Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I first had contact with the Herald of His Coming in 1944-45 while attending Bible College. Four of us boys met for prayer each night in the auditorium to pray for revival. You can imagine our delight when one of the boys came down with a Herald of His Coming and excitedly told us what he had read about revival and read it to the others. Other issues followed and we were encouraged. One night we had 22 in attendance. God came on the scene. There was shouting and praising and victories around the altar. Finally one week-end the president of the school declared a week-end of fasting, praying and seeking. Many were saved from their sins and backsliding. Several were sanctified wholly.

    Over the years as the Lord led my wife and me to four different mission fields, we always found the Herald of His Coming had preceded us. I have been challenged by the many and varied articles during the past two years here in Belize. I do want you to please continue sending it to me, one English and one Spanish....


    I appreciate your faithfulness in sending me the Herald of His Coming over many years. Receiving it is like hearing from an old friend, much appreciated, especially when fellowship was scarce a few years ago. Prior to that I had written to cancel the Herald and received a letter from someone in U.S.A. not connected to the Herald of His Coming, saying how nice it was to hear from someone from Scotland, though they were sorry I had written to the wrong address. I reconsidered cancelling after that and believe it was all providential as the Herald is a blessing to me. May it bear fruit in my life and in others. This current edition is confirming what God has been saying to me, especially after September 11, e.g. prayer, fasting, redeeming the time....


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming. If you donít know, then one could say, just a piece of paper, but itís not like other papers. It is so powerful that after reading it, you can feel the presence of the Lord. Please, I enjoy and learn so much from this blessed paper, so please I look forward to have the next one....


    Iím so happy and shy at the same time to write to you. As you know you sent me a note with the last copy of Herald of His Coming saying you have to hear from me. I enjoy Herald of His Coming very much. I canít do without it. It enriches me spiritually as well as my friends and my church, so please donít deprive me of such a miracle. Whenever and wherever I am, I am accompanied with this paper. Iím a teacher of English, and my colleagues who are Muslim, when they see the paper with me they ask me about the articles and this is okay to talk about Christ Jesus. But Iím shy because I canít support you financially. As you know we are a developing country. So please continue sending me Herald of His Coming.


    We and others in our small fellowship in London are always challenged and inspired by the Herald articles. They never fail to stir us up, even though most of us are now in our 70ís! God bless you all.


    I write to testify of the good works the Lord is doing in my life through the messages in Herald of His Coming. This anointed paper is a pearl and a wonderful treasure to me. Its messages are timely and carry the much needed encouragement. By Godís direction I have organised a team of anointed and talented vibrant Christian youths who meet together every Wednesday night for prayers, and God has always been faithful in revealing Himself to us in a special way. The Herald issues are graciously giving us the much needed motivation and increased passion...

    I am also having an evangelistic calling and passion which God is placing in my heart and I wouldnít let it quench. I would like to reach out on a wide horizon to the unsaved people with the gospel of peace. Please mail the Right Choice Salvation heralds to me for distribution. Finally, thanks a lot for nurturing, admonishing and preparing the elect to look up daily to that blessed hope and the glorious appearing of our great God and Saviour Jesus Christ....


    I started reading the Herald in 1990 immediately after I got saved, where I was in secondary school, and I would be among the first to read the paper when it arrived in school every month. My life was dramatically transformed and changed towards the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. I became a Christian Union leader and God was always with me, ministering to me through the Herald, on how to lead those students in prayers, fasting and revivals in our school. After school I enrolled with the Herald on my own, and Iíve been refreshed every month as the Herald comes to contact with me. Now as a pastor in one of rural areas, I need the Herald more than ever...Thanks and viva Herald for its blessed work.


    Herald of His Coming has been my spiritual food for over 56 years. A lady brought it back from USA where she had gone to visit. First my mother and later I have been getting it without fail all these years. It taught me how to pray and intercede and stand on Godís Word. My precious Lord has brought me through some rough patches. With His Word and the Herald I have come through. I have been healed by His Word when even doctors were amazed. God said, "He sent His Word and did heal them"--when I felt I was dying and cried to Jesus to heal me or take me home, and opened a new Bible at the side of the bed and read, "With His stripes you are healed" (Isaiah 53:5). Thank God for the Herald which has taught me to stand on the Word.

    The Herald has never changed. No fancy paper or adverts--just the Word and help to win the battle against Satan...I have treasured old Heralds down the years and they have been a blessing to others. I got pieces photocopied and put them into Christmas cards....


    I praise God for the work He is doing in my life through the Herald papers. Each time I receive a new copy, I experience a new wave of the spirit of prayer and revival in my life. I am always energized and encouraged spiritually. New spiritual desire to draw closer to God is always born in my spirit whenever I read the Herald publication. It always creates more thirst and hunger for God in my life. Since I started receiving Herald papers, the articles have ever been the best source of my spiritual nourishment....I donít use the papers alone, but I share the message in church services as well, and pass the paper to my close born-again friends. They are always blest through the papers, too.


    Herald of His Coming has blessed me since I became a Christian. Someone put me on the mailing list, bless their hearts. Ever since then Herald of His Coming has nurtured me in the knowledge of our God...As much as I treasure the Herald, I often give it away. Those I keep I will often read again. The Herald was an important part of my early discipling and I thank God for that. Every time I see and handle this simple little paper I recall the joy it brought to my hungry soul when I especially needed solid care and feeding. Bless you all in Jesusí Name.


    Thank you for your faithfulness to continue publishing such inspiring articles to encourage and build up the Body of Christ. The Herald is helping us stand firm in the faith. God bless you and the ministry....


    Thank you for the many publications of Herald of His Coming you have sent here to me during my incarceration. It has been a candle in the night during my dark times, but praise God, I have finally come to the end of my continuation here. I am being released to go home.

    The Herald has contributed to a basic foundation for me to plant my feet on, a rock that doesnít get flooded away. I no longer will be like grain that is choked out by the weeds, or like a ship tossed about in a storm. By Godís amazing grace, the fruit of the Spirit has been made abundant within me. I will continue to pray for the Herald ministry....


    I had to write and tell you all how much you have blessed me with this little giant of a paper you send to me each month. I have awakened to the fact that only one thing can fill the void in a manís life and that is Jesus and the Holy Spirit of God satisfies like nothing else and thus feeds my hungry soul.

    There arenít a lot of good things to read here in prison except for the Bible...I get more soul food each month from the Herald than from anything else except the Bible. The twelve pages of reading give me insight and teaching of Godís truth. The Herald sets a table so that a hungry man may feast. Come and dine! Youíre in my prayers. Please pray for us.