Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I want to let you know that the Herald of His Coming magazine enables me to be spiritually refreshed in a continuous manner. I am living in one of the most enclaved regions of Cameroon, where Christian activities necessary for spiritual growth are rare. But each time I receive the Herald magazine, I am revived! This experience has opened my eyes to see the necessity of contributing in one way or the other for Herald to continue to bless many people all over the world. The church in my house has started praying regularly for the Herald. In addition to our prayers, I am looking forward as God will bless, to support financially…May God bless you richly.


    I am grateful for the work the Lord is doing through Herald of His Coming. The Herald articles are very soul-inspiring. They create new commitment each time I read. The Lord has opened a prayer team in my area. It started two months ago with few number attending. But weekly the number is increasing. This is fruit the Lord is doing through Herald of His Coming….


    I have really been blessed by the Lord through reading Herald of His Coming. I would like to thank you in advance for your willingness to continue to send me Herald of His Coming. I still need it…I will pray for you and the precious work done through publishing the spiritual message of the Lord….


    I can never find the appropriate words to express my gratitude for your faithfulness both in mailing the Herald of His Coming and in providing the spiritual exhortation and reproof. What would I have done without this Holy Ghost anointed ministry which has fed, uplifted and encouraged me for these past many years! My prayers are always for you….


    The ministry of Herald of His Coming has opened my eyes to the Holy Ghost power and understanding of God through the inspired classic books plus the monthly Herald of His Coming magazine. I have never been to college and so have not gained any theological training, but through Herald International and by God’s grace, I am the founder and overseer of over ten churches, both in Uganda and Kenya. Thank you for the ministry of Herald of His Coming. Truly this ministry is unusually impacting me and regularly equipping me for a higher calling in ministry….


    Since I am in a country with hostile policies towards Christianity, I am in need of Christian literature. The Herald is very necessary for all believers, and especially preachers have it as a helpful material. As for me I have been greatly helped by it. I would like you to keep me in the Herald mailing list. God bless you for your faithfulness in being obedient for proclaiming the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


    I thank God that I am a regular receiver and reader of Herald of His Coming. Though I am unable to contribute in any way materially, I covet to receive continually. I am a pastor and I feel that the materials in Herald of His Coming always motivate every pastor and believer to seek God’s face and favor, and to maintain Christian morals in the light of God’s word. Thank you for your kind ministry to me through Herald of His Coming. God richly bless all of you.


Ever since I have been receiving the Herald of His Coming for the past two years, my heart has received a lot of revival. The Herald of His Coming has blessed my spiritual and my ministry lives, so please, beloved, continue to put my name on the mailing list in order to get the Herald for further spiritual and ministry growth.


    I am a pastor in South Africa. I thank God for Herald of His Coming ministry that taught me how to live a holy life and how to pray since 1987. May God bless you richly in reaching the Body of Christ with the unadulterated Word of God. The Herald is a true source of blessing. God bless you.


    Thank you for the constant flow of encouragement from the Herald of His Coming into so many lives in the nations. It always blesses, refreshes and challenges. God’s abundant blessings on the Herald ministry….


    I thank God for the invaluable ministry of Herald of His Coming. I’m so blessed in my life and ministry through reading the inspiring messages in the Herald paper. The Holy Spirit moved me to a new height and depth of prayer. Solomon Islands is desperately in need for revival to clean up all the spiritual and socio-political corruption and bring healing to this nation from the five-years civil war....This is the only lasting solution to restoring peace, law and order and economy of this nation. Please pray for Solomon Islands.


    Thank you for the copy of "The Hour Series" you sent me, which I found most interesting and enlightening. It’s a privilege to be associated with the Herald ministry. Brother Frank Dias Abeyesinghe does a good job, keeping us supplied with this valued publication. Very often I have found the lead articles very relevant to our times in our country, and I know it is more than coincidental. It is divine providence. God bless the Herald ministry which is a great blessing to so many.


    We have been on the Herald mailing list for many years. For us it is the next most exciting thing that is happening in our life after our salvation. The Herald preserves us for our divine and great Owner. For years now we had left the city where we got born again, and are in remote areas of our country. But the Herald has been sustaining spiritual food and drink that has kept us for years so that even in this arid place we are bearing fruit to His glory. If you stop sending the Herald, please, we will be in great problem. The Herald is food not for us alone but also for the church we have planted here. Our copy is what inspires the members of the church….We hope to leave this place to a place closer to Accra, our capital, and will start some financial contribution to the Herald. Consecration! Set apart and prepared for the Master! I pray that He will have all of us as a couple for the fulness of His purpose in our lives….We cannot express our thanks and gratitude to all of the Herald. You have given us treasures that nothing can dim. Thanks from a people who owe you so much….


    Herald of His Coming continues to be a great inspiration to my Christian life. Praise the Lord that the messages I receive monthly have impacted my faith in walking with the Lord daily. With God’s presence and power working in me, I can sense the Holy Spirit has broadened my mind and heart to confess and repent my wrong doings which are not righteous to God. In times of trials and disappointments, Herald of His Coming can serve as my weapon to demonstrate God’s goodness and greatness. It sparks my life and enlightens my soul to have strong spiritual growth and strength. God’s Word is alive, active and sharper than a double-edged sword. Please pray for me that I can be light and salt to serve others. God deserves all the praises and to God be the Glory!


    For five months now I have been receiving the Herald of His Coming. This paper has made tremendous impact in my youth life for Christ. The messages filled me with the desire to become a prayer warrior and soul winner in this campus. Herald of His Coming really changed my life. Specially I express my gratitude and appreciation for the issue of Herald on the theme of the importance of worship. I want to spread Gospel tracts to the unsaved students of this university. Fifty copies of RIGHT CHOICE [Salvation herald] is enough for the time being. Thank you!


    Herald of His Coming has been a key tool in my Christian growth to maturity. I’ve kept them dating back to 1983 and pass them on. Those whose names I have sent in have also commented how much they enjoy reading the Herald. Prayer request: our church was destroyed in a tornado. God has blessed us to move. We need spiritual guidance.


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming. The articles are always timely and convicting. My day starts very early and often with the Herald and my Bible….Receive this gift as a token of my heartfelt appreciation.


Thanks first of all for our Lord and God who speaks His Words of life to a corrupt world. And second, thank God for Herald of His Coming ministry. I’ve been delivered by the messages in the Herald of His Coming, set free by the power of the truth! There is real liberty in Jesus Christ. I want more of Him. But I also want to be obedient in what I’ve already been exposed to in my walk in Christ. The classic in magazine format entitled "Learning Obedience" is something I would like to read. I’m requesting a copy if possible. Thank you for being there and praying for us brethren in prisons. Keep up the good work!