HERALD INTERNATIONAL (Printing In Over Twenty Languages)

God At Work In Western Europe

    Recently the Herald International staff was privileged to spend time with Wolfgang Gerstenberg, of Germany, who oversees several Herald International editions in Europe. Here is his most recent report:

    "Thank you for all your prayers and your help concerning the work in Europe. The Lord allows us to still share the Gospel in great freedom. Every month approximately 200,000 Herald papers in German, Dutch, Italian and French leave our storage building. Moreover, we offer a number of books, brochures, tracts and stickers. Our youngest ‘baby’ is a Slovenian edition. Issues number 1 and 2 have already been sent to the small Balkan country. Number 3 is being prepared. This work needs particularly our prayers so that it can soon be done continuously. May God grant us eternal fruit. [There is more about this in column 3.]

    "People who are interested in our whole program and would like to read extracts of the different papers, those who would like to write us, or those who would like to place an order can do so by using our homepage: www.herold-schriftenmission.de.

    "Please pray especially for the young people in Western Europe who, to a great extent, know very little about the Gospel. The Lord has given us the favor that, for some time now, we can send the German edition to about 5,000 young people on a regular basis. We were also granted the opportunity to send the Herald to all Protestant and Catholic Churches in the former GDR (East Germany). Here we pray that pastors and priests make known the paper to their church members and that thus many Christians join the prayer for revival and are called to distribute the papers themselves.

    "God works through the Herald articles in Europe and beyond. Similarly to the English edition which reaches many readers in Nigeria and other African countries, the French edition is also read in many African countries. The Dutch papers find their way among others to Indonesia and Surinam and to the Antilles. Every paper edited by us is sent free of charge for the addressee.

    "The Lord makes unbelievers turn to Him and Christians give themselves anew to Him. He works through signs and miracles, strengthening the faith and the courage to share the Gospel. May the printed Word be confirmed by the Lord also in the future. We thank all those who stand by our side.

Please Pray for Herald Workers in Europe

    "Volker Waidler, Elisabeth Dyck, Ursula Staiger, Christiane Rohne as well as Wolfgang and Ilse Gerstenberg work in the central office located in Germany, and are grateful for your prayers. Fritz and Lenie Gillen, Margo and Alex Boymans, Alfred Funk and Gertie Nelissen work for the Dutch edition; Heidi Lombardi and Sylvia Fischer for the Araldo (Italian edition) and Denise Dzieniszewsik, Albert Arbogast and Danielle Pons for the Héraut (French edition). Andrea Schuster translates from English into German. We are all grateful if you take us before the Throne of the Lord and, in your prayers, think of us and our families. Pray also for Brother Veladzic in Slovenia."

    [Note: the German Herald also supports the work of the Russian Herald and the Tagalog Herald in the Philippines.]

Introducing the Nation of Slovenia (Slovenija) – home to the newest edition of the Herald International family

    Slovenia is the most affluent nation derived from the former Yugoslavia. While the Balkan ethnic conflicts of the 1990s destabilized Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia was spared involvement. Instead, Slovenes lived in relative peace and enjoyed living in a country where forests cover almost half of the land. Even their war for independence lasted only 10 days and shed no blood. This beautiful country, often called the "Sunny Side of the Alps," is considered one the "greenest" nations of the world and is heavily influenced by Austria and Germany. It utilizes a Slavic language based on the Latin alphabet and maintains a strong Roman Catholic tradition.

    Although 71% of Slovenes claim an affiliation with the Catholic Church, only 10% of those ever attend services. In 1991, Slovenia was rated right behind East Germany for the highest number of atheists. Out of a population of 2 million, there are only 700 known believers and only five small groups of Baptists. Most villages and many bigger cities have no evangelical witness. One of the biggest obstacles in witnessing is the prevalent atheism and the general sense of well-being due to affluence and the surrounding natural beauty.

    While Slovenia’s economy has notably developed since independence, evangelical church growth has been sluggish. Though the Roman Catholic Church maintains a prominent place in Slovene society, it does not dominate the religious scene as much as in some other European nations. There is potential for evangelism, and Slovene believers desire to win their countrymen to Christ, but many Slovenes are blinded by comfort and ease. They are not yet a seeking people and one of the biggest needs in the evangelistic effort is prayer to knock down the strongholds that keep them from recognizing their need for Christ. (Information from CEE.)

Prayer Needs

*Please be in prayer for the nation of Slovenia. Pray that this new Herald edition will help the Christian community to grow strong in the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray that atheists will come to know the truth of Christ Jesus, and that revival will break out in this nation.

*Please pray for the youth in Western Europe – that the eyes of their hearts would open to the Gospel, so that the Lord may receive great glory and honor.

*Pray for the Herald workers in Europe, named above. Pray for safety, health, and fruitfulness in their work. Pray for an expansion of the work in Europe, as hearts are opened and receptive to hear the Good News! Please pray especially for Wolfgang and Ilse Gerstenberg, as they shoulder most of the responsibility and oversight of the European editions.

*Please pray for continued expansion of the Herald International throughout Europe. May Jesus Christ be lifted up in every nation of this vast region.