Message from the publisher:

News from the Herald Office...
 By Rich Carmicheal

    What a privilege it is for this ministry to share another issue of Herald of His Coming with you. The Herald staff is especially thankful for the opportunity to share Henry Blackaby’s message "Why Revival Tarries" which he delivered at the Heart-Cry For Revival 2004 Conference. This is a very significant and timely message coming from the heart of the Lord, and reveals His desire to arouse many of His people to renew or return to their first love for Him! Please join with us in praying for the Lord’s anointing on this printed version of the message as it makes its way into the hands and hearts of Herald readers throughout the world. We have printed extra copies of this issue, and will gladly send them out while supplies last. If you would like a copy or copies to share with others, please let us know when you write to the Herald office this month.

    Please also be in prayer for the Lord’s guidance and anointing as we transcribe, edit and share other Heart-Cry For Revival messages in upcoming issues of the Herald. Although only 500 people were able to attend the conference because of limited space, we rejoice that Herald of His Coming has the privilege to share these messages with thousands upon thousands of readers. The Lord shared a strong word through the conference, and we are trusting Him to speak powerfully through these printed messages as well!

    "Wilt Thou not revive us again, that Thy people may rejoice in Thee?" (Psalm 85:6).

An Update about the Herald Office Building…

    Thank you to all of you who have sent in special gifts to help reduce the mortgage on the new Herald office building. Last August this ministry was able to purchase the building for $84,000 and the mortgage as of this May was down to just under $67,000. Please join us in asking the Lord to help the ministry pay off the mortgage before August 2006 so that we can take advantage of the very low interest rate we have until that time. As I have mentioned before, we rejoice that the monthly mortgage payments are almost one-half of what we were paying in rent.

    The new building is working out very nicely for the ministry. The heating system worked very efficiently and economically this winter and we noticed a significant savings in utilities from our previous location. Now that summer is here, the staff and volunteers enjoy having windows that we can crank open to enjoy cool breezes and fresh air. The central air-conditioning is also very helpful for the workers and equipment on the warmer days.

    As I have shared previously, the building is rather small (about 2,900 square feet), and dealing with the limited space does take some creativity, especially at the beginning of each month when big shipments of Heralds and Heraldos are delivered from the print shop. The Lord has provided additional storage space, however, as Harvest Prayer Ministries is graciously allowing us to store some materials in one of their buildings, and a local print shop that prints Herald envelopes allows us to store materials there. Nevertheless, we do hope that in time the Lord makes a way for an addition to the building, possibly including an additional office, a prayer room, a work room, storage area and a more adequate loading/unloading area. In any event, we continue to praise the Lord for the building He has provided and the good economy related to it.

    Whereas the building we rented during the ministry’s first four years in Indiana was located on the main street in downtown Brazil, the new building is located on a side street in more of a residential setting. The exception to this is that just to the north of the Herald parking lot, the county is preparing to build a new jail. Please join us in praying that the Lord will give the Herald special opportunities to minister to those who will eventually be housed in this jail. Please pray also that the Herald staff will be a blessing to our neighbors as we seek to share the love of the Lord and the Word of the Lord with them.

    (Although the Herald office is located in Brazil, Indiana, we continue to use the Post Office box in Seelyville, Indiana.)

About the Folding Machine…

    We have mentioned previously the need for a replacement folding machine to fold 40,000 to 50,000 Herald papers each month. The folder is very important because the ability to fold the papers makes it possible for us to also prepare the mailings here, which, in light of volunteer help, results in considerable savings. We appreciate those of you who have offered help in the process of obtaining a folder through your prayers, your gifts, and for your suggestions of companies to contact. As of the time of this writing, we have located and plan to purchase a machine just like the one we have. Although this machine is outdated (like our current one), it is designed to do the very job we need it to do and is very inexpensive. As a matter of fact, it is the only inexpensive machine we have discovered that will do the job. Whereas other machines could cost as much as $15,000 to $20,000, we are able to purchase this one for $750 plus shipping costs. Actually, the company has two of these machines and we plan to purchase both of them. The second machine does not work, but will provide replacement parts for the first one. We are able to buy the second machine for an additional $250 plus shipping. Please pray that the Lord will help the transaction and delivery go well, and that He will help the "new" folder and the current folder run without any significant problems during the months and years to come (should the Lord tarry in His Coming). We plan to give you another update next month once the new machine is in operation.

    We praise the Lord that the current folder has been free from any major breakdowns even though we have folded about one million Heralds in it during the last two years. We also praise Him that when there have been minor problems with the machine, a Christian brother here in town has been able to repair them.

About the Staff…

    This summer, Adam and David, two of the young men who work part-time in the mailing department, will be moving away to attend college. Please be praying for these two as they begin this new phase of their lives. We praise the Lord for the wonderful help He has given to the Herald ministry through these young men. Both of them love the Lord and have a heart for service. We are eager to see how the Lord will continue to work in and through their lives.

About the Volunteers…

    The Lord continues to bless the Herald office with a wonderful group of volunteers. One day each month about 15-20 volunteers come to help mail out packages of Heralds, and throughout the month smaller groups come in to help mail the single copies of the paper. At least six different congregations are represented, and we are also receiving more volunteer help from the House of Hope, a local faith-based ministry that helps people with addictions and other problems find freedom through Christ. We also have recently made contact with some other friends who may begin to offer volunteer help.

May We Hear from You?

    Your letters to Herald of His Coming remind us of your partnership with this ministry and provide much encouragement for the work. We hope to hear from you soon. You are invited to write to:

Herald of His Coming
P.O. Box 279
Seelyville IN 47878 U.S.A.

A Special Offer...

    Recently, I took the opportunity to read again one of the most famous sermons ever preached, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" by Jonathan Edwards. Although the sermon was originally intended for the unconverted, I believe it is very helpful for believers to read for several reasons. For example, as it reminds us of the terrifying reality of the wrath of God upon sin, it can help us develop a greater sense of urgency to pray for the unsaved and to help the unsaved find mercy in the Lord to escape the condemnation that is already upon them and the judgment that inevitable awaits them if they do not turn to Christ for salvation from their sins. It can also help us develop a greater sense of appreciation for the salvation we have received through Christ. And, though some people believe the sermon is too strong on the wrath of God and too weak on the mercy of God, I believe the sermon reminds us that the mercy of God is at work this moment providing opportunities for salvation.

    If you have never read the sermon, I invite you to write to the Herald office and ask for a copy. Please mention the title or ask for Newsletter #49. You may write to:

Herald of His Coming
P.O. Box 279
Seelyville IN 47878 U.S.A.