HERALD INTERNATIONAL (Printing In Over Twenty Languages)

Pressing On Ė For The Day Is Approaching!

    Through the years Herald of His Coming has been blessed to partner with dear saints in many countries around the world in a sincere effort to make disciples for Christ in "all nations" Ė a vision that Christ Himself sets before us (Matt. 28:19). As we see the day approaching when Christ will return, we are inspired to press zealously on in helping to fulfill this passion for which He sacrificed His life.

    This month our thoughts are drawn especially to saints with whom we partner in East Africa, and in Kenya in particular. A good number of letters come to Herald of His Coming from Kenya evidencing hearts of warmth and dedication to the Lord Jesus. Writers express an eagerness to learn more of their Lord and they share of their zeal to serve Him faithfully, some going to remote places where unreached people live. These friends are a blessing to us as we seek to be a blessing to them, and to serve them with literature to fan the flame and to enlarge their outreach. Share with us here a few letters of response from Kenyan readers:

    A village pastor writes: "I write to testify of the good works the Lord is doing in my life through the messages in Herald of His Coming. It is an anointed pearl, and a wonderful treasure to me. Each time I receive a new copy, I experience a new wave of the spirit of prayer. It energizes and encourages me spiritually. It always creates more thirst and hunger for God in my lifeÖI head a church with more than 300 members, and the inspiring and anointed messages will always be a great tool and an instrument to prepare messages to preach to the church members of our village."

    Here is another testimony: "Thanks for the continued supply of Herald of His Coming. Itís been a real oasis in a desert. It has served as the only spiritual nourishment to a fellowship of brethren in an island full of Muslims." And yet another: "This has been a source of precious spiritual nourishment which has uplifted me to new heights of spiritual growth and clear understanding of Godís Word. I have been challenged all through in different areas of Christian living, and this has taught me to walk uprightly, seeking Godís face and reaching out to others."


Swahili Herald of His Coming

    In addition to sending copies of the English edition of Herald of His Coming into East Africa, an edition is published in the Swahili language. This is a trade language of East and Central Africa, spoken by millions in Kenya and in neighboring countries, such as Tanzania, Uganda, and Congo. Sauti Nyikani, the Swahili Herald, has been in existence since 1962. We are grateful for Evangel Publishing House in Nairobi, Kenya, which has translated, published and distributed Sauti Nyikani for these many years. This Swahili edition reaches about 16,000 addresses every other month. It is one of the most expensive to produce, but it has a far-reaching mission to perform, proclaiming and teaching the life-giving, soul-nourishing Word of God.

    We take this opportunity to encourage readers of the English Herald of His Coming in Kenya, as well as in any other country of the world, to unite with gifts to help make possible continued printings and even expanded printings of Sauti Nyikani. Readers in Kenya may send their gifts to the Nairobi address, in the envelope enclosed with their Herald paper. Othersí gifts designated for Sauti Nyikani may be sent to the Seelyville address. Please back your gifts with prayer as together we unite forces to proclaim the Blessed Son of God in this area where Islam is striving to make great inroads.

The Need Is Great!

    The day is fast approaching when the Lord will return! There are many still in darkness all over the world! The need is great, the workers are too few, and the enemy is active. We are over sixty years nearer the coming of the Lord than when He brought Herald of His Coming into existence in 1941. It has been exciting to watch God expand this ministry to reach into 150 nations and to be translated into almost 30 different languages. But we dare not rest, because we sense God would have us give yet others the opportunity to read the awakening, convicting, instructive messages that Herald of His Coming can provide. We never want to be satisfied that we have done enough for the Lord Ė how could that EVER be so? Rather, we must reach out to more, encouraging more people to live out their righteousness in tangible ways.

    Might all of us long more fervently for souls. Ought not we to offer daily prayers for the nations to become the inheritance of Christ as God has promised? "Ask of Me, and I will make the nations Your inheritance, the ends of the earth Your possession" (Psa. 2:8). Let us cry out desperately for worldwide revival!

    The Herald staff is acutely aware that what we do is a very small part of Godís big picture. Christian ministries, churches and individuals all over the world are praying, preparing and sending missionaries and providing funds so that the Great Commission can be completed in our day. When all Godís people work together toward this end, the Lord is pleased. Have you asked God to give you a burden for souls? When the Lord gives us a burden for the lost, He means for us to pray, to go or to send.

    Friends, we invite you, we welcome you to partner with us in the work of Herald International. Together we can expand the work the Lord has called His people to do in this world, so very dark. Your support helps Herald International to enter open doors God has set before us, and it offers you a way to fulfill your calling to take part in going into all the world with the Gospel. It gives you the satisfaction that God puts in the heart that seeks to please and obey Him. Putting God first saves from vain preoccupations which satisfy not and which count for nothing in Eternity.

    "May our Lord Jesus Christ Himself and God our Father, who loved us and by His grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word" (2 Thes. 2:16-17).

Please Pray:

* That the Lord would provide through His people the prayer support and financial resources to meet every need of every edition of Herald International, every month!

* That the Lord will expand the international editions as He sees the needs to be.

* That the work of Herald International will bear much fruit for Godís Kingdom.

* That the Lord will give each of us a personal burden for a particular group of lost people.

Praise God With Us:

* For all the dedicated foreign edition editors and workers who selflessly labor that as many as possible can know the truth!

* For the domestic office staff who willingly shoulder their responsibilities in order to bear fruit for Christ.