Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I am glad that you have been sending copies of Herald of His Coming all this time. Herald has been a source of encouragement to me, especially on the issue of repentance and revival. It has been an eye-opener on very crucial matters of Christian faith. Some of these truths I have never been taught since my church doesn’t have a pastor. The leadership of the church is where one pastor is in charge of six churches!

    My spiritual life has changed since reading the Heralds, and I am being refined for the glory of God. Many of my friends have derived great benefit from the Herald and are now encouraged. Please continue sending me the copy as I am interested in it and reading it for devotion purposes and growth in Christianity. The "Pray!WORLD" calendars have been of great importance, and at one time I translated it and printed it in my mother tongue for the older church members, and they were greatly encouraged to pray….


    I started receiving Herald of His Coming some few months ago through an unknown friend. I think it’s God who made that person think of doing that for me. Herald of His Coming has been very useful to me, especially in Bible studies. Anytime I read this paper I realise the need to be steadfast in the Lord and to remain in His vineyard. As the Word says in Matthew 6:33, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you." It’s therefore necessary to apply whatever we read in our daily lives so that God’s promises will also befall us. I’m writing to thank you for the work you’re doing and also to thank whoever has made it possible for me to receive this blessed paper….


    I have thoroughly enjoyed the rich teaching in Herald of His Coming over the last couple of years. In particular, the challenging articles on prayer have truly inspired me to draw closer to my God. Could you also please send Herald of His Coming to the four addresses below?….


    Saints of the Most High, keep up the good work. I share the Herald of His Coming papers with other children of God, and at times we get together and pray. Thank you for the written Word, which is very pure, which causes us to have spiritual hunger and a deeper thirst for the things of God. By His grace we shall drink and drink until the thirst in our spirit is quenched….


    I am the current chairman of "New Life for All Fellowship" in this zone. This is a ministry that has zones throughout Malawi. Our aim is to reach the remote parts of our country and train the converts to be disciples. This is not an easy job, as we contend with nominal Christianity. This is not a job for malnourished workers. This is why I need the nourishment from Herald of His Coming papers, which drive me to the Bible and teach me to trust the ever-loving and faithful Lord Jesus Christ. Please continue sending me the paper….


    Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We do pray for you. Please continue to pray for us here. You are really blessing us with Herald of His Coming. We feel greatly encouraged. We are using the messages we get in our churches. We are using it even in our Bible studies. Please send some Salvation papers. We gave many tracts in the villages. We are going to pitch tents. We are going to hold youth conference in September….


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming. When I first read the paper I found it difficult to relate to the style of the paper as it is all text, but when I had a relationship problem and left my family a few months ago, I read it more fervently. It spoke to me very clearly about coming into God’s will. Soon I obeyed God and started to restore my relationship. I am now reconciled and living with my family again. God is using me more in His service, and I now always find an article in Herald of His Coming that speaks directly to me….


    I have the pleasure to express my heartfelt gratitude for what God has done and is still doing in my life through the soul-enriching Herald of His Coming. I thank God for what He is doing through this ministry in preparing His children for His Second Coming. I am particularly grateful for the spiritual impact the Herald had made in my life since I started receiving it last year.

    The first edition I received came at the time I was experiencing serious spiritual crisis, when my spiritual life was going through the downward scale. The Herald came as heaven-sent rescuer and restorer of my soul, and re-directed my focus back to the Lord. I am grateful for the edition of each month to keep fanning the flame. It is my earnest prayer that God will use this ministry the more to wake up many of His children that are slumbering and those that are fast asleep, especially at this last of the last days. I hope to keep in touch with you always. Thanks and God bless!


    I have read every copy of the Herald that you have sent me. They have encouraged me and I will ever continue to need these copies, especially now that I have been transferred to another town. Most of my weekends I will be travelling and hence fail to attend proper church services. That’s why I think the Herald is now especially more important to me than at any other time. I need Herald because it has a message which is not found in the majority of our church services, where the attention has shifted from a coming Savior to whom we all are accountable. I’m a father of one and have enjoyed the articles on "Our Children and Youth for God." My son is still very young, but once he is old enough I pray the Lord will help me live a practical life that he will learn the ways of the Lord from me, his father. I wish to be a practical example so that my children will know right from their youth that it is an honourable thing to live for God. As a father, I wish to be my children’s hero in fearing the Lord…..


    I praise God that I’m privileged to be receiving and reading the various Herald articles. They are very inspiring and uplifting to my soul. I look forward every month to receiving it. Please accept a donation though small, towards the postage to meet others.



Thank you for sending the paper Herald of His Coming. It is a constant source of enrichment and encouragement to me. When I have read it, I send it to the prison here in Barbados for the inmates to read and be encouraged. Correspondence from the prison to me stated that it is placed in the Library each month for the inmates to read and appreciate. Thank you so much. My prayer is that the seed planted in the prison would bear much fruit.


    Thanks for Herald of His Coming. Please continue to send me this magazine. I need it a lot. There’s no Christian articles in our country. Bookstores are only available in big cities and the books are expensive. We are not allowed to publish the Christian articles. Please keep me in the mailing list….


    Thank you again for another encouraging Herald. When the world seeks to distract me with my work issues, the Herald puts back the fire to see revival….


    We were away from the college for field training and practicals. Before departing I picked up a copy of the Herald and kept it in my little suitcase. Brethren, that copy, along with my Bible, was a source of streams of waters that flowed to cool my soul in the wilderness. When I came back to the college, among the first things I wanted to do was go and pick up my Heralds. Thank you for being faithful in and out of season. As the Holy Spirit prompts, we pray for you. Please, if there is any material that can help me in witnessing and sharing the Gospel, send me copies….


    Keep up the good work! We love Herald of His Coming and the no-compromise articles, the Gospel of Righteousness and not the Gospel of Happiness. Thank you for the truth.


    This letter is to give absolute thanks in Christ Jesus for providing me and all other inmates at this correctional institution with such blessed information concerning the true Word of God, the Holy Scriptures. We are very grateful for the Herald ministry, and every month we await the Herald of His Coming as new babies in Christ. Thank you for remembering those behind bars with faith in Christ Jesus….


    Please send six copies of newsletter No. 20, "Prayer Must Have Priority." I would like to share with others as you suggested. I look forward to the Herald of His Coming. I save them and reread again and again, the Holy Spirit giving me insight with each reading. Thank you!