December 2003 Issue
Preparation For Revival
By Charles H. Spurgeon
Praying For Revival
By Dave Butts
Useful To The Master Through Holiness
By Rich Carmicheal
The Desperate Man
By James N. Jidov
Am I Seeking Revival In My Own Life?
By Aletta N. Jacobsz
It Is Time To Seek The Lord
By W. C. Moore
The Key To Personal Revival - Confession Of Sins
Author Unknown, From an early Herald of His Coming paper
“Only Acknowledge Thine Iniquity”
By E. E. Shelhamer
The Sin Of Prayerlessness
By Andrew Murray
Keeping Faith With God And Your Marriage Partner
  (How to Guard Yourself in Your Spirit)
By Kim Butts
Will You Help Make 2004 A Year Of Prayer For Revival
By Lois J. Stucky
"A Praying Heart"
Herald International – Prayer For The Nations
News and Prayer Briefs
Out of Mail Box 279