Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    If there is someone who has benefited a lot from the Herald of His Coming, I am the one. I like praying. It is true that as Christians we ought to pray ceaselessly and not lose heart. But as for me, it is my area where God called me for. I liked so much the articles of 2000: in "The Moment of Revival"--"The real victory in all services is won in secret beforehand by prayer." In "Prayer That Begins Revival"--"The more we study and try to practice this grace of intercession, the more we become overwhelmed by its greatness and our feebleness." For sure, anything that is concerned with prayer and intercession, I can not bypass it. Some of my resolutions in this year 2002 are: (1) To lead a prayerful life (2) To study the word of God (3) To witness.

    Meanwhile, my friend and I have started prayer cells. Every evening we go to our nearest church and have prayers for two to three hours except on Wednesday. I read the word of God daily. So far I have witnessed to one person. And my prayer is that God should grant me strength and wisdom to do everything accordingly. Please keep on sending me Herald of His Coming. They have helped me a lot.


    I received your letter whether I would like to get Herald of His Coming in the future too. I would be very happy if you sent the Herald in the future. Believe me, every copy is fulfilling a decisive mission in this region. I distribute it in a wide circle. It is the only meaning of my life. Jesus Christ is the only answer to every question in life.

    Sorry, I am unable to pay for Herald of His Coming because of my very serious circumstances. I am living in a Christ-like poverty. I am living for my Saviour at any provision....


    I am a student from Ghana studying in China where it is difficult to get such refreshing materials to keep me going in the faith. I can say without any hesitation that since I started receiving Herald of His Coming, my life has never been the same. My faith has been strengthened. I would therefore plead with you not to remove my name from the mailing list, but continue to send me this ever-encouraging and refreshing paper....


    Words fail me to testify my deepest gratitude for the Herald of His Coming... You may not guess how I rejoiced when I received from you the copies of "Right Choice" and the copies of "Forever Triumphant" and mainly the precious and peerless little book by R. A. Torrey, "How to Succeed in the Christian Life." My ten students are enthusing over feeding upon this revival and success-oriented book....I am furnishing, step by step, my famished library with the Word of God and salvation literature. My students are merry with this Bible blooming....Please forgive my asking a lot. I think when it comes to the Word of God, I am greedy! Please pray for us peace and salvation here, where sometimes angels fear to tread.


    Thank you for your faithfulness for all the times you have sent me copies of Herald of His Coming. Every issue that is published is so refreshing, so full of the Truth of Godís Word, so anointed, so rich in the Spirit, so edifying and informative and powerful. I love it. It blesses my heart and helps me to understand where I am in Christ in my relationship with Him and also in my labour of love. Sometimes I see my weaknesses. I see my strength, I see my failure, and I see where I have to repent, and I see how much Jesus loves me in spite of my failures. I share my Herald with our Sunday school teachers at church and my friends. Herald brings about spiritual revival in our lives....


    I am so grateful for sending me the Heralds...Rich from the Word of God, an enlightening mission, serious and vital messages, and many other important specifications exist in this magazine. God has been using these copies to challenge and bless my family and me and other people around me....Today I have translated one of Heraldís messages into Persian language for our church. That was an amazing message, "Come Down, Lord, We Miss You!"


    I received a few copies of Herald of His Coming from a pastor friend. Herald magazine has been a great blessing and encouragement as I press on in my spiritual life. It has helped me to build my prayer life. Many of the articles are so precious to my soul. I passed the Herald to our members who are equally challenged. I would like to receive this paper for my ministry, and I will continue praying for this noble task to transform many lives.


    Please, receive my gift for the precious Herald. When getting Herald of His Coming I always enjoy its inspiring contents. It is the most invigorating paper I receive. Please, keep me on the mailing list continually.


    Please find enclosed a donation towards the work of Herald of His Coming. We are so blessed in our country to have an abundance of preaching and teaching, but there is something special about the work of Herald of His Coming. The articles never cease to encourage and confirm to me what it is the Lord is speaking to His church at the different times. God bless you and abundantly provide for the Heraldís needs always, I pray.


   I thank the Lord for Herald of His Coming. It has continued to inspire and bless me and my family since 1973, when I first read from it. It was through Christian literature that I came to know the Lord personally in 1974 April. Many of the Heraldís messages have been shared by me in our family prayer sessions, fellowship groups, church services, and also on a one on one basis. I have continued to pray for the Herald ministry on a regular basis, too.


    Thanks a lot for sending me the Herald. I am from Bulgaria and receive the paper regularly, thank God. It usually contains topics that are quite precise for the moment, and it is really great. Sorry I canít contribute financially. Hope you can continue sending the Herald to me.


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming for continuous three months already. It has indeed anointed me spiritually, which I could hardly express through this pen and paper. The Herald has inspired and encouraged me in my daily walk with God. Iím so hungry and thirsty of reading the Herald, as it has challenged my own spiritual growth and insight....


    Thank you for the regular copies of Herald of His Coming which you so faithfully send to me. I miss my warm Christian Fellowship with His children at the Baptist Church in South Africa. As yet I do not understand much Spanish, so the Herald is filling a real need in my heart. I read it and relish it as soon as it comes to hand. May it continue to bear fruit all over the world, wherever you may send it, in whichever language it may be requested....


    I just received the Herald of His Coming and inside a note reminding me that this may be my last copy. Please, I would very much like to continue receiving the Herald of His Coming. I am very much interested in the whole message of the paper. I am using it from time to time in Bible classes and also in church teachings and getting the church involved in PrayWORLD!2002.


   Thank you for your faithfulness in sending me Herald of His Coming for the past three years. Please do not remove my name from the mailing list. It has assisted me so much in my family to grow spiritually and also in getting materials for my sermon preparation in my small evangelical church. Please continue to send me this blessed magazine. Be assured of our prayers.


    Thanks for Herald of His Coming that I have been receiving over the years. They have widened my scope and I am able to minister on a wide range of subjects. The messages have so influenced my life and ministry that I consider the Herald of His Coming as my mentor. I endeavour to pray for you as you continue to help me become a great blessing to many....


    Thank you for the donations to our facility. We are so blessed to have friends and ministries that help us to meet the great need that is represented in any institution. We have men here who are so hungry for something. Some of them donít know what they are looking for. They just have a spot that needs filling. We know that that need is a God-shaped spot and we know how to help them find what they need to fill it! God is so good and is really blessing our efforts! Without your help there would be a lot of men who would never hear about how much God loves them and how He can help them through their problems.