HERALD INTERNATIONAL (Printing In Over Twenty Languages)

Tribute To The Passing Of Godís Honored Servants

    We want to remember some honored servants of the Lord this month. In the nations of India and Pakistan, the Lord has recently taken four Herald International co-workers home to glory. As you read of their service to the kingdom of God, would you join us in giving thanks to Him for their lives and sacrifice in the work of the Herald?

    Y.K. Shimray, editor of the Tangkhul Naga Herald in India, passed away on July 18, 2002. Brother Shimray had translated, duplicated and distributed the Tangkhul Naga edition of the Herald in the state of Manipur in Northeast India since 1981. During the 1980s, he became a pastor to one of the largest churches in Manipur, stating that his work with Herald of His Coming was what God used to prepare him for ministry. Tangkhul Naga Herald has been printed using a cyclostyle duplicator purchased by Herald readers. Brother Shimray has endured many difficult times brought on by political unrest, which has resulted in disruption of the postal service, telephone communication and travel, and the scattering of Christians in his language group to other states outside of Manipur. Praise God, his faithfulness and vision remained strong, and his commitment to publish the Tangkhul Naga Herald was unwavering. Unfortunately, his death has left a sad void, as there is presently no one to continue the work. Would you pray that the Lord will raise up someone to carry on?

    Brother B.R. Lance, the editor of the Hindi Herald, passed away on May 15, 2003. B.R.ís work with the Herald began about 1977 in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. A man of prayer, and the pastor of the Bethel House of Prayer Church, Brother Lance has been faithful through the years, even though enduring health problems for many years. We are pleased to announce that B. R. Lanceís son, Reverend Barnabas N. Lance, has been led of the Lord to carry on the work. Please praise God with us. The Hindi translation is important, Hindi being one of the official languages of India along with English.

    In the spring of 2003, Brother G.C. Bellikatti, long-time editor of the Kanarese Herald in India, passed away. He began this work in the early 1960s and was able to continue for a number of years. A lapse in printing occurred, but a few months ago God provided a new editor, Mr. K. Franklynn Jayaraj. Brother Jayaraj wrote recently, "Kindly pray that God may show mercy towards my state of Karnataka, for Kanarese speaking Christians. Let the fire of God fall upon them that they may get revival!"

    We thank Dr. D. S. Spurgeon for his help in contacting the editors in India, and helping to keep the work of the Herald moving forward. As editor-in-chief of India Heralds, he has played a major role in seeing that the work of those who have passed on is continued.

    Emanuel Chandi, editor of the Urdu Herald in Pakistan, died on June 21, 2003. We praise the Lord that his son, Robert Chandi, desires to continue the work of which his father assumed editorship around 1990. Approximately 5,000 copies of the Urdu Herald are distributed each month in Pakistan. Christians are a small minority in this Muslim area of the world. They cannot witness openly, and often face much persecution. The Urdu Herald is supported by Herald readers in Canada. We praise God for Robert and his desire to carry on this important work.

    We give God the glory for the lives of His saints who have passed on, but whose faithfulness has touched the lives of countless Christians in India, Pakistan and beyond! May each be thrilled to hear these precious words from our Lord: "...Well done, good and faithful servant..." (Matt. 25:23).

First Myanmar (Burmese) Herald Edition Now in Print!

    Praise God with us! In response to much prayer, and your generosity, sufficient gifts were received to launch the first Myanmar edition of Herald of His Coming. Please know that without the continued support by you, this edition cannot be published indefinitely. We humbly ask those of you with a heart for the Myanmar people to give regularly and generously to allow this new paper to continue. Brother Van Cung Tum has faithfully worked to translate and publish this new edition, along with the Hakha Chin Herald, which he began publishing in 2002. Could you, your church, your small group or Bible study consider funding this important work? Your generosity of heart will greatly enhance the work, and allow it to expand throughout the nation of Myanmar, and surrounding nations.

    There are millions of lost souls who need the life-giving message of the Gospel. Revived Christians are key to reaching these lost multitudes. The Myanmar Heraldís revival ministry can play an important part in reaching that nationís lost multitudes. Will you help so that this ministry might continue and even expand? Perhaps your church would "adopt" the Myanmar people who are within the reach of the ministry of Brother Van Cung Tum and the Bible college students and colleagues which he directs, as they translate and distribute Herald of His Coming. For further information as to how you can pray and contribute to the needs of the new Myanmar Herald, or any of the other international editions, please contact the U.S.A. office.

Praise God!

- For the lives and ministries of Herald International editors who have recently gone to be with the Lord. Praise God also for those who are carrying on the work of these honored servants.

- For all Herald International editors and workers who continue to offer heartfelt service to the Lord and His people.

- For His provision through financial gifts that have allowed for a new edition to be published in the Myanmar language. We rejoice that thousands who have never had the opportunity to have access to Christian literature like the Herald will grow in the knowledge and wisdom of the Lord.

- For the provision of a laptop computer by a Herald friend for the work of Zenny Sarmiento in the Philippines.

Please Pray!

- That the Lord will greatly multiply the legacy left by Y.K. Shimray, B.R. Lance, G.C. Bellikatti, and Emanuel Chandi.

- That an editor will be raised up to continue the work of the Tangkhul Herald in Manipur State of Northeast India.

- That every co-worker in the Herald ministry all over the world will be encouraged, protected from the attacks of the enemy, and have every need met to the glory of God!