Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I am writing to request you to be kindly sending me copies of Herald of His Coming on monthly basis. I am a Ugandan by nationality and God sent me to the nation of Rwanda as a missionary in 1998. I came in touch with Herald of His Coming while still in Uganda and since then they stirred my heart so much as I read about those fired hearts of revivalists of yestergenerations.

    This is the cry of my heart for the nations of the world, to catch the flames of revival in this generation. Those menís history fire me up to write my-story too which shall be His-story to tomorrowís generations. I have one dream and I am pregnant with this dream of worldwide revival. The Holy Spirit has printed the whole nations of the earth--from Japan to California; from Finland to Capetown; from Alaska to New Zealand; from Mongolia to Chile, etc., upon my heart (Psa. 2:8). All my life is dedicated and consecrated for this dream. The Heralds matter much to the fulfillment of my dream. Those were men with like dream like mine. Right now I am a pastor in a church in the city of Kigali of Rwanda....


    A friend gave me a number of old Herald of His Coming editions. How valuable these are! They were very encouraging to both me and my wife in the situation of trials and tribulations that we are experiencing now. Each edition taught us something, and encouraged us greatly. The Herald is a ministry that is of great importance to the Body of Christ. What is taught in the Herald is meat, and is very necessary for the nourishment of His Body. Thank you for not shunning the truth and the facts of the reality of living for Christ. It is time that we who want to walk with Him will be required to carry His/our cross as well. It would be much appreciated if you would kindly forward Herald of His Coming to us monthly....


    Herald of His Coming encourages all of us to pray and fast more and emphasises just how important it is to seek the Lord. I particularly liked the November 2001 edition, and the August 2001 edition, about the importance of memorizing the Scriptures. I can personally testify to the many, many benefits of knowing the Word of God in my life personally. I find the local church feeds me with a lot of "milk" (see Hebrews 5:11-14). The Herald gives me lots and lots of solid food month after month, satisfying my spiritual appetite.


    I thank the whole of Herald of His Coming for being obedient and faithful to God. I have been helped much spiritually by this anointed newsletter that it is beyond my tongue to explain. From the time I started receiving this paper I have gone deeper with the Lord than before. I have learnt more from it, and among other things, I have learnt how to pray an effective prayer. I am so grateful for this newsletter which is sent to me monthly and the people who have read it through borrowing from me have appreciated that indeed Herald of His Coming is prepared and published by the servants of God. I am looking forward for your continuing to send Herald of His Coming to me.


    Many thanks for the very special Heralds of His Coming. I use them for my preaching when visiting the Philippines, Tchad and Albania. God bless you in this ministry.


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming regularly. These papers always encourage me in doing ministry effectively. Sometimes I translate some good articles from the Herald and distribute it to many pastors and ministers who are struggling in spiritual battlefield.

    The situation in Indonesia is getting worse and worse because of financial problem. It makes many people like me struggle with financial problems every day. So what I can support you is in prayer that God will raise many people who can support financially for the Herald. I still need it to be sent to me regularly. It contains very good and fresh articles related to main problems in the church and how to solve the problems....


    I am apologetic for failure to write to you from the time I started receiving Herald of His Coming. This was because my spiritual and physical body was at war with the wiles of the devil. I was persecuted and rejected from all angles, right away from our family where I am born, at the place of work, at the church and non-believers around me. This kind of atmosphere sent me to a state of loneliness, rejection, torment, but nevertheless the Word of God remained burning in my heart, although no brethren came to edify me, apart from the Herald of His Coming. The encouragement, guidance and spiritual uplift that I have reached now is attributed to the ministry of Herald of His Coming. God bless you always and make the ministry expand even to the Muslim nations that have not known the Lord Jesus Christ....


    Thank you for faithfully sending me the Heralds every month. The Herald inspires prayerful lives and burdens us for those who are still outside the Kingdom. We live in dark times, but we should be a light shining brightly, testifying of what Christ did for us, and waiting patiently for His coming again. May the Lord continue to bless the Herald work and expand it fruitfully among many needy souls.


    I apologize that I have not made any contact with you recently about Herald of His Coming. But this doesnít mean that I no longer desire to receive the paper which I so highly value. In my retirement period, Iíve found the Herald encouraging, inspiring and comforting. It is a paper I wouldnít like to miss at all. Please continue to send to me monthly. Thank you, and God bless you.


    My mother sent me Herald of His Coming a couple of years ago. I have been much encouraged by the "meat and potatoes" in many articles. I have passed on the paper. Now my cousin has requested one to be sent to his house....


   Itís my joy to let you know that the Herald of His Coming messages are changing my life...I find many gold nuggets. I recognize that obeying its message brought changes that only God can do into my life. Thank God for the Heraldís deep spiritual penetration into divine truth. Glad to say God still has His holy remnant that teaches truth and brings out the heart of God to His people....


   I am pioneering the work of God in the rural areas going deeper in villages preaching the message of Salvation to unreached groups of people because in Zambia, the gospel is concentrated in urban areas. I am currently overseeing two churches, and the problem we have is we donít have conferences and seminars for leaders and believers because of our poor facilities to accommodate such functions. The Herald is providing us of the Lordís household with timely spiritual food. Thank you for sending us Herald of His Coming. I always distribute them to my elders, deacons and other believers in the church. At the moment we donít have funds to donate to the Herald, but we will do so as the Lord provides. At the moment we will support and uphold you in prayers for the extension of His Kingdom through your ministry....


   I would like to tell you how much I appreciate your sending me Herald of His Coming regularly, knowing the cost and effort involved in the process. Through Herald of His Coming you have refreshed and strengthened me and my prayer is that as you refresh others, you yourself will also be refreshed (Prov. 11:25). May God give you greater joy and fulfillment as you serve Him in the Herald ministry. Please continue sending me the paper. Thank you and may God bless you.


    Just a note to say that I am spiritually edified by reading Herald of His Coming. It often provides material for me when teaching the Lordís Word to others. Please continue to send it regularly....


    I extend to you my heartfelt thanks for Herald of His Coming that I have been receiving for years. The anointed articles are spiritual manna that is essential for sustaining spiritual growth. May the Almighty God continue to bless the Herald ministry as you labour to extend Godís Kingdom and bring more souls to the saving knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ...


    Thank you for your faithfulness in spreading Godís Word through the Herald. I look forward to its arrival and the both timely and timeless messages it contains. The articles are always providing additional insights and challenges for my own spiritual growth.


    The Herald of His Coming means so much to me. Sometimes I feel I am at an "old-fashioned camp meeting" where you heard Godís "old-fashioned preaching."