaders have an access to the spiritual through me as I get the editions.


    For a pastor, it’s difficult to read all the mail that comes in. This doesn’t apply to the Herald – which helps me to stay focused on the main thing – being in God’s accord and will.


    The Herald messages continue to be such a blessing and encouragement to me. I read them over several times, take notes and try to practice what I learn. Then I pass them on to friends. I especially liked the message about focusing on Christ’s preeminence and His supremacy and hoping in His promises. That is a much needed reminder in this performance-driven age. Thank you for choosing such "right-on" truth from God’s Word for us. We desperately need to be constantly reminded….


    When the world presses in, I turn to the Word of God and the Herald of His Coming to have time with my Lord. God bless for the uplifting articles and spiritual guidance the Herald brings to me. I share my copies and others are blessed.