Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Thanks and a big God bless you for sending me the Herald materials. They are treasures far beyond anything physical or material. Most times when I discover that my spiritual life is not what it ought to be and it appears the fire in my spirit is not burning bright the way it ought, I go back to the materials of the Herald, believing that a message in it can be used of God to rekindle the flame. The Holy Spirit has always been faithful. It is my prayer that every message printed in the Herald will never lack the backing of the Holy Spirit in Jesusí Name. May the good Lord strengthen your hands in the work of harvesting of souls in this end-timeÖ.


    Thank God for your faithful ministryÖI am a new reader to your edition that I began receiving August 2003. Until now you are sending continuously. God bless you abundantly! I have got dynamic message to my life and ministry through Herald of His Coming. Especially I have been motivated to preach the Gospel of Christ Jesus for unsaved people. On the other hand, the Herald articles are very significant to be growing in spiritual life. As we all know, we are living in the last days, so the Herald helps me to be prepared for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Please continue by this kind of blessing service that is founded on the Word of God. I promise to pray for this international ministry...


    Please continue to send me Herald of His Coming. It is so holy and more truth. Herald of His Coming is so different from many other pamphlets. I could not hold my tears when I read this paper. I say continue, continue until the Lord comes! It is so wonderful that my heart is changed by this paper, so anointed that some times this is what I preach to my congregation. Donít stop, especially to all pastors. We need it so much, we need it so much!


    We praise God for the valuable Herald of His Coming which we receive regularly. Please continue to send them to us. The articles are very timely, which is pointing to the soon coming of Christ. We must face more and more persecutions. But God is here to bless us. May the Lord bless you and continue to send out the Herald messages more and more.


    I am pleased with what you are doing in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am happy for your goodness to people by sending the Christian paper called Herald of His Coming. Please I need it, because it helps my Christian life, especially here in Libya. I am a pastor. Please, the Herald helps me a lot.


    With gratitude to the most High, I express my sincere appreciation for the way you have been regularly sending the Herald of His Coming to me throughout last years. God has used the Herald to revive and teach me a lot of things, especially on prayer, faith and holy living. The revival I receive from the Herald has kept me stable in my ministry work over here. As a result the strength and prayer life of my church has grown tremendously. I ask you to continue sending me the Herald of His ComingÖ.


    Please do not remove us from Herald of His Coming mailing list. We want so much to continue to receive this godly paper, and we thank God for you and all the dear folk who work at the Herald. The articles are excellent, very challenging and very relevant. We need so much today to be exhorted to live godly and holy lives looking to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith, as the coming of our precious Lord Jesus draws nearer. The Herald both inspires and challenges us in our walk with him.


    Thank you for all the copies of Herald of His Coming. The messages are practical and inspiring. It touches my heart and makes me a better person, more hungry for GodÖ.


    Thanks for the Herald of His Coming that gives me much encouragement as my family and I learn to walk and live by faith, when I left the ministry of a denominational church after pastoring for twenty years. We pioneered a new Spirit-filled ministry with five men in a small town, and the Lord added many new families into the new congregation. Our vision is to be Godís blessing to the 400,000 people of our area. Please pray for us!


    Greetings in the precious Name of Jesus Christ. I still want to receive the Herald of His Coming. My wife and I have been matured by the Herald paper and are living a blessed lifeÖ.


    For the past two years we have been worshiping and serving our Lord away from my home. My family and I gave a piece of land as our tithing and this is the place where we are now constructing a temporary house for the Lord. Out of the materials and the anointed and blessed prayers from Herald of His Coming in general, out of these encouragements and challenging, my heart drew closer to the Lord especially in the areas of prayers and devotions. Through the edifying materials, my life and family members have changed drastically. By the articles concerning having the godly family, I have been blessed because my family worships the Lord every day in the night before supper, one thing I had never done for a couple of years. Please continue praying for us. Do not delete me from the mailing list. The messages have been our spiritual food for our thirsty and hungry souls both as a family and the church I pastor. Whenever I receive the anointed messages, they sustain us so much. Please, I request for more than ten copies because many souls are longing for this blessed material. God bless you always. I have no gift to give as we are busy planning for the House of God.


    Please maintain my name for Herald of His Coming. They have been a channel of blessing to me, family, school pupils and students in above school as well as the local church I am pastoring. The Herald magazine has been a tremendous blessing to me as a minister of God. Please keep on sending to me, for your labour shall be rewarded by reaching souls far and near. We are co-labourers in His vineyard....


    Herald of His Coming ministry, hidden from the noisy busy-ness of high profile ministries, does so much to stir up the unseen warriors who make up the army of God in this vital, final hour. I pray the Lord will increase the Heraldís effectiveness, access, and influence in the body of Christ. It is always a rich blessing to read many classic messages of important saints gone before. Please send a Daily Prayer Guide so I can pray in unity with you for staff and ministry needs.


    Iím sending in love an additional $5.00 this time! I feel this little "addition" might give at least a "handful" of needful readers a chance to hear the Gospel. Iím 82 years old now, lost my beloved wife of 53 Ĺ years, four years ago. Because of a severe arthritic condition I donít get to go to church hardly at all, after serving over 47 years for the Lord, but I can help spread the Gospel through the Herald ministries. Praise the Lord!


    I have just finished reading "Out of the Mail Box 279." What a privilege it is to have a part financially in making it possible for those who work daily at Herald of His Coming to have the necessary funds to send out this blessed paper each month. I want to be a monthly supporter to make it possible to continue sending the Herald each month to those who might not be able to send any money. I would do anything I can to "stay by the stuff" (1 Sam. 30:24-25). I pray many new supporters will realize the blessing in all this. May God pour His richest blessings on the Herald ministry.


    I have received the Herald of His Coming over fifty years and have been encouraged, blessed, and taught by the articles written by godly persons. Now I desire to have my granddaughter have her own copy. God is doing an awesome work in her, and I can think of no better material to help her mature spiritually. Blessings and thanks!


    I have an opportunity to get some Herald of His Coming papers into our local detention center, and possibly some other lock locations. Thank you for sending me the Herald. It gives me a lot to think about and more to strive for in my walk with Jesus. It takes me deeper into Godís Word. The Holy Spirit has been speaking to me that Godís people need to get totally serious about being in His Word. It will be our only mainstay during these critical days and days to come. And our children are being thrown right into the lionís den in so many ways and by their own parents! And that is besides abortion!


    Thanks for your faithfulness. Please be assured that the issue you send me is not ever discarded, but is passed around among us at our local fellowship. Could you please send me ten copies monthly? They would not be wasted, but rather would be treasured by us and passed on still further.