HERALD INTERNATIONAL (Printing In Over Twenty Languages)

Kindling Revival In Spain

    Spain. What does that name recall to your mind? Perhaps bull-fighting matadors or dancing, dark-eyed seŮoritas. Spain has both. But for now let us think of Spain as home for a population of nearly 40 million men and women, boys and girls, making their journey through this life to eternityís shores. Lively and lovable, many bask in the pleasures their favorable climate affords, living for the here and now. Millions throughout the country may have their name on a church roll but are their names written in the Lambís Book of Life? Have they given serious thought as to how they might live this life for the glory of God, reaping tremendous benefits in this life and in the life to come?

    Through Heraldo de Su Venida (the Spanish edition of Herald of His Coming), God has privileged this ministry to take a part, small though it is, in presenting in Spain the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Evangelical Christians are a small percentage in Spain. Consequently not many copies of Heraldo scatter through the country. Copies are going into cities whose names may be familiar to you: Madrid, Malaga, Barcelona, Valencia, as well as into small towns that you will not find on the ordinary map.

    Less than 100 individual copies are mailed into Spain regularly, but three times that number of copies go in packages to distributors. Heraldo is printed in Indiana and mailed from here. Currently, for economic reasons, we are combining two months into one edition and mailing every other month. The pages are packed with some of the most helpful articles printed in the English edition. Some of the copies go to areas of Spain that are spiritually dry and barren. Others help fuel the flame in areas where God is moving in a blessed way, even a way they would term revival!

    Share here a letter received from a reader of Heraldo de Su Venida in Spain, translated into English for you:

   "Thank you so much for continuing to send me the Heraldo de Su Venida so faithfully. Each edition is of great blessing to me and to those with whom I share it. I am an active member of a vibrant, on-fire body of believers here, so I am receiving a steady diet of good preaching and teaching. And then, the Heraldo with each arrival brings me a new word of life and a "pick-me-up" in challenges of prayer and revival. How wonderful it is to be assured that our Lord protects and provides for those who are His, even in the most difficult circumstances of our Christian lives!

    "In these current times there is a revival taking place here in Malaga. Many saints are very stirred to pray, fast, preach, teach and reach out with fervor to extend the Word of God. Glory!

    "I send each of you a brotherly embrace and many blessings. I encourage you to never cease to have confidence in Christ Jesus our Lord, nor to move your eyes to the left or the right. Keep them fixed on Jesus and keep pressing on in your ministry."

Missionary Opportunity

    There are about a dozen zealous Heraldo readers in Spain who have asked for multiple copies so they can share with other readers. The largest regular shipment we make to a single distributor in Spain is one of 200 copies. This brother must rely on Herald of His Coming to bear the expense of printing and mailing, as he is unable to financially underwrite the costs, although he takes care of any expenses incurred in distribution within Spain. To print and mail this package of 200 Heraldo papers costs around $45.00.

    Is there a reader, or perhaps a Sunday school class or Bible study group or church missionary outreach, who would take the mailing of this package every other month as a missionary venture for a year or for one mailing or as the Lord would lead? You likely do not know Spanish yourself and could not minister in person, but through the printed page which your gift would send, you can share anointed and stirring messages and thereby advance Godís Kingdom in Spain. Your gift may be sent to the office in Indiana designated for the Heraldo package to Spain.

    We pray that the Heraldo papers sent to Christians in Spain will help them arise to the missionary challenge that faces them today. Many thousand people pass through their country each year, going back and forth from jobs in Europe to their homelands in northern Africa. Most of these people are Muslim. A strong, revived Church in Spain has potential for a far-reaching ministry.

    Some of you may have keener interest in helping to send Heraldo de Su Venida throughout Latin America. There is great opportunity to help with your missionary offerings there as well. The majority of the 12,000 Heraldo copies, currently printed every other month, are sent to readers in Latin America or throughout the United States. There are 58 countries altogether represented on the mailing list of Heraldo. All gifts for the Spanish Heraldo de Su Venida, may be sent to the Indiana office designated for that publication. Gifts large and small are needed and appreciated. Thank you!

    Your prayers are needed help as well. Our thanks to all who take part with us through prayer.

Praise God!

* For the hearts in which He plants a world vision and through whom He is spreading His Word into all the world! Thank God we can be in the number of those sharing Godís love to the world.

Please Pray!

* That Christians in Spain will be empowered by God for effective outreach to the many tourists who pass through their land, as well as to the many of their fellow countrymen who are religious but do not have a living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

* That God will raise up funding for each Herald International edition from readers of that edition, so that they will be self-supporting if world conditions make it impossible for funds to be sent in from outside to help.

* For protection for all workers and offices of Herald International, as some publish in countries where there is opposition to the Gospel.

* For Godís touch on Brother B. R. Lance, the elderly editor of the Hindi Herald in India, who is in bed much of the time because of a serious lung condition. Pray God will make a way for Hindi Herald to continue publishing.

* That each Herald International edition will make a significant contribution to the bringing of revival to the people to whom it ministers!