Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I am a university student and have been receiving Herald of His Coming. It has been a great pointer and has helped me immensely to recognize and keep my focus on what the essence of true ministry is, and the cost of discipleship. The article on "A Christ Awakening and the Struggle of Prayer" has created a shift in my thinking toward "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." I read that one article just about the whole month. The thing I appreciate most about the Herald is that it is not milk, but solid food (Heb. 5:14), and that is what a growing body needs to grow right. It’s not just messages that appeal to a lukewarm soul, but the very words of God that pierce even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow, judging the thoughts and intents of the heart….


    Herald of His Coming brings me closer and deeper into God’s Word. The congregation also like Herald of His Coming, specially our youth. Some of them are growing higher and higher and gain deep understanding how to stand upon our Lord’s Words and how to live the holy life. The Herald has changed their standards of life and strengthened their faith. I would like to thank Herald more and more. It is very useful to the people who want to know more Gospel teaching in the truth of Herald of His Coming….


    I am 73 and a caregiver of two of my children. However, I broke my leg so my Down’s Syndrome daughter on oxygen is placed in respite care till I recover. Instead of being the caregiver, I am the one being cared for so have lots of time to read, which has been a refreshing time spiritually. I especially enjoyed the January issue of Herald of His Coming. Parts of it I have read four or five times. Others who come to visit are also blessed as I share with them the vital message that we so need in this "age of apostasy" in many of our evangelical congregations and Christian homes.

    As A. B. Simpson said, may we become so fascinated with Christ’s affection and so won in complete captivity to His love that we cease to live unto ourselves, and our hearts will be so satisfied with Him that we cannot speak or think of sacrifice or suffering, like the Apostle Paul. Thank you again for this ministry….


    Thank you for the monthly issues of Herald of His Coming that you tirelessly continue to send to me. I have been a student in a college in eastern Ethiopia and now I have finished my course. I am working in a health center. The message of Herald has over and over continued to be a great encouragement to me, lifting me out of several pits of life. Always I have been encouraged, counseled and challenged in my relationship with Jesus Christ as I read the Herald. Herald did a great deal in our fellowship and individual lives, and I have continued to re-read my old Heralds and been blessed again and again….


    I would like to continue receiving Herald of His Coming as it has been a tremendous blessing to myself, my family, our home group and the church. Words are not enough to express to you the value of Herald of His Coming personally and as a ministry tool…


    I would like to give praise to God, for God planted such kind of ministry as Herald of His Coming in our land to feed believers spiritually, and I pray in Jesus’ name for God to bless you and the ministry. I write this letter from Eritrea. It is where many churches are closed. Most programmes run in homes secretly. As a result the life of most believers is affected adversely due to deficiency of spiritual diet, including myself. I request to enlist me as one of your members, and pray for our country to allow evangelism and have peace, as it has passed through successive destructive war that lost tens of thousands of lives….


    I am happy that I read the Herald of His Coming magazine from my friend. I read many testimonies in their lives that they are saved and healed through the working power of God and moving of the Holy Spirit and revival. Hallelujah! I give thanks to you for this magazine, to make me happy and experience more what the Lord has done in our lives, His great and mighty miracles to save, and heal the people and answering our prayers. I am a Sunday school teacher. The Herald is useful for my life. It has the good inspiration for spiritual growth. My desire is to do much more for the Lord, and to teach His Word. Thank you….


    Herald of His Coming is such a dynamic message, inspiring, challenging and affirming. I appreciate the truth in these articles, more specially that teach on prayer. I am so blessed to receive these life-changing messages from you. Through the Herald you have been sending, I’ve seen a change in my life.

    Pray with me for the villages in the northwest of our country. Not many men of God want to plant churches in these areas, maybe due to the fact that they are remote areas. Please stand with me in prayer that God may shower revival in this area and in Botswana at large….


    Do not rub my name on the list of those receiving Herald of His Coming. It has been my precious pastor since I received it. It helped also to grow the congregation I pastor spiritually….


    Thank you for the Heralds I receive regularly. They are really stirring, keeping me alert. Some say it is near the Lord’s coming and there is little we can do about the situation in the church. I believe while there is yet time, we can be revived, and encourage and stir up others….


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming, a paper which is so touching, teaching, blessing and encouraging. I tell you, many are so blessed with this paper. I am always remembering you in my daily prayers. I am also pleased to let you know that I have a big prayer cell here which also remember you in prayer for the job you are doing….


    Herald of His Coming helps us in our ministry. In our life this is like water for the thirsty, which gives us new strength for our soul. So many Scriptures are clear and every article in the Herald is useful in our ministry. Sometimes I do not want to leave the paper down….


    Thank you for sending me the Herald of His Coming. I have received the magazine for almost a year now. I have been so blessed and inspired by this special magazine. It has been used by the Lord to wake me up from my spiritual slumber and prayerlessness. It has made me to start to pray for revival in Nigeria and the entire world. Thank you so much. I pray for you often….


    I am glad for the Herald of His Coming you have been sending to me. They have been of great help to my spiritual growth and they have challenged me to seek earnestly after God, who has in turn revealed to me His calling for me in the ministry. In this regard I am pursuing theological training, so keep up these anointed messages. I am grateful that the Lord has prepared and is preparing us to do exploits for His Kingdom in these last days when sinners are extremely sinful and a lot of weeds in the Lord’s Garden (His Church). But despite all this, God’s solid foundation in righteousness will stand to the end!


    I would like to express my appreciation and thanks for the Herald of His Coming magazines every month. May the Lord richly bless you and expand the ministry. The Herald magazine has been helping me in my Christian life. It always puts me on fire, especially in my prayer life….I am praying for you….


    Thank you for your faithfulness to the Word of God. My husband and six children need salvation and deliverance from drugs and alcohol. I have been standing alone over forty years. I could not have done it without Herald of His Coming. Please pray for us.


    We love Herald of His Coming so much. Since we are both 90 plus years, I [the wife] can’t get out to church, and Herald of His Coming is such a blessing to me. Then I pass it on to my friends. Sometimes I give the papers to my pastor, especially those on revival and prayer. My heart is broken because our church never sees any saved. We surely need prayer….


    It was eight years ago this month that I rededicated my life to Jesus Christ. The Herald of His Coming has been a valuable tool in my spiritual growth. I enjoy and appreciate each and every issue. Please continue to send the Herald and I will continue to pray and ask the Father to bless you as you bless others. Thank you.