Winning Children To Christ
--American Holiness Journal

    It is no small matter to be responsible before God for bringing a little life into this world. Parents stand in the place of God before their children to a remarkable degree. God holds parents responsible for the training, discipline and control of their children.

    We need to come back to the Bible, and there find Godís way of growing men and women of character. Our modern, easy-going standards have allowed the very foundation of our civilization to rot, because we have not insisted on the authority of fathers and mothers being exercised in the home.

    Punishment is a necessity, and it has a place in the molding of character which nothing else can fill. Punishment will not often be necessary if obedience becomes the rule. With discipline there should go godly example day by day. There should be family worship and prayer, and children should be won to Christ at an early age. But behind it all there must be discipline, and insistence on obedience by both father and mother.

    Cain, the first child ever born, in a world with no public houses, no street gangs, no evil literature, no bad companions, turned out to be a murderer! Christians are made, not by growth and good environment, but by a definite transaction whereby God makes a lost sinner into a Christian, a child of God, when that sinner trusts in Christ as his atoning Substitute and Saviour.

   How to Win Them to Christ. Parents should pray much, and watch for evidences of a child wanting to trust in Christ as Saviour. The conversation in the home, the family worship, and attendance at church services, and daily prayers, should all tend to lead them to know that you expect them to come to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as their own personal Saviour.

    A mother once said to a preacher: "My ten-year-old girl thinks everything I do is right. I have such a profound influence over her that I hesitate to tell her that she should put her trust in Jesus."

    The preacher asked this mother, "Would you hesitate to use your influence to stop her from stealing, or from drinking, or from immorality? Why do you think God ever gave a mother influence over her child, if not to win her to Christ?"

    That day the mother led her daughter to Jesus. As soon as you see they are anxious to be saved, use your influence to lead your children to Jesus.

    Do not expect that a child who is saved will never do wrong. He will still need much help in order to grow into a strong Christian. Children may not understand much, but that is no proof that they are not saved. Being saved does not involve a college education. After your child trusts in Christ, he will still need daily help to do right, and to develop the character of a Christian.