Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    We the Intercessor’s Prayer Group will continually pray for all the needs and requests for the Herald ministry. Praise our God! My dear brothers and sisters, please be informed God has brought together here a group of believers who are heavily burdened for revival in Christ’s church, and to reach the lost for Christ. We are getting together three times a day at our work (a textile company), and a different group meets together on Monday and Friday. I am in leadership of these groups. Therefore I request your prayers for the love of the Holy Spirit and for a word in season from the Holy Spirit. There is so much deception today that we have taken it upon ourselves according to God’s Word to test all spirits (1 Thess. 5:21; 1 Jn. 4:1-10). Please know our group is growing bigger by the weeks. In our group we make this very clear to new believers that we will test the spirits because Satan Himself is turned into an angel of light (2 Cor. 11:14-15).

    Herald of His Coming, we need your help. I have now seen the great need for literature on the subject of prayer and revival. These people are thirsty for God’s presence. Please, will you mail us any amount of reading/study material on this very important subject needed for this late hour—prayer—pouring out our souls before the throne of God for a dying world….


    Thank you for the many copies of the valuable Herald of His Coming you continue to send us….The Herald papers are of great value to our work in Guyana, and we very much appreciate your sending them to us. They are of particular importance to some of the preachers in our church….


    I am faxing you to inform you that I still desire to remain on Herald of His Coming mailing list. I am a Nigerian Christian diplomat serving in this Islamic Republic. I desire to continue to have a copy of Herald of His Coming, because I am immensely benefiting from the various articles published in it. Thank you and God bless.


    I thank God for the spiritual nourishment I am getting from the Herald of His Coming and the books I have received. I also praise God that the literature arrives at the right time, that is when I begin to read the literature, it addresses my immediate circumstance and its related problems. The Herald of His Coming has increased my hunger and thirst for more of God. Thus revival has become an intense desire in me that is expressed through prayer. I praise God for such a ministry as the Herald. It is my prayer that its vision and goals be fulfilled, for we all want a revival desperately….


    I am sorry for the silence that has existed, from the last time I wrote to you…To begin with I had problems at my house. My wife was very sick, and that made me move up and down for quite some time causing a breakdown in communicating with you. My wife passed away on August 11 just a few days after receiving my July package entitled "Return to Me." It was as if God spoke to me during the period of mourning through the message that was in the newsletter. This was the major cause of the silence.

    The copies that I receive I do not distribute just any way. I help the Spirit-filled, respecting the power of God can only work through these people. There is great demand and the impact of the messages in these Heralds is so great in the district. People follow me when I go to the post office so that they do not miss a copy. They have appreciated the food they get from the Heralds as nourishing…Many souls are coming to Jesus through these LIFE-giving newsletters, and I continue standing on 2 Timothy 2:2: "The things that thou has heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also."


    I praise God for the work He is doing in my life through the Herald of His Coming papers. I started reading the Herald in 1990 immediately after I got saved where I was in my big city in Uganda. I would be among the first to read the paper when it arrived in the school where I was teaching. Thank you for continuing to publish such inspiring articles to encourage and build up the body of Christ. The Herald is helping me to stand firm in the faith….


    I praise the name of the Lord for Herald of His Coming. I look forward to receiving it as it fills me with a lot of blessings as well as challenges toward my commitment with the Lord. When I was walking through the wilderness, Herald of His Coming was like a spring of water to me that gave me back the life I was losing…Malta is a Roman Catholic dominant country. The Lord is moving, although we must work hard for a revival. I strongly believe that if God could touch my heart, He can do it in others also. The articles on revival are a great inspiration to me, especially the articles that were preached during the "Cry for Revival" conference. I treasure them….


   I am grateful to the Lord and to you for sending the Herald of His Coming regularly to me. The articles inspire me and challenge me to walk closely with the Lord. I am particularly encouraged by the "Praying through the Window 6." This column is an answer to my prayers, since I have been asking the Lord to show me specifically certain issues to pray for…Thank you, and I pray that many more in different parts of the world will be encouraged and made strong in the Lord through the Herald ministry.


    Herald of His Coming has helped to sharpen my Christian life. Any time I get a copy of Herald I feel more strengthened, mostly in a place like this where Christian materials are not easy to come by. Please keep the flag flying. Amen! Enclosed is a little of my contribution to your work.


    Thanks for the regular postage of Herald of His Coming. The monthly editions sent have brought a gradual change in my life and the local ministry. If I say I have done everything right I’m lying and the truth is not in me. By receiving these Heralds, more especially the caption "Confessing Our Sin Together" by Dave Butts, August 2002 edition, has brought a tremendous change in the life of the ministry. The number has considerably increased and we can now see the moving hand of God Almighty in our midst…I use topics from Herald to teach Sunday school, preaching, seminars and Bible studies. Spiritual growth has come in our midst. Herald of His Coming keeps me and other reading Christians alive and active although Sierra Leone is just coming out of ten years rebel war. We are in trauma but thank Jesus Christ for Herald of His Coming, because these materials serve as a medicine of trauma, healing to our souls, that in Christ, all is not lost and in Him there is joy for dying souls.


    I am grateful unto God for all the Herald magazines you have been sending to me. It has been a tremendous blessing to me as a person and to my ministry in the southern part of Senegal. The Herald of this month has helped me much in preparing prayer points for the national prayer chains we are having in Senegal, so please continue to send me this inspirational and blessed magazine. I am a Nigerian missionary living by faith so I am not able to support you financially but be assured that I am standing with you in prayer….


   I am one of benefited person from Herald. I tell you from my heart that I would be sorry if I missed it…Herald is teachable. It is full of the word of God and it has got life in it. It has much good advice for Christian family. It helps husband, wife and children to have good relationship. It initiate how to be holy and live for Christ, and also it insist us to pray always and resist Satan. It teaches how to fight a good fight with these dark world rulers and principalities. Totally I can say, for me Herald is like a best friend who guide and lead to the true way. My wife and I always read all the articles of Herald. Whenever I read the Herald it touches my heart and gives me internal moving power. I praise God for Him to open this ministry and send us this heavenly bread of life. The Herald ministry has to be supported to continue up to the end. Dear friends, the only means I have is praying. I pray for you and I also ask you to pray for us. We need the blessing of God. We are now living a survival life. Pray for us that God break the curse of poverty from our country….


   My Herald of His Coming is a blessing that I share, but I ask that when it has circulated it be sent back to me for my library. It is a spiritual encouragement and so often the very message God wants me to have. I am grateful for the Herald of His Coming. Age prevents me from doing more for Him, so I pray for you and all in the mission field.