We Need A Revival That Will Restore A Moral Consciousness
 By Evangelist Joe Hankins

    If ever there was a time, if ever there was a task, if ever there was a challenge that would put Godís people on their faces in heart-searching, heartbroken prayeróit is today! Every one of us who names the Name of Christ needs the courage to face our lives on our knees while God turns on the searchlight!

    The kind of revival we must have is a Holy Ghost, Heaven-sent revival from the Almighty that will humble the Lordís people in the dust, and bring them down in sackcloth and ashes, confessing their sins and crying to God for mercy and cleansing. Then once more they would arise in the power of His might and shake this world for Christ. If preachers all over the world would stand up and preach against sin for one year, all hell could not quench the revival fires that would break out!