Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I thank God for revealing what He wants in my life by making me one of the beneficiaries of the Herald of His Coming. I was an on and off Christian who actually could not understand God’s plans in my life. Now that I have been receiving Herald of His Coming monthly, I have benefited immensely. These copies have done a lot in clearing the doubt of His coming that has been flickering in my mind. As I read Herald of His Coming in their order, I feel growing spiritually and have begun to be very enthusiastic to share the word with others. I’m praying for the ministry….


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming. After many years of having received Herald of His Coming I still find it to be challenging and inspiring and a great incentive to "Stand up for Jesus, ye soldiers of the Cross."…


    I would like you to please continue to keep me on the Herald of His Coming mailing list. The articles are of great strength and encouragement to me. I am always challenged by the Herald ministry, and I would be spiritually poorer if I didn’t receive these papers. Thank you…The Herald is encouraging, strengthening, renewing my spiritual life and searching my heart every time I read it.


    I praise the living God for what He’s been doing in my life through the Herald paper. Next to the Bible it is in this paper that I get "the sincere milk of the word" that helps me to grow in the Lord. I’d also like to thank the brethren in the Herald staff and those who help the ministry in one way or the other. I am the fruit of this ministry in the Lord. God bless you and the ministries bountifully….


    It’s almost a year now since I’m receiving Herald of His Coming, and I thank you for your faithfulness in sending to me. Thank God for this anointed paper which helps us in our spiritual life. Here I learned to pray for the needs of others, although I don’t know much how to pray. Every time I read Herald of His Coming, I can’t help but to cry. I was touched with the messages as well as the testimonies. I was encouraged to pray more and to pray revival in our church for that’s what we need. By the way, I want to share that through Herald I learned to pray for my church for a corporate prayer, and I thank the Lord for touching our pastor’s heart that they implement a day for prayer which we never have done before. I know that I’m not alone who prayed for this in our church. I love to read Herald…It refreshes me, strengthens my faith and knowing God more. I enclose a little gift to help for the mailing cost. Thank you and God bless you more as you bless others.


    Thank God for Herald of His Coming for sending this powerful magazine for more than two years now. I am moving forward in the things of God. This Herald material distribution has helped many of our group called Young Christian Fellowship. Within our group we have formed groups where we teach new converts so that they are grounded in the Word of God. We have begun one to one discipleship. We have mixed old and new members so that we help each other. All the above groups have come because of materials of Herald of His Coming. We have also formed intercessory group, which has been praying to God for many things. The harvest here is great. We need more materials so to reach to many and give them the material to help them….


    Would you please continue to send me Herald of His Coming? It has helped me to revive my sermons to be able to feed my congregation….


    Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is to express our profound gratitude to you for what the Lord is using you to accomplish. I am Burundian with my family. We are in China for studies. Around us there is no revival local church. Herald of His Coming has been a great blessing to us. We have been receiving the paper since January 2002. I wish to express our deepest thankfulness. We are praying together with you. God is our strength and His Spirit is our comforter. Be bold, and have courage. Jesus is coming soon.


    How much God has blessed me with Herald of His Coming! I’m a medical student studying in Nepal…a fervent Christian and with a desire to walk and have a heart for God. In the area where I live, there is so much of spiritual dearth and hunger. There are no proper churches to go and improve on in my walk with God. In such times as these it’s those blessed words of Herald of His Coming that make me grow more and more in God and keep me on the right level with God. It’s been a year since I subscribed to the Herald and you have no idea how much of a blessing it has been in my spiritual life. I’ve been a born again Christian for three years, but real spiritual growth had only started from the past year onwards after so much of spiritual circumstances in my life.

    Please pray for God to anoint this country and shower His revivals over this place….


    Many thanks for Herald of His Coming…These have been a great encouragement to me in this crucial time of my Christian journey….


    I always became happy in my life whenever I receive Herald of His Coming. This paper has help me a lot. We Christians living in Muslim country find it hard about the word of God, because the people don’t want to hear the name Jesus. In fact, sometimes we are afraid to tell them that we are Christian, due to what we may eat. Here, if someone wanted to employ you and he/she get to know that you are a Christian, they don’t want to. In this case unbelieving Christian always change their Christian names. Please try your possible best to continue sending the Herald.

    Pray for all Christians living in Muslim countries, so that they may live by the word of God, because the Bible tells us that man cannot live on bread alone….


    I confirm my desire to continue receiving Herald of His Coming, for it is very important for my spiritual growth and for getting the Lord’s strategy concerning the whole world. I am grateful to you for being faithful in sending me copies of Herald regularly….


    I greet you all in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. I embrace the Herald articles eagerly to this day, finding them a great benefit to comfort and challenge my walk with the Lord. I serve the Lord as my Redeemer and Savior since 1993. I was not too strong in my spiritual life, but I have a very serious faith in the almighty God and Jesus Christ our Lord and the Savior of the world. These articles revive and encourage me in my spiritual life. So I am kindly asking you to please continue to send me a copy….


    It was December 2001 when I first received a copy of the Herald of His Coming. I don’t know who put my name in the mailing list, but God knows how much that copy will make a breakthrough in my prayer life. I remember I could hardly finish reading the topic and just found myself humbling and crying before God. Such a time of refreshing with my Lord, overhauling my prayer life…. I thank God and your effort sending me regularly a copy, which is a great strength and a treasure for me as the only newsletter that comes my way….I continually uphold you in my prayer….


    I appreciate the impact the Herald materials have had on my life and those I do fellowship with. In May, 2000, we started a Christian fellowship near my home. In this fellowship I am one of the Elders involved in teaching ministry. I particularly teach the newly saved people in the church. The material from the Heralds has been helping me both in my personal spiritual growth and in teaching the newly saved people…I have been receiving two copies and still need two. One is for our library, and the other one for me, and to be circulated among my friends. May the Lord bless you.


    The parcel of the Herald magazines you sent has been received. Each of the copies has begun to fulfill its purpose in every area of my life, already reviving my personal devotional life and strengthening my relationship with and trust in God. I now begin to know the effective methods of teaching, training and raising my children in God’s way.

    My intercessory and soul-winning vision and commitment, as a founding president and pastor of an intercessory ministry, is already taking a new shape and receiving more clarity and living hope of effectiveness and fruitfulness. Fresh and more burden is getting laid in my heart and that of the entire members of the team, to pray for the perishing souls, the unreached nations of the world and church’s revival. There is nothing I could say to express my joy and appreciation than to give God all the glory and say thank you to the Herald International for including my name in their mailing list.