United Prayer

 By Ivan H. French

    The witness of Scripture is clear that there is great benefit in Godís people praying together. When Christians join in united prayer: God is pleased, power is displayed from heaven, answers are obtained, and Christians are strengthened and advanced in maturity....

    United prayer displays recognition of some of the great principles of the churchís life, including the body principle, the family principle, and the unity principle. In the early days of the church God answered in striking ways the united prayers of believers and caused a few of the prayers and answers to be recorded for the instruction and encouragement of the church throughout this present age.

    Every church should make united prayer a vital part of its ministry. No church can be said to be fulfilling its ministry to any degree if it is not laying hold of the power of God through prayer. Powerful united prayer can defeat the purpose of the satanic kingdom which is arrayed against God, His people, and His purpose.