Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I am one of those who have been benefited from the blessings of Herald of His Coming. I have been reading since 1990 from my friends until my friend subscribed me to get my personal copy. Herald of His Coming has been a very great contribution in growing me spiritually. As Paul said, somebody has sown the seed, the other has watered it, and God grew it. For me, Herald has watered my life and God is growing me regularly. You are not working for nothing. It has fruit…Furthermore I have two friends who have been blessed by the Herald messages, sometimes with our discussion of the ideas found from the Herald or by reading my copies. Now they are grown enough to read every month and are interested to own their own….


    I thank God for the work He is using Herald of His Coming to do in spreading His Gospel and reviving the believers, especially at this end-time when evils are multiplying at an alarming rate. Herald of His Coming, by the grace of God, has helped people like myself (a Christian by His grace) to learn how to walk in the path of righteousness….


    The Herald of His Coming journal that you send to me as a pastor, is very useful for our spiritual life. The Bible verses and articles in them stir our hearts and make us full of life…


    I am so blest to be able to get the anointed Herald of His Coming papers. They are very helpful to me, as I’m longing to be all that God will have me to be, and there are those who look to me for the Heralds from the package I receive. As I give them I ask that they won’t treat it as a common newspaper, but pass it on to someone who is interested in getting it. Thank you again for them….


    Thank you for your faithfulness in sending me regular copies of the Herald magazine. I cannot express how I have been tremendously blessed through the inspiring messages written by great men of God. Every time I read the pages, the core of my being becomes stirred and I am driven to my knees to prayer. I can confidently say that Herald of His Coming is a part of the reason for me having a successful walk with my dear Lord Jesus Christ. Truly God speaks in these paper preachers! I heard Him speak to me. Please be encouraged to continue sending me copies of Herald of His Coming regularly….


    I am a pastor in this city of Kampala, and I am so addicted to Herald of His Coming, for it brings revival and a stirring in my heart each time I read a copy that comes. Please keep sending me that copy. My church members are put on fire because of the Herald. Thank you and God bless you.


    I am grateful unto God for all the Herald magazines you have been sending to me. It has been a tremendous blessing to me as a person and to my ministry in the western part of Kenya. The Herald of this month has helped me much in preparing prayer points for the national prayer chains we are having, so please continue to send me this inspirational and blessed magazine. I am not in position to support you financially but be assured that I am standing with you in prayer. Herald of His Coming has increased my hunger and thirst for more of God. Thus revival has become an intense desire in me that is expressed through prayer. I praise God for such a ministry as the Herald. It is my prayer that its vision and goals be fulfilled, for we want a revival desperately.


    The articles in Herald of His Coming are so inspiring that they help me quite tremendously in constructing sermons. They are indeed a tool. Therefore, sir, do not deny me any copy.


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming. It is a great blessing to have a copy monthly. Each topic gives an inspiration, encouragement, challenges and anointing. It refreshes the soul. It also leads me to go into deep prayer. I pray that God would continually sustain you as you continue publishing and distributing this Gospel material. I am sending my donations in our local address of Herald here in the Philippines. Also please pray for our country that God would forgive our land and send us a true and great revival. Please continue sending me more copies. God bless!


    I receive Herald of His Coming every month, and I am always encouraged by the articles that I read there. It is almost three years since I started to receive Herald of His Coming, and I am revived by Herald. There was a time once when I was asking for the old paths, the old way of God. The only thing I could think of was Herald. I read all the articles about D. L. Moody, Charles Finney and many others. I was revived by what God did through them and that thing brought a spiritual hunger for the things of God. I am able to share with others the Word of God because of the motivation I get from Herald. The thing that I always pray for is that if God did it in the times of D. L. Moody and Charles Finney He can do it today….


    The Herald of His Coming has enlightened me very much and I can say that I am spiritually growing. The revival messages are very much encouraging people to turn. Only a few Sundays ago my pastor gave me a chance to stand in front of my Christian colleagues to proclaim the Gospel. The Herald of His Coming had this topic of "Turn to Me," which I proclaimed, and the Spirit of God was upon the church, because people showed that they have started to go astray but now they ought to turn! Glory to the Lord!


    I thank God for the ministry of Herald of His Coming. It is indeed a voice crying in the wilderness saying, "Prepare the way for His Coming!" It’s such an encouragement amidst compromise that God has raised a voice that can stand for the truth consistently. We thank God for the consistency that the Lord has given Herald of His Coming. All else will fail, but His Word forever is settled in Heaven!


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming. We are always blessed when we receive it and settle down to read it. We are pleased to be able to help to support this publication with this small offering. We pray it will be a blessing and a help to the ministry.


    I thank you for Herald of His Coming, that it encourages me about so many things. Friends, I love to hear from you sending Herald of His Coming. I like it…So many people of my friends like reading Herald of His Coming too. Please continue sending the Herald to help me grow in the Spirit and in the ministry of God….


    Herald of His Coming has helped me in my daily life. It caused several revivals and changes both in spirit and heart. The message I received from Herald of His Coming is a blessing to my family and friends, and it has given us a lot of challenges. I am grateful to you! I believe that the Herald helps me to grow deeper in my Christian life. Since I received the Herald for the past five years I have learned more obedience to the Holy Spirit and to listen to the soft, still voice of the Holy Spirit. I have learned to become obedient to the Word of God and not be a hearer of the Word only. So please do not drop me from the mailing list because I still need it.


    I am a reader of Herald of His Coming for more than a year. I wish to express my thanks to this paper on two points. First, as a local church leader, I used to handle the pulpit at times with difficulties. When I started reading the Herald, I have discovered a big improvement on my pulpit ministration. Secondly, I have got a good and clear idea from the Herald of what is meant by the judgment beginning in the House of God. I was thinking of a future act as far as this clause is concerned. I pray for the Herald many more years of existence and God’s richest revelation.


    May the Lord bless you as you distribute Herald of His Coming around the world. We continue to bless many Apache Indian homes here from the package we receive monthly, and I know that souls are tremendously fed and saved through this resource. His Word shall not return void. It shall accomplish that to which it is sent!


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming. The articles are a powerful help to me in my walk with the Lord.