Woman Of God: Elizabeth
 By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

    Addressing the women at the "Heart Cry for Revival" Conference near Asheville, North Carolina, April 9-12, 2002, Nancy Leigh DeMoss began her message as follows:

   "As women who have a burden for revival or who want to have a burden for revival, we are concerned about what our role in revival is. How can God use us as instruments of revival in this very needy era in which we live? I want to have us look together into Godís Word to examine the life of a woman who I think is one of the most important women in the whole history of revival...I want us to look at the life of Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist.

    "Elizabeth is one of the great women of Scripture. Her name means, ĎMy God has promisedí or ĎMy God has made an oath.í He is the absolutely reliable One....Any hope we have of seeing God move in a significant way in our lives, in our homes, in our churches, in our communities and in our world--is based on His oath, His faithfulness, His promises, the fact that He is the absolutely reliable One...."

   The full message has a word for every woman on the Herald of His Coming mailing list, in whatever sphere of life you find yourself in the kind providence of God--whether a young lady looking forward to marriage, a mother deeply involved in rearing a family, a barren woman longing for children, a woman connected with her husband in ministry, a woman forsaken of her husband, or perhaps a woman called of God to singleness, or one who has been widowed, or a grandmother....

    The message will encourage those of you who may feel your life is too ordinary or too bound by circumstances for you to be of any use to God in revival or in any service to Him. Looking at Godís faithfulness to Elizabeth will encourage your heart to believe God for situations in your personal life, in your home and marriage, or in your church and community, which seem to rob you of significance and opportunity. Instead of living in discouragement, frustration, or even hopelessness, you can learn to be content, joyful and fulfilled right where God has you, knowing that your life has significance in His plan, even though suffering may persist.

    The full message has been printed as Herald Newsletter #54. Ladies, we encourage you to write us for a copy of "Elizabeth: Woman of God." You may request several copies when writing us so you can share with your grown daughters and sisters and friends. Be sure to ask for a copy for your pastorís wife, as the message includes much for her, and remember as well the lady who leads the womenís work at your church. Send to:   

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