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The Powerful Ministry of Arauto da Sua Vinda
(The Portuguese Herald)

    Chris Walker and his wife, Maristela, are the translators, editors and proofreaders for Arauto da Sua Vinda. Recently, Chris sent us this wonderful report that we would like to share with you:

    Brazil has always been an enormous challenge and a tremendous opportunity for the Church of Jesus Christ, given its territorial extension – almost half of South America (a little larger than the area of continental USA) – and its population of close to 180 million people.

    The last two decades have been years of explosive growth for evangelical Christians in this country. As a whole, the Church has increased at a rate three to four times higher than the population. In 1980, according to the official census data, only 6 to 7% of Brazilians (about 7 to 8 million people) identified themselves as evangelical Christians. Today, that number is up to 17%, or about 30 million people.

    The statistics sound tremendous (they really are!), and have caused an impact on Brazilian society and politics, and made repercussions around the world. Many people in other countries ask about the "revival" in Brazil, while evangelical leaders and Christians talk frequently about how the Church now has the potential to change the direction of this country, perhaps even to elect an evangelical President.

    Yet, as is true in many other countries where evangelical Christians have multiplied in numbers, the impact on society unfortunately has not been proportionate to the growth of the Church. Countless multitudes have turned from superstition and been liberated from bondages to drugs, alcohol, immorality and demonic, spiritual powers. The gospel they have turned to, however, is not usually focused on the Lordship of Jesus Christ and does not emphasize deep repentance or solid foundations on the Word of God. There is strong emphasis on what Jesus can do to set us free from bondage, sickness and poverty, but on the whole very little is said about sin, the nature of true repentance and conversion, and the grace that changes our whole self-centered, natural life style and leads us to offer ourselves unto God’s eternal purpose.

    Although there has also been an explosive increase in the number of evangelical magazines, periodicals and books, we get constant responses through the mail from people who find in the Arauto da Sua Vinda a kind of literature they don’t find elsewhere. Many pastors and leaders have testified how much the paper means to them, giving them inspiration and a vision of revival, prayer and knowing God and His Word that has greatly aided them in their ministry. One type of article that has brought the most response from readers has been biographies. Recent biographical sketches have included Daniel Nash, George Whitefield and Frances Ridley Havergal. Here are two examples of letters we have received:

    I came in contact with the Arauto for the first time today, and the articles were like fresh oil on my life. I can’t withhold the tears because of what God has spoken to me through the paper. I want to receive this paper to be able to bless other lives with these nuggets of gold that the Lord has reserved for those who belong to Him.

    – Joinville-SC – southern Brazil

    I was tremendously edified by the article on Daniel Nash, I had never read anything like this. God certainly has raised up the Arauto ministry to bring the word of truth to the Church in Brazil, the genuine authentic gospel, as in the early Church. I believe we are moving toward the great final harvest, where simple people will do wonderful signs and wonders. I have been walking with Jesus for eight years, coming from a life of addiction, crimes and dishonesty. And I want to tell you: I am passionately, extravagantly, in love with Christ!

    – São Paulo – SP – southeastern Brazil

    The latest printings of the Arauto have increased to 12,000 copies an issue, up from 10,000 and then 11,000 earlier this year. The Arauto is published six times a year.

    Most of the papers are distributed by mail or bulk subscriptions throughout the various regions and states in Brazil. However, almost 250 copies go to Portuguese readers in fifteen foreign countries including Africa, eight European countries, Latin America and North America.

    A recent and effective way of taking the Arauto messages to new readers is through the Internet (www.revistaimpacto.com/arauto). The web site in Portuguese with many of the former issues has had a good number of visitors, and our office gets an average of four to five requests per day to be put on the mailing list. This has substantially increased the number of people who receive the paper regularly.

Praise Items:

    - For the people who have written in, some from distant and isolated locations, to tell of how the Arauto messages have fed and inspired them in their prayer, evangelizing and preaching ministries.

    - For the new places and countries the Arauto has been able to reach.

    - For each person who has contributed in some way to this ministry.

Prayer Items:

    - For the ministry to become self-supporting, and that God would raise up prayer partners and people with a real burden to support the publication expenses of the Arauto.

    - For help to distribute the paper, and take it to churches and areas where no one is presently receiving it.

    - For God to move and stir the many new converts and growing churches throughout this large country, to seek Him for His presence and for a visitation that would go much deeper than ever seen before.

    - For God to raise up other workers to help with translation, editing, correspondence and other aspects of the ministry. At present, Chris and his wife, Maristela, are under a very heavy work load.

    - For God to provide better equipment for packaging (plastic film) and addressing the papers in a more efficient way; also for a new, more up-to-date computer for the office.

    Please pray about how you can become involved in the vital work of the Portuguese Herald. Perhaps you can be a prayer partner, a financial partner, or both. Currently, Arauto da Sua Vinda is funded by the United States Herald. Could your family, small group, Sunday school class or church help with a monthly gift towards this important work? Or, maybe you can meet the need they have for an updated computer. Please prayerfully consider getting involved in encouraging and strengthening the Portuguese speaking believers by becoming a partner in the work of Arauto da Sua Vinda.