Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I got saved one year back. I thank God for His unfailing mercies and grace that has kept me in my walk with Him. Where my parents have abandoned me for my salvation, the hand of God has not left me. I continue to see His mercies and favour each day of my walk with Him than ever before. My knowledge of Him and love for Him grows stronger and stronger. Now I have greater thirst and hunger within my heart to submit myself under His moulding hand for the disciplining of His Holy Spirit and final perfection for future ministry….

    I write to thank God for your publishing the Herald of His Coming. I happened to come across some copies, one of 1997 and the other of 2001, which a certain sister had got from her sister friend. It blessed my soul that I wished I could not miss anything in any edition if it came my way. Brethren, could you please add me to the mail list? Whatever you will send to me would not only bless me but many other brethren that through the Gospel are being brought to the true knowledge of Jesus Christ. This is an area where the Gospel is just starting to be preached in truth. Thank you, and God bless you.


    Thank you for sending the paper Herald of His Coming to us. We are using it for Bible studies, even I make sermons out of it. We are very busy here in Lesotho and we are planting churches. Herald of His Coming is contributing a lot. There are many people who are accepting our Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. I am very happy. We are also doing outreaches here….


    I appreciate your posting to me the Herald of His Coming. It stirs my heart so much as I read about those fired hearts of revivalists of yester-generations. It is my heart’s prayer and desire that God may help my community to catch the flames of revival in this generation. Some people I read and hear about fire me up to be like them through God’s grace. Thank you for not shunning the truth and the facts of the reality of living for Christ. The Herald gives me lots and lots of solid food and satisfying my spiritual appetite…


    Praise our Lord. I am very happy to pray for all you and writing to you now. Every day we are thinking of you. We pray for your full anointing of the Holy Spirit every time. Herald of His Coming stands on Holy Bible. It feeds my soul. Every issue is filled with words of comfort and I am refreshed. Every day I feel stronger, strong enough to walk in thick forest from sunrise until sunset without water for drink. The soul of one sheep in thick forest is better than to hope for in this evil world. If I found only one sheep, that is rejoicing. Sheep by sheep. Brethren rejoice with us! Your help is useful. Herald of His Coming is precious article with me….


    My friends and I thank God for your faithfulness in sending us the Herald of His Coming. It has been a great blessing to us and has helped to improve our spiritual life and to grow in the Lord daily. Truly the Holy Spirit is inspiring the authors of the articles which speak directly to each one of us. Please continue to send us the Herald….


    I am a missionary in the western part of Nigeria. My work is to plant churches and to reach out to people with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I rejoiced when I read one of Herald of His Coming. It has wakened my spirit to my task. I’d love to receive more copies of Herald of His Coming and more materials that will help me in the work that the Lord has given me, to deepen my relationship with Him and my ministry to others….


   Thank you for the Heralds that you send us each month. Please do not stop as they are spiritually like an oasis in the desert to us. We distribute them to people we meet at different churches we visit and also the church we belong to. We are retired, but wherever we can, we proclaim the Gospel of the saving grace of Jesus. The recipients are always eager to receive this Holy Spirit inspired Herald of His Coming which month after month contains such heartwarming articles….


    Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I am a pastor and I have been pastoring a church for a couple of years in the rural area where I am now. I would say I am the only pastor who has the heart for people in this area, as most of my fellow pastors are based in urban areas, and this has made it difficult for me to fellowship with fellow pastors. As a result I have nobody to sharpen me as iron sharpens the iron. When I read Herald of His Coming I was really refreshed and knew that this was the paper that would teach me and refresh my spirit. Please do continue to send me this inspiring paper.


   Thank you for Herald of His Coming. It gives me spiritual encouragement and knowledge, not only to me but also to our church and ministries. As minister of 50 people, I’ve seen many of them get cold and faint in serving the Lord. I share, and read to them. They are now revived, because issues of Herald of His Coming are inspiring, reviving and restoring….


   Thank you for your continued faithfulness in sending to me copies of Herald of His Coming. I appreciate every article written. It helps me in my walk with the Lord. It opens up my eyes, ears and heart to the Word of God. It’s like a mirror to my life. It helps me to see where I’m weak, where I’m lacking in service to the Lord, where I’ve become complacent and where I’ve compromised. One cannot read Herald of His Coming and remain the same way they were. It does convict the life of the believer….


   I thank God for leading me to Herald of His Coming. There is hardly a day that I do not read the Herald. The messages are selected, I believe, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Even the older issues are as fresh as if issued currently. I get my growth from the Herald. I get my anointing through the Herald. I move my ministry forward with the Herald. Herald helps keep me energized, vitalized, revived…I pray for Herald of His Coming. May the Lord always keep it aglow and aflame all the time.


    Copies of Herald of His Coming sent to us are very important to me and my friends. We are inspired in our spiritual life. We get a great encouragement from it. We get our especial diet for our soul . It is a source of our spiritual food. We beg you, please don’t drop my name from the list. We are in Ethiopia, a place where life is hard. Help us for the sake of God!


   Herald of His Coming has indeed nourished my spirit, soul and body. Praise be to God. I have never read it without catching revival and fire in my bones because it is sharper than two-edged sword (Heb. 4:12). May the mighty hands of God continue to rest upon His ministry, Herald of His Coming, and on all His ministry all over the world, that we all might be burning for Christ Jesus till He comes for us….


   Thank you for all the Heralds sent to me to date. Herald of His Coming is a source of my spiritual strength and teaching materials to my fellow believers. The Herald is also an inspirational tool as far as my spiritual level of understanding is concerned….


    I praise the living God for the work He has been doing through the Herald papers. I also thank you at the office for your faithfulness in sending to me this anointed paper with its powerful messages. It helps me in my daily walk with our Lord. When reading the Herald paper the words speak right to my heart as if He knows just what I need at that time. My donation is enclosed….


   I praise God for Herald of His Coming. Not only is it spiritual food to me, but it’s such a great challenge to my personal life, my family, community and church. The word from Herald of His Coming is the right word especially at such a time in Zimbabwe. There’s a desperate need to pray for God to come down and heal our land. Such messages have given me great hope and expectation and also planted a deep desire to pray and wait upon the Lord.


    Thank you for sending the Herald of His Coming to our prison. Each one is read by six or eight men. The content is interesting, easy to understand and inspiring.


    Herald of His Coming always makes me hungry for more of the Lord. My desire is to know Him and love Him supremely.


   My husband and I have been receiving Herald of His Coming for more than ten years. I thank God for this ministry, for it addresses the needs of the Church of Jesus Christ today. I am an evangelist and in my travels, it is obvious that the Church has forgotten her purpose. The Herald has continued to inspire me to preach the truths of God’s Word without fear, and to live a life of holiness, being empowered by the Holy Ghost.