Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I am serving the Lord Jesus Christ in the French zone of Cameroon as a Baptist pastor. It is predominantly Moslem populated zone—about 75% Moslem, 15% Christians and 10% animist. Herald of His Coming is a burning fire in my life. I sleep with it, having read and prayed. I use it for my devotions and sharing with friends, Christians and non-Christians. I use valuable materials for a tour message with success and wonderful inspiration…My soul, my life, have been blessed by this precious messenger to God’s glory….With my position being very precarious, I plead for a continued supply of the Herald’s rich and precious messages to continue to spark my life, light my soul and let me be of help to others to take Jesus as their Lord and Saviour from their sins as I did. I’m a live and a hot coal for the Master. Pray as we witness by tracts, Gospel messages and Gospel songs and testimonies that God open their hearts, especially our Moslem brothers to repent…


    As you may know, churches in Eritrea are being closed and believers are relying on cell programs and teaching. Although it is difficult to do regularly in home cells, we are managing to do programs by shifting from one cell to other like nomadic people. Moreover, believers are relying on these devotionals and spiritual materials like Herald of His Coming for their spiritual growth and strength. Spiritual materials like Herald are so tremendously helpful in a situation we are in, and I am receiving it since 1997 onwards. I am grateful for Herald of His Coming ministry. God is faithful to keep His people by sending servants like you. We people of Eritrea are praying that the government open the churches. Please pray for us also.


    Please keep on sending me the copies of this very spiritual nourishing Herald of His Coming. I work in a very hard and stressful location and I distribute all those copies that you send me to very needy people. This is in a war torn part of Africa and I can assure you that there is no other form of reading material that can be found in this country. I and the few of them who are mostly young men in school who can read, always look forward to every copy of the Herald. It cannot even be mailed to them directly as there is no form of network, and can only come via the humanitarian NGO operating from neighbouring country. I work for this organisation. Thank you and God keep on blessing you all in the Herald office. May He also continue to give you wisdom and more materials to quench the thirst for God’s message.


    I want to thank you at Herald of His Coming for the encouragement the messages give to us readers. We have called for a day of prayer in the church in Hartlepool for revival. We need God to come and revive His people again! God continue to bless the Herald work.


    I’m thankful for sending to me Herald of His Coming every month. To be sincere, it has been a blessing to me, and even to my entire family. Its teachings have equipped me much spiritually. Even through its enlightenments it has made me to start home church and also brethren prayer fellowship. So I’m eagerly looking forward to receive the Herald. I pray day by day for the ministry….


   Thank you for your commitment and dedication to send me Herald of His Coming for over six years. Every one of the issues has challenged me to be more committed to the Lord for His call on my life. At present I am a deacon in our church, and use Herald to prepare my sermon. I have ministry with believers in the town and outside. I also intercede for the various prayer requests in the News and Prayer Briefs section of the Herald and this has encouraged and built my prayer life. Thank you for the Herald of His Coming that you send each month. I will enclose my offering to the local office here in Guyana.


    Thank you for continually in season and out of season supplying this most precious Herald of His Coming to me. It has uplifted me in different categories and has changed my Christian life tremendously. God’s Word is really active, living and sharper than a double-edged sword…Over here at our church we are experiencing a revival in which the Holy Spirit has revived so many souls from just being dormant Christians. Thank God that our morning prayers were only 5 people used to attend, have seen up to ¾ of the church coming to pray early in the morning. We’ve actually altered the time of prayers. It used to be 5 a.m.—6 a.m., but now it’s 4 a.m.—6 a.m. Glory be to our God who has nothing impossible in front of Him!….


    Once again I wish to express my gratitude to you about how Herald of His Coming has been helping me. I have been receiving this spiritual news for over two years, and each time I receive, my heart overflows with joy. I have learnt many things I never knew before. Many a time I become somehow discouraged for praying for so many years about revival, especially in our land which is so much infested with poverty and political problems, and yet nothing seems to be happening and things keep on getting worse. In the midst of my bothering and discouragement, the Herald of His Coming came to stir a new kind of faith in me and to keep believing in God for victory, so I strongly believe that it is God who connected me to Herald of His Coming so that I can champion a course of God in our land. Please continue sending to me because the Herald has helped me and many others in my area….


    I’ve just received my Herald of His Coming for the month of June and in it was attached a letter telling me it was the last issue you were sending to me. I need the Herald. Please do not remove me from the mailing list. I live in a part of China where the authorities really restrict Christian activity and the Herald has been my only source of encouragement. I wrote to you sometime last year, but maybe you never got my mail. Thanks a lot for the Herald ministry. I’m sure you’ll never know how many people are blessed by the Herald, but know that I’m one of those blessed ones….


    Thank you for all the mails sent to me. Indeed it is a joy to hear from you. The Herald of His Comings are so much life touching, most especially in a time like this when our world is turning her back on God. Anytime I receive the Herald materials all that I can say is thanks be to God. These issues have all added more courage to my living for Christ Jesus…Friends, please remember us and pray for our dear country Liberia, that God’s will be done. Pray for our youth, both boys and girls, for many are going their own ways, not seeking the will of God for their lives. No fear for God. As a young man I sometimes cry when I see how life is going on today in my country. What I can do is to pray to God and live His life by His grace….


    The Herald has continued to be a great inspiration to my Christian life. The depth of spiritual content is greatly appreciated in a day when nominal Christianity is only skin deep. We need teaching that penetrates to the heart! A young brother in our church would like to receive the Herald. I have written his address on the back of this letter. Thanks. Please find enclosed a donation to assist in sending out the Herald for hungry souls. God has blessed us and we want to bless the Herald with a gift. Keep up the good work.


   Greetings to you in the great Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, from Russia! I am very grateful to you for Herald of His Coming, which I received for a few years. The Herald comes as a good guest to my house, a guest from God! I ask you to not remove my name from the mailing list. I should like to receive and read the Herald in the future, too. Thank you, and may God richly bless you.


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming you have been sending me this year. You have no idea how much insight I find in the Herald. I cancelled our household newspaper and magazine subscription and now all that we read is Herald of His Coming. It is amazing the refreshing presence that you can find yourself in when the Lord Himself enjoys what you are reading because it is drawing you near to Him…I am sharing my copies with the whole family and they are certainly meeting needs…I will be honored to send financial contributions as the Lord blesses me, and I will continue to keep you in prayer.