...The Herald Is Moving To A New Building!

    In an effort to practice good stewardship, the Herald ministry has just purchased a building from a church to serve as the new office for Herald of His Coming. It is located just a few blocks from the current Herald office and is a simple, rectangular, single story building that was built in 1974. We praise the Lord for opening the way for the purchase of this building for several reasons including:

    - Mortgage payments will be about one-half of what we currently pay for rent ($511/month mortgage versus $1,000/month rent).
       However, we hope to be able to pay extra each month in order to pay off the mortgage as soon as possible.
    - Utility bills will be considerably less.
    - The building is in very good condition and will require very little work before we move into it.
    - There is a good parking area which will be very helpful for staff and volunteers as well as for deliveries and shipments.

    The building is, however, smaller than the one we currently rent about 2,900 square feet versus 4,000 square feet. Therefore, we will need to tighten the office and mailroom space, and make arrangements for some storage area for supplies of Heralds, classic books, salvation papers and other materials. We pray that in time the Lord will make a way for an addition of about 1,000 square feet that would provide two additional rooms (one for office use and one for multi-purpose use), additional mailroom space, a storage area for Herald materials and a more adequate entrance for loading and unloading Herald shipments. In the meantime, we are prepared to use the space the Lord has provided as efficiently as possible.

    We plan to move into the new Herald office in November or early December. Until that time, we are allowing the church to remain in the building as they are in the process of building a new one. This works fine for us since the lease on the current office building is in effect until the end of December. We praise the Lord that three local churches and one local ministry have offered to supply trucks, trailers and manpower to help when the time comes for the move!

    For those of you who may be interested in the purchase amount, we were able to buy the building for $84,000, making a 10% down payment and financing the rest. We are looking to the Lord to be able to pay off the mortgage within a 3-year period to take advantage of the very low interest rate we were able to obtain for that 3-year period.

    The purchase of this building and the plan for an addition is a big step of faith for this ministry. Could you step out in faith with us? Your prayers and special gifts will be very much appreciated.