Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Way back in 1983, I was so much blessed with the first copy of Herald of His Coming I received from my pastor. I was challenged to be a "prayer warrior" and I developed a passion for souls. In the month of August I shared this burden with my friends and together we formed a prayer group called "Mountain Movers." We also started organizing outreaches in our villages and many people got saved through this humble group. In 1997 we decided to register with the government as a Non Governmental Organization, and we have been faithful in our passion to "Reach the Unreached" with the gospel.

    To date, we have about one hundred members "running" with me in the same vision. We have taken the gospel to over twelve districts of our nation, and we have conducted prayer meetings in many churches. The purpose of this letter is to appreciate Herald of His Coming for sharing with me the challenge of evangelizing our nation, and also encouraging me in the area of prayer. Secondly, I am kindly requesting you to send me at least 20 copies of Herald of His Coming to be shared amongst my prayer partners that I normally refer to as "Mountain Movers…."


    I started reading the Herald of His Coming in 1976 from a missionary friend who used to receive the paper. I would pass over the copies he gave to me to our school Christian Union. The paper helped so many people to grow spiritually until I decided to subscribe for my own copy. I thank God because my name was entered in the mailing list, and I have always enjoyed the powerful messages found therein. May God bless you so much…I want to continue receiving this powerful paper which has also shaped the lives of our leaders in our congregation….


   I am grateful for the valuable contribution in changing my life through the word of God that I got from Herald of His Coming sent to me every month free of charge for many years. It has been a great blessing for me to receive Herald of His Coming. Its contribution in uplifting my spiritual life and strengthening my faith in Lord Jesus Christ is immense. It is in my prison cell that I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and my Savior and learned much about Christian life. The various articles you sent me regarding faith, prayer and the Holy Spirit has been my daily spiritual food which built my daily walk with God. God has practically demonstrated to me how loving Father He is. He miraculously freed me from the hands of those who wanted to ruin my life and my family’s life too. The court acquitted me of all charges brought against me, and I am once again a free man after almost eight years languishing in prison. It is not the work of any human being that gave me this victory, but the presence of my Lord Jesus with me wherever I went and at any time of my need. My family is intact; I am physically and spiritually strong. I again thank you for continuous support in the past and look forward to maintaining my contact with Herald of His Coming….


   It is my joy to let you know that Herald of His Coming is so refreshing to our spiritual life. Such Spirit-inspired materials are a great help to me and a guide to my growth in the Christian life. It has been of much encouragement and has helped me to go forward in my spiritual life. Thank you for sending it regularly….


   I write to appreciate you for the supplementary spiritual food sent to me on a monthly basis. Indeed the publications have brought joy unspeakable in my life because what God has done for me through the same. Glory be to Jesus! Every month the articles in the magazine bring convictions, challenge, encouragements, strength and nourishment in my life. Get to know that the Herald is shared as a spiritual cake among the Christians here, and we are very much behind you in prayers.


   I am glad if you keep on sending me the Herald of His Coming regularly. I do appreciate it. The Herald gives me much inspiration to do ministry and burns me with great encouragement to do evangelism in the church where I serve the Lord.


    Every month I anticipate delivery of Herald of His Coming and the articles encourage me that I am not alone in my circumstances when the message is related to my situation in life. As I am not in a fellowship of believers, my dependence on Herald as my source of light in a darkened environment where enemies of the gospel intimidate my personal life, is very important. Daily as the Lord leads me, I pray for Herald and the Lord answers by the confirmation in the coming edition when particular prayers or requests were similar to those given as burdens to continue in prayer. Glory to God!


    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the gift packets containing the highly inspiring Herald papers, which always come safely by the Lord’s grace. All of us believers over here prayerfully await these precious papers, for they are of great and untold value to us, as it not only helps us study the Word of God, but also enables us to grow in faith and serve our soon-coming Lord and Saviour better in these last days. Please continue sending us our stock of Herald papers regularly….


    Thank you for your faithfulness in sending to me all these years Herald of His Coming. If there is anyone that is benefited a lot from the Herald it is me. It enriches in the words of God. It is teaching me to pray aright and fervently. It also encourages me to trust in the faithfulness of the almighty God to keeping of His promises and fulfilling them at His rightful time. My long silence in writing you is due to my out-of-station programs I am involved in. I am medical soldier in my country. Because of my trade in the Army I am sent out on an outside operation. May 2000 the same thing happen and I was sent on a United Nations’ sponsored operation in Sierra Leone. I return to my country last May 19 to meet all that you have been sending to me on my behalf. I thank you very much. I should have been writing to you when I was there for more of the Herald to my friends there, but I lost my luggage in transit when I was going with many vital documents including some of the Heralds and addresses….

    Sir, I want to continue to receive Herald of His Coming. It helps a lot to build my Christian life to perfection. It teaches me to pray in faith and God has been answering my prayers of faith, because of this paper coming to my family every month while I was away. Every member of my household has been reading it. There is heavenly peace and love in the family. My colleagues are always jealous of me anytime I receive a copy from you. So I wish you should include their names in your mailing list….


    I get five copies of Herald of His Coming monthly from the States. I send them to five prisoners in Thailand, locked up in different buildings in two prisons. The copies are being used for reading, discussion groups and preaching. Nearly every letter the receipt is mentioned and thanks are put forward. Here is a letter from one prisoner:

    "I am glad for the Herald of His Coming found enclosed in your letter as always…Many topics in this issue were very particular and specifically appealed to me, so I had to start reading the newspaper immediately I finished going through your letter. I read voraciously from front cover to the back and I am blessed with the information and knowledge contained therein. Besides I have plenty of time of nothing to do, of emptiness…Herald of His Coming makes very wonderful and duly educative reading. Other Christian inmates and my friends around here queue up each time to read the newsprint with me. You are blessing many others through me. They are grateful for its availability and your kindness…."


    Thanks for sending to me each issue of the Herald of His Coming magazine, which has been an immense and incalculable help in my life and ministry. The extra copies you send are given to selected individuals who have a hunger for God and for spiritual things, and who I know will read them and pass them on. One brother in particular uses articles for Sunday school and Bible study classes. The articles on revival, repentance and a walk in holiness are singularly important. Keep them coming.

    God moves in a mysterious way. Contrary to practice, I handed a Herald to a heathen (the rough, hardened kind) because the Spirit told me to. Returning later, this elderly man expressed enthusiastically how blessed the Herald has been to him. He said as a result of the Herald he plans to get saved and be baptized. So keep up the good work. The efforts are bearing fruit….


   Words can’t express how grateful I am for Herald of His Coming. Its messages are so full of life and truth. They encourage and challenge my walk with the Lord…I get up early with the Herald before the children. I’m a home-school mom with four kids—and I always need a fresh word!