Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    No words could express my deep gratitude to you and the ministry of Herald of His Coming for the assistance you’ve been giving me by sending the papers. I’ve been receiving for over 12 years now. Through the Herald my prayer life has been changed, and I being a young pastor, the papers have helped me a lot and the church as a whole. I use the materials in prayer meetings and in the church. I’ve been in rural areas pastoring churches, helping new converts grow spiritually. The Herald magazine is my help, and here in this urban area the church I’m pastoring is a new church. God is with us and people have seen God working. God richly bless Herald of His Coming staff for printing the truth. Drop me not from the mailing list.


    I was on Herald of His Coming mailing list many years ago. The articles were a huge source of inspiration and knowledge. The Herald was a big part of my spiritual growth and maturity. It is a very inspirational magazine. Its message never failed to touch me deeply for God. I have grown spiritually through its eternal messages and would like to again be on the mailing list….May the Lord richly bless you all.


    The blessings which I have received through the Herald of His Coming cannot be overemphasized. The blessings are priceless. I have been taught not to be wearied, to pray the more, to evangelize the more, to be holier than before, to have more consecration to God and His service, and even go to perfection. I am grateful for demonstrating God’s love and care toward me for my spiritual growth. I would be glad if you continue sending me Herald of His Coming monthly….


   I am enclosing a cheque to show my appreciation for Herald of His Coming. As a licensed lay preacher, part of the hospital chaplaincy, intercessor, and part of the pastoral care team – I am still learning, and Herald of His Coming plays a part of that in my day to day living for the Master. Herald of His Coming is indeed a blessing.


    We enclose a cheque toward the work that you do in printing Herald of His Coming. We thank you sincerely for sending them to us faithfully. We are challenged and blessed through reading them. We pass some of them on to other believers in Christ. May God continue to bless and anoint the printed page.


    I am receiving the Herald of His Coming for a few months now. It has been a blessing to me. It has Spirit-filled and life-transforming messages. Whenever I read the articles I feel a fresh fire of zeal and commitment to follow Jesus, to love Him and to love all mankind. Thank you! Keep spreading the Gospel. The world needs Jesus to bring a change in their lives….


    I greet you in Jesus’ name. The Herald magazine has taught me and our church at large much on Christian living and a close walk with the Lord. By the use of the Herald messages we have a powerful prayer group in the church and much is being accomplished through that ministry. Recently I received the Right Choice Salvation paper to share with the unsaved, and it has done a great job. I have photocopied more issues to share out and more is needed….May the Herald of His Coming live to nourish and impact the Word of God to many hungry and thirsty souls….


    May God bless you for sending me for several years a copy of Herald of His Coming. It helps me in my ministry and personal life. It revives my soul and encourages me to serve my Lord. It comforts me so many times. Excuse me that I didn’t write back to you. I want to continue to receive the blessed Herald of His Coming. I can’t send money to you for the sake of my income, but I will pray for the Herald of His Coming….


    Please never drop my name from the mailing list. The Herald papers are very useful to my life and the congregation I am leading. Through the Lord the Herald has uplifted my spiritual life. My old self has been transformed and now I am a new creation!…


    Thank you most sincerely for sending me the Herald regularly over the past ten years. It has been a blessing to me, and now I thirst and hunger and yearn for it like my physical food because it is infinitely nourishing....A while ago I drew extensively on "Prayer as Intimacy with God" when I was preparing a message for my local congregation at the University here. Glory to God!


   Please do not remove my name from Herald of His Coming mailing list. The Herald is a tool I cannot do without in my teaching work in my church. I use the topics in Herald as a guide to teach the Bible. I have also grown spiritually from the lessons in the Herald, especially the topic on being a part of God’s Emergency Prayer Network. I taught my co-workers on prayer burdens….


    Please accept our heartfelt thanks for the monthly Heralds which you have tirelessly sent to us. Our spiritual life plus our neighbours’ who read the Heralds along with us, is continuously nourished by the contents of the messages. In this part of Africa it is not simple to get the type of literature which you send to us proclaiming Christ’s coming, and it is our sincere prayer that God blesses you for ever and ever. Please keep us on your mailing list. Thank you….


   I’m so much blest by Herald of His Coming ministry of Jesus Christ, and I’m very thankful to everyone of you in nurturing my soul. Christ gives me a continuing life of service, seeking the lost sheep and caring for the 99 left. How I wish to receive the newsletter no. 37. My congregation will be more favored if they could also receive such from you. I’m sending address….Again, my deepest thanks to all of you.


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming copies you have been sending to me for many years. The messages in the papers have been of great use and help to me in the preaching and teaching ministry. I use some of the materials in the teaching services in churches and recently at a secondary school. Please keep on sending the Heralds to me.


   I can’t thank you enough for the great things God is doing in my life, home, and ministry through the ministry of Herald of His Coming. May God continue to strengthen you…My offering for what you are doing is my sincere prayers that God supply your needs. I believe that soonest I will be able to do more than this.


    I thank you for the most inspiring Herald of His Coming. It’s a divine diet for my soul, strengthening food, and increases pure and spiritual power so I can stand firmly during these days of trouble. I need it most during these days of tribulation. I again thank you that you send me all issues of Herald of His Coming. I always pray for you and the Herald. May our Heavenly Father bless you and your worldwide ministry abundantly….


   I praise the Lord for Herald of His Coming. This paper and the messages of the Word of God have helped transform me. I was reading the issue of September 2003 and was truly blessed. In Luke 16:8, Jesus said that the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of Light. The people of darkness seek so wisely and diligently to do evil and plan and scheme. Myself, I don’t want the Lord to say that the workers of darkness are more diligent, more wise than me!

    I write in hopes I can receive the book in magazine format, "Learning Obedience." I don’t want to be obedient in a religious way as the Pharisees were. But I want to be obedient from my heart with love….Keep pressing in. Keep spreading the Word. Keep walking in love. And I will keep you before the Throne of Grace.


   Yes, please continue sending ten copies of Herald of His Coming monthly. You won’t hear from my mother – she is now 104 years old. I am her daughter and I now distribute the copies. We live together. She enjoys receiving the Herald. She still reads, does puzzles, etc. Of course, she reads her Bible! Praise God!


    God is blessing! I can’t thank Him enough for how He is strengthening me through Herald of His Coming. Every issue I get has something special for me at the time I receive it. The Lord knows always what His people need. Keep me in prayer and on the mailing list, please. I continue to pray for the Herald ministry.


    I am so pleased with Herald of His Coming. I read it out loud to my husband (we are older seniors). I share with other seniors. It gives hope. We know God is working and wants to do a work among us. With so much trash in the world, Herald is rain refreshing. Thank you. Keep going forward...