HERALD INTERNATIONAL (Printing In Over Twenty Languages)

Russian Herald Encourages Christians to Reach the Nations

    During the recent Heart-Cry for Revival conference in Asheville, North Carolina, Herald workers from the United States were privileged to spend time with Wolfgang Gerstenberg, editor of the German, Italian, Dutch, French, and Slovenian Heralds, and with Doris Luebbering, editor of the Russian Herald. Wolfgang will be writing an article for a future International page; therefore, we will focus on the work of the Russian Herald this month.

    A Missouri native, Doris Luebbering has been a faithful Herald reader since 1987 when her brother first introduced her to the publication. It formed in her a heart for missions, and for the past twelve years, she has lived in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Four years ago, she took on the task of editing the Russian Herald, with the capable help of translator Armenui Gevurian, who lives two time zones to the west in the city of Ryazan. Alexander, an assistant pastor at the Baptist Church in Ryazan, does the layout for the paper, and assists with any theological questions that come up. Members of the Ryazan Full Gospel Church help with the mailing, and provide some financial support for Armenuiís ministry with the Herald.

    Because there are many miles between Doris and Armenui, the Russian Herald is sent back and forth between the two, then on to one or two Russian linguists who proofread for accuracy.

    Currently, the circulation of the Russian Herald is 2,500; however, Doris and Armenui are very open to expanding this number as the Lord provides the finances. The paper goes to nations such as Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Germany, Israel, Finland, Belgium and Poland. The papers are published every other month and are eight pages in length. Most of the articles are translated from the English Herald; however, Doris has written many articles herself, and has also utilized other materials that she considers to be powerfully anointed for the needs of the Russian readers.

    Russia is approximately 1.8 times the size of the United States, and with its large size come some large problems. Doris reports that in her city of Yekaterinburg, the third largest city in Russia, alcoholism, drug use and prostitution are rampant. There are many street kids and a high rate of HIV. Christians, according to Doris, have an opportunity to profoundly impact Russian society through the meeting of social needs. She hopes to include testimonies in future Heralds from people who have been involved in some of the undesirable circumstances mentioned above. It is her prayer that many of these people will be able to testify to the glorious saving grace of Jesus working in their lives.

    Doris feels that the work of the Russian Herald is to prepare Godís people for revival and possible persecution. She is convinced that Russia has a significant role in missions and therefore, the paper reflects a passion to reach the nations for Jesus Christ. It is her conviction that Russian Christians are called to reach China and nations such as Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Korea. Many people from these nations come to study and work in Russia, giving opportunity for the Church to reach out evangelistically.

    Some of the letters received by the Russian Herald speak of pastors who have been encouraged, those who have used the Herald to prepare teaching materials for house churches, people in prison or prison ministries who have received strength, young Christians as well as elderly saints who express thanks for spiritual feeding and encouragement in prayer, etc.

Financial Needs:

    As you can see, the Russian Herald is desperately needed in this immense and lost part of the world. Some of their specific financial needs include a printer (at an approximate cost of $100), and monthly commitments to help expand the readership. Currently, 2,500 copies are meeting some of the needs, but with a population of millions, it is desired that many more Christians in Russia and surrounding nations have access to this life-giving paper. In order for this to be accomplished, at least one additional full-time assistant will be needed to help with translation, correspondence, etc. Doris and Armenui are committed to publishing the Herald debt free, and are waiting upon the Lord to expand its outreach through the generosity of His people. Their goal is to one day be a completely self-supporting Russian paper as Godís people in Russia are able to provide financial support (many Russians exist on the equivalent of $1-2 per day). If the Lord has placed the spiritual needs of the Russian people upon your heart, and you are able to respond financially, please let us know. The need is great!

Prayer Points

-- Pray for Doris Luebbering as she makes important decisions regarding the editing, publishing and distribution of the Russian Herald. Pray for her ministry of intercession, her ministry to her pastorís wife, and for her work with drug addicted young women in Yekaterinburg. Pray for her safety, as she is often in harmís way. Pray that the joy of the Lord will continually be her strength even when she sees young people dying without Christ, or those who are resistant to the Gospel.

-- Pray for Armenui as she translates and makes decisions regarding the Herald. Pray that she will have the ability to take the words in English and bring life to the Russian readers through the power of the Holy Spirit.

-- Pray for Alexander as he faithfully does the layout for the Russian Herald and serves as a consultant when theological questions arise. Pray for the Lordís blessing upon his family and his ministry.

-- Pray for the volunteers of the Ryazan Full Gospel Church as they help with the mailing of the Herald and assist Armenui financially.

-- Pray for more Russian pastors to write articles for the Herald, since many have been through persecution and are doing amazing things for God. Many have a heart to see revival in their nation.

-- Pray for a great harvest in Russia that will extend to her bordering nations and beyond with the light of Jesus Christ!