HERALD INTERNATIONAL (Printing In Over Twenty Languages)

Catch A Vision For Myanmar

    Van Cung Tum was born to a very poor family in the Chin state of Myanmar (then, Burma). There was no water supply, no electricity, no means of proper communication or readily available transportation. The mountainous Chin state is located in the western part of Myanmar on the border with India. Christianity had come to this area of the world in 1898, and years later, Van Cung Tum was born into a Christian family. In 1977 he received the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour and Lord. For some years he served the Lord as an evangelist in his area.

    In 1992, the Lord had new plans for him. In his words, "I received the call of God to serve among the unbelievers and we sold what little belonging we had and with no financial support we moved from Chin state to Yangon in lower Myanmar." Yangon is the predominantly Buddhist capital city of Myanmar.

    Van Cung Tum had a vision to begin a Bible School in Yangon…and this vision became reality in 1999. Today, he is the President of Far Corners Bible School, which currently has about 40 students. He is married and has four daughters and two sons – one of which died in 1996 at the age of six.

    In 2001, Van Cung Tum, who had been a reader of the Herald of His Coming (English speaking version), approached the International office about the possibility of translating, printing and publishing the Herald in the heart language of His people. He was concerned that the Church among the Hakha Chin had "fallen asleep" and was also vulnerable to liberal and false teaching. It was his desire to see his people receive spiritual awakening and get busy winning lost souls to Christ. He felt that the Herald would be of great help to the pastors and the churches among the Hakha Chin.

    In the summer of 2002, the first edition of the Hakha Chin Herald was published and 10,000 were distributed to churches, individuals, Bible schools, ministries and even extended to people in Mizoram, India.

    There are over 100,000 Hakha Chin speakers in Myanmar with several hundred thousand in India and Bangladesh. The possibilities for the Herald to reach many thousands is exciting. Van Cung Tum has written, "I see that the readers of Hakha Chin Herald were very joyful in the Lord that the articles are so inspired. As Hakha is the capital city of Chin State, the Hakha language is widely used. God bless this material for the Hakha Chin people. The people are very poor and the area is undeveloped. Battle, drought, starvation, and food shortage are their unsolvable problems. Some people can not attend the church even on Sunday as they are seeking food. Today, these people begin to read the Herald in their language. They were very joyful and praised the Lord. How precious and useful is this Hakha Chin Herald to feed the true word of God to those who are hungry and thirsty in their spiritual life."

    Currently, due to the poverty in Myanmar, Van Cung Tum has had to depend upon the Herald International office to fund the printing and distribution of the Hakha Chin Herald. He and several others labor on a voluntary basis to translate and produce the papers in Myanmar. God has already placed Van Cung Tum in Yangon, where the resources are available for printing, mailing, etc.

    Van Cung Tum has an expanded vision for the Herald of His Coming in Myanmar. He is not only praying that the Lord will provide the means for the Hakha Chin Herald to be self-supporting, but that He will also raise up the funds to allow a Burmese Herald to be printed. Here is an excerpt from a recent letter: "Many people are asking me to read the Herald, as about 40 million people are speaking Burmese language in Myanmar. I and my fellow workers are very willing to translate and print in the Burmese language if you can support me. What do you think? By the grace of God we can translate and speak Burmese fluently and properly."

How Readers Can Help!

    Dear Readers — When God calls those under the poorest of conditions to minister to their brothers and sisters, it is up to us to help! As Van Cung Tum relates, "The small bird is waiting her mother’s feeding as we are waiting for your kind support for the Herald. We are thanking you for your great concern to these poor and needy people. God needs you to help extend His kingdom to the uttermost part of the world, even to Myanmar."

    In 2 Chronicles 20, Jehoshaphat cried out to the Lord: "We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon you." In the same way, Van Cung Tum and the Herald International are looking to the Lord for the possibility of expanding His kingdom within the nation of Myanmar. The generous giving of readers of the English Herald is essential in order to forward support to the Hakha Chin Herald, as well as editions being published in Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Arabic (Egypt), Swahili (Kenya), Nepalese, Russian, Amharic (Ethiopia), Indonesian, Urdu (Pakistan) and Sinhalese (Sri Lanka), along with several others.

    The Herald of His Coming, is funded completely by the generosity of God’s people. Lately, because of decrease in donations, the Herald has had to scale down its ministry in terms of mailing out additional materials to those who request them. We are prioritizing where the funds must go, and publishing the Herald wherever the Lord opens the doors.

    Will you trust with us that the Lord will provide what is needed at the right times? We want to extend the opportunity to you, as Herald readers, to reach thousands – even millions – with the encouragement and teaching available through the Herald of His Coming. Several thousand dollars are needed monthly to support the needs of the international editions which are unable to support themselves. Your gifts would also bless the work here in the United States.

    Would you please give prayerful consideration to the following areas:

    Could you give monthly to support the work of the International editions? How wonderful it would be for these blessed works of the Lord to receive ample support, thanks to the generous giving of Herald readers! Perhaps your Sunday School class, home study group or a church could adopt the Myanmar Herald with regular support?

    If monthly support isn’t possible, could you give a one-time gift to support one or more of these works?

-- Would you faithfully pray for Van Cung Tum, his family and co-workers?
--  Please pray for the Church in Myanmar to experience revival and a renewed missionary zeal to evangelize the lost in this nation as well as its neighbors.
-- Please pray for the Lord’s direction as to whether to begin a Herald in the Burmese language.
-- Pray for God’s blessing on the international editions that are striving to become self-supporting.

   Thank you for your response!